To follow up on yesterday’s report regarding Ric Flair and Saturday night’s Ring of Honor event in New York City, NY, PWInsider has released some new details regarding the situation and Flair “walking out” on the event after his in-ring promo.

Ric Flair informed ROH owner Cary Silken on Saturday afternoon that he refused to appear as the outside ring enforcer or special guest referee in the main event. This was believed to be due to HDNet cameras being on hand to film the match and Flair will no longer allow himself to be seen on the show since pulling out of his role as ROH Ambassador at TV tapings a few weeks ago in Philadelphia, PA due to his new role with WWE.

The discussion between Flair and Silken caught the attention of some backstage with Flair reportedly raising his voice at Silken when he was asked to fulfill what he agreed to do. It was no secret that the ROH locker room was behind Silken considering the amount of money Flair was paid and was described as a disappointment to some wrestlers who grew up idolizing Flair.

As reported on yesterday, while Cary Silken and other ROH officials were made aware that Flair was going to pull out of his role at the event on Saturday night, others in the company had no idea. One wrestler noted that when he was going over planned spots for the main event, Flair simply stated he was only there to sign autographs, cut a promo and he was gone.

Some ROH employees who were not made aware that Flair was leaving before the main event spotted him leaving in the lobby of the Manhattan Center and getting into a town car. This caused some mass confusion among employees and production staff who attempted to get word to someone backstage that they need to get to the front of the building right away to stop Flair from leaving. Flair has three more appearances remaining with ROH.