Mike Petkovich sent this in:

AAW’s “Fate of Eight” tag tourney is in the books and another hot crowd witnessed the below results.

Pre show:

Nick Brubaker d. Dewey Dawson

* Tyler Black promo for Scars and Stripes V as he promised to once again capture the AAW Heavyweight title from Jay Bradley

* Jim Lynam welcomed the fans and announced the AAW/Dragon Gate USA partnership. Dragon Gate debuts in Chicago on Sunday 9/6 and Lynam announced AAW will be running a very special event at the Eagles Club on Saturday 9/5.

* Promo from Chandler McCLure on strike outside the building with Jordan Mcentyre and Knight Wagner complete with picket signs. Jim Lynam confronted McClure who began to air his grievances. Lynam told McClure he was such a good guy that he was going to offer Mcentyre and Wagner a spot in the tournament. Jordan and Knight accepted much to Chandlers chagrin.

* Kevin Harvey caught up with the Northstar Express and Arik Cannon as they arrived at the building with Krotch’s sister Nikki. Krotch confronted her and she called him a “loser”. Krotch promised he would prove her wrong later in the night.


Northstar Express d. Irish Airborne

Darrin Corbin pinned Dave Crist after a vicious kick to the groin


The Phoenix Twins d. Shane Hollister/Mdogg20 Matt Cross to retain the AAW Tag Titles

Arik Cannon got involved late in the match and took Hollister out of the picture. The Twins pinned Mdogg after “Sweet Twin Music”

***Tweek Phoenix suffered a broken nose in the match and was bleeding everywhere. He left for the hospital in his gear immediately following the match***

* Promo from Silas Young and Dan Lawrence who said they wanted to meet up with House of Truth in the second round. Silas then turned his attention to AAW Heavyweight Champion Jay Bradley who was in the lockeroom and the two had a heated discussion


Dan Lawrence/Silas Young d. The Best Around

A hard fought match that saw Silas pin Bruce Maxwell with a headstand moonsault


House of Truth d. Zero Gravity and Jordan Mcentyre/Knight Wagner in a three way elimination

Wagner and Mcentyre were eliminated first when Chandler McClure came out with his picket signs distracting them and allowing CJ Esparza to hit a shooting star elbow on Wagner. House of Truth then eliminated Zero Gravity when Josh Raymond hit CJ Esparza with Truth Martni’s boot.

* Dave Prazak came out with Jay Bradley and said they were here for a tune up before Tyler Black at Scars and Stripes V. Bradley said he was so confident he would put the title on the line.

Jay Bradley d. Dewey Dawson

45 second match. Bradley hit Dawson with a lariat

Jay Bradley d. Krotch

Krotch tried to mount offense but Bradley gave him a severe beating

*Silas Young then came out to confront Bradley but was jumped by The House of Truth. Dan Lawrence came out and was given a double spinebuster through a stack of chairs by Raymond and Able. Lawrence needed to be helped to the back

* Backstage Jim Lynam gave Dash Phoenix a choice. Since his brother was at the hospital he could go it alone for the rest of the tournament, forfeit the belts, or take Mdogg20 on as his partner. Mdogg and Dash would now represent the Twins and the titles for the rest of the tournament.


Mdogg20/Dash Phoenix d. The Northstar Express to retain the AAW Tag Titles

Arik Cannon again got involved but was confronted by Shane Hollister. Dash rolled up Corbin for the win

Arik Cannon d. Shane Hollister to retain the AAW Heritage title

Very intense match and it looked like Hollister had won the title until the ref saw Cannon’s foot on the rope. The match was restarted and Cannon won with a hand full of tights. After the match Hollister went to attack Cannon with a chair. Cannon challenged Hollister for Scars and Stripes V in what will be Hollister’s final Heritage title shot. A Stairway to Hell match!


House of Truth d. Silas Young

Dan Lawrence could not compete and Silas was pinned after the “Tower of Truth” (wheel barrel slam from Able with Raymond coming down on the opponents head from the top)

Danny Daniels d. Marek Brave in a Berwyn a Street Fight

Wild Brawl that saw Nick Brubaker try to help Daniels in the early going. Brave and Daniels fought all over the building and after Brave issued a piledriver on a steel guard rail it looked like it was over. Brave was going to finish the job when Ryan Boz interfered. Finish saw Daniels hit Brave with a top rope Rubix Cube through a table!


House of Truth d. Mdogg20/Dash Phoenix to become the NEW AAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS

Must see match full of action and drama. An insane tournament final that included:

Mdogg20 hitting a flag pole splash off the ring post to the outside on Christian Able

Christian Able turning Dash Phoenix inside out with a run up belly to back suplex from the top

Josh Raymond hitting a shooting star shoulder block to a standing Dash Phoenix

In the final moments Dash went for a huge dive over the top on House of Truth when Mason Beck returned and pushed Raymond and Able out of the way. Dash splattered like a bug on the floor. Out of nowhere Tweek Phoenix returned to the building with his broken nose heavily bandaged and began to fight. In the end the House of Truth were too much as they hit the “Tower of Truth” for the win and the belts.

“After the match Martini used the clause that the Fate of Eight winners got any wish they wanted from Jim Lynam and brought back Josh Raymond’s girlfriend Val Malone to AAW. Martini said “We have the belts, Beck is back and we have the girl. AAW can’t handle the Truth” as the show came to a close.

Thanks to all who came out tonight.

AAW is back 7/11 for Scars and Stripes V

Already signed:

AAW Heavyweight Title

Jay Bradley w/ Dave Prazak (c)
Tyler Black

AAW Heritage Title- Stairway to Hell

Arik Cannon (c)
Shane Hollister

Grudge match

Jimmy Jacobs
Danny Daniels

much more to be announced


CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA welcomes CMLL’s Mascarita Dorada and Pierrothito in August!

August brings our annual tradition – the Young Lions Cup – back for it’s seventh incarnation! But that’s not the only thing we’re planning for our Easton and Philadelphia events! For the first time ever in this part of the country, the top minis of CMLL in Mexico will make their presence felt! Making their CHIKARA debuts on Saturday, August 15th in Easton will be former CMLL minis champion Pierrothito (a.k.a. Peque?o Pierroth,) as well as the most revolutionary high-flyer of the last few years – the incomparable Mascarita Dorada!

What’s so special about this Mascarita Dorada guy, you might ask? Well, sample him yourself:

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CHIKARA Presents: Dragon Gate USA
7.25.2009 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The ECW Arena!
7 W. Ritner St.
in scenic South Philly, PA!
The action starts @ 8:00 pm!

“Never Kneel at the Altar of Conformity”
7.31.2009 – Friday Evening
Live @ The Riverside Beneficial Assoc.!
1742 Pear St.
in clean Reading, PA!
The fun starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VII – Night 1
8.14.2009 – Friday Evening
Live @ The Charles Chrin Comm. Center!
4100 Green Pond Rd.
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The fun starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VII – Night 2
8.15.2009 – Saturday Evening
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Young Lions Cup VII – Night 3
8.16.2009 – Sunday Afternoon
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