J House sent this in:

It is with unfortunate news that we regret to inform our viewers that as of today, June 14, 2009, all originally produced Combat Zone Wrestling (herein CZW) programming will be discontinued with HybridEnt.TV. Due to creative differences, CZW Wired(R) and CZW Rewind(R), which was set to premiere this evening, will no longer be produced for streaming. CZW Wired and CZW Rewind are programs that were developed independently of Combat Zone Wrestling for the sole purpose of promoting the CZW brand and its related products. HybridEnt.TV has arrived at this decision on its own and believes that this is in the best of interest of all parties. HybridEnt.TV sincerely extends its apologies to its viewers, who made the choice to view the content and programming that we offer and through your patronage established our presence in the on-line media community in only two weeks of streaming. HybridEnt.TV wishes CZW the best of luck with its future media endeavors. HybridEnt.TV also wishes to thank John House for his countless hours of producing and promoting CZW Wired(R) and Smart Mark Video, Inc. for making their video archive available to us.

In light of this, HybridEnt.TV will air the final episode of CZW Wired(R) on July 5, 2009, which will feature CZW World Heavyweight Champion Drake Younger squaring off against the BLK Jeez, Sabian. Captured footage and exclusive post-match interviews from last night’s Best of the Best 9 will be featured on this final episode. Also, beginning on June 28, 2009, the CZW Fake You TV archives will be opened as HybridEnt.TV will begin airing this classic programming beginning with Episode One.

HybridEnt.TV thanks our loyal viewers for their patronage to our site and hopes that you will continue to support us and free high-quality independent on-line content. We have other programming projects curently in development, covering all genres of sports and entertainment, as we continue our committment to Your Vision, Your Choice, You.


Hybrid Entertainment Television