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PWO TV 3/7 – Gargano’s Grueling Schedule; Tag Titles Defended

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Scheduled airtimes for this week’s episode (all times Eastern Standard):

Sunday night, March 7 – 10:00 pm & 3:30 am
Thursday night, March 11 – 4:00 am

Scheduled line-up –

Just days removed from successfully defending the PWO Title against Bobby Beverly, Gargano once again refuses no challenges, this time in the form of the man that combined the discipline of the martial arts with the recklessness of life on the streets, graffiti artist extraordinaire Michael ?The Bomber? Fa?ade, fresh off of winning a wild four-way match involving internationally-renowned competitors. It hasn?t been long since Fa?ade made his PWO return, thusly officials have not granted him a title shot yet, however Gargano was more than happy to accept a non-title match in order to test his skills against someone who brings an entirely different style and dynamic to the table. Add this in to a rapidly growing list of title contenders Gargano must worry about, and also a tense moment with ex-rival Gregory Iron this past week where Iron refused to shake Gargano’s hand, and one must question the state of mind of the PWO Champion. Can Fa?ade catch Gargano off his game and score a career-making win? Or can the champion continue to find a way to pull through and not be detracted by a constantly growing level of adversity?

The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, Luis Diamante & Isaac Montana, thought they had a tag title shot all to themselves two months ago. That is, until Sex Appeal used threats and legal loopholes to sneak into that title match and escape as new PWO Tag Team Champions. The Wrecking Crew were understandably upset, and were granted this title opportunity as a chance to extract revenge. Sex Appeal, meanwhile, have continued to use legal loopholes to institute ?The Freebird Rule?, meaning any two of the three members of Sex Appeal (or even manager Dawn Decadence) could legally defend the PWO Tag Titles in a sanctioned title defense. What combination of Bobby Shields, Bobby Beverly, and Nicki Valentino will see action this week? Will The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, along with their manager The Ambassador, be able to win tag gold for the entire Latin American community or will Sex Appeal continue their roll?

Iron & Hobo, the ?Handicapped Hero? and ?Dumpster Dweller? have united with the common goal of defeating and humiliating Sex Appeal and taking their tag team titles to avenge countless past wrongdoings by the superficial super group, however before they can achieve their goal they must earn their way to a title opportunity. Iron & Hobo defeated the young tandem of Ryan & Winters a few weeks ago, but the duo requested a return bout to redeem their loss, claiming they?ve found the ?missing piece to the puzzle?. What is it exactly? Will it be successful? Can Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe continue to build momentum? Will Hobo Joe be able to put aside his trust issues after being betrayed by so many former friends to trust Greg and embrace him as a true tag team partner?

Ben Fruith’s punishment continues. With Mike Tolar not even in attendance to watch his would-be prot?g? get slaughtered on a regular basis, the cold and callous treatment of PWO’s gullible loveable loser only continues to worsen. Benjamin Boone has not been pinned since aligning with N8 Mattson, a streak that has now lasted one entire year. This 275 lb. animal with a message to send to all of PWO’s top stars, namely Jason Bane and Johnny Gargano, will no doubt have ample chance to make a statement here. Can Ben Fruith and the Fruith Roll Up save him from disaster? Or will he be devoured by the Big Bear?

PLUS: Jason Bane will be in attendance, we hear comments from ex-Clash member Brian Bender, a look back at Marion Fontaine’s recent meltdown and much more!


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