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PWO SPECIAL REPORT – The Johnny Gargano/Gregory Iron Tension – Are Some Things Just Simply Unforgivable?


This past Sunday night on PWO Television, we saw Johnny Gargano successfully defend the PWO Championship against Sex Appeal’s Bobby Beverly, however there was an unlikely assistance to that victory. Once fellow Sex Appeal members Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino appeared on the scene to attempt to finish Gargano’s championship reign once and for all and help crown Bobby Beverly new PWO Champion, we saw the newly-formed tag team of Gregory Iron and Hobo Joe appear to thwart Sex Appeal’s goals as part of a months-long saga between those two teams that only continues to escalate. Once Gargano had recovered enough to pin Beverly, and Sex Appeal were chased from the area, we saw Gargano, Iron, and Hobo standing triumphant mid-ring. After Gargano shook Hobo’s hand and thanked him for the help, the tension began to build as we all realized the sight before us, as Johnny Gargano and Gregory Iron met face-to-face in a PWO ring for the first time in nearly two years since their barbaric Last Man Standing battle at the inaugural PWO Wrestlelution supercard. Gargano, who has spent the past several months attempting to turn over a new leaf, prove he’s a changed man from prior years, to entertain fans and defend the PWO Championship with the credibility and prestige it deserves, extended his hand to Iron as well as a token of thanks. Iron, clearly torn and emotionally distraught, simply turned his back and walked away, refusing to shake the champion’s hand.

But why did PWO’s ?Handicapped Hero? behave in such a way? To understand the present, it is important to re-visit the past.

It was the very first episode of PWO TV in the fall of 2007, where Johnny Gargano, young, cocky, and full of limitless potential, was cleanly defeated by a young and ambitious Gregory Iron, whom at the time was looked at as nothing more than second-class enhancement talent. The loss to someone whom Gargano perceived to be ?beneath? him set off a chain reaction of insecurity, jealousy, and rage, spiraling out of control when Gargano committed what is still known to be the most heinous and violent act in PWO history, when he savagely attacked Iron, severely jeopardizing not only Iron’s career, but also his life by giving him his second serious concussion inside of a six month period.

Footage of this assault can be seen at the following link, however we caution viewer discretion is advised –

Following that incident, Gregory Iron made an inspirational recovery, risking the career he had worked his entire life to achieve to battle Gargano in a ?Last Man Standing? battle at Wrestlelution. While Gargano ended up winning the match, it was Iron who scored perhaps the more important moral victory, by standing up and leaving under his own power, proving that no man could destroy his dream.

Fast-forward to nearly two years later and both men have changed dramatically. Gargano has realized his potential and risen to become champion. Iron has become among the most tenacious, respected, and resilient competitors in all of PWO. Yet, this past week each man found themselves in the all too familiar situation of standing across the ring from one another.

Sources close to the situation say Gargano was noticeably distraught and frustrated after PWO went off the air, upset that Gregory Iron refused to shake his hand. It appears that Gargano is trying to put his past behind him, but with the violent and ultra-personal history Gargano & Iron have, is it possible here? Gargano plans to address this issue in the coming weeks, and has given our cameras permission to document it, as Johnny intends to show the whole world his true intentions. Gregory Iron could not be reached for immediate comment, and all calls and text messages have been unanswered.

Can Johnny Gargano repair and reverse what critics consider to be the biggest mistake of his career? Gregory Iron is an amazing human being and constant humanitarian, but can he find it in his heart to forgive that which nearly ended everything he holds dear? Stay posted to PWO TV and Online for further updates.


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