Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that the run of Ring of Honor PPV events will be ending with this Friday’s “Take No Prisoners” event. ROH reportedly opted not to renew their deal with PPV provider G-Funk Entertainment several months ago and the contract agreement between the two parties ends with this Friday’s PPV.

Reports are indicating that the company was simply “suspending” PPV events with the feeling being that down the line the company could return to PPV in some fashion. It is also possible that with the company having a TV deal that HDNet could be involved in the production for PPV events in the future, although nothing has been planned or confirmed at this point.

The reaction to this news among ROH talent wasn’t said to be much of a shock as nothing had been taped or scheduled in regards to PPV events as of late, while the company needed to hand in a final product to InDemand recently for the PPV provider to give final approval a month before airing. The feeling among talent right now is that the TV show on HDNet is considered to be far more important in the long-term.

The company debuted on PPV back in July 2007 with the “Respect is Earned” event and become a first of many bi-monthly PPV events that were shown months after they were initially taped. This Friday’s “Take No Prisoners” event was taped back in April during WrestleMania 25 weekend in Houston, TX.