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PWO TV 6/14: Johnny Gargano vs. Super Hentai; Matt Cross To Call Out Prohibition

Pro Wrestling Ohio presents PWO TV on STO, Sports Time Ohio, official home of the Cleveland Indians. PWO TV provides the hottest and fastest rising wrestling stars in the state of Ohio and beyond, with new and original matches & content premiering every week. Sports Time Ohio is available throughout much of Ohio on many cable systems and is available NATIONWIDE on select satellite dish sports packages. If you would like to be part of the PWO experience, log on to for more information on channel availability, or call your satellite provider today and find out how you can get Sports Time Ohio and PWO! For more information on Pro Wrestling Ohio, log on to or!

Scheduled airtimes for this episode:

Sunday night, June 14: 10:00 pm & 2:00 am
Friday night, June 19: 3:30 am

All times are Eastern Standard Time. Check your local listings for added airtimes!

Scheduled for this episode:

Revenge Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Super Hentai
One year ago a sadistic and enraged Johnny Gargano sent a message to everyone in PWO at the expense of Hentai, as Gargano violently slammed Hentai’s body off of the arena floor and steel guardrails, leaving Hentai with a concussion and nearly broken back. Months of extensive training, rehabilitation, and mental refocusing led to the return of a vengeful Hentai dead-set on retribution. After scoring a few impressive victories, PWO officials granted Hentai this opportunity to stand face-to-face with the man that nearly ended his PWO career. Hentai has trained, traveled, and defended championships all over the world, and is a powerful and respected young veteran. Gargano is still brash and immature, but is coming off his heartbreaking PWO Championship loss centered around the controversy caused by Josh Prohibition. Will Hentai extract revenge or can Gargano escape and rebuild?

?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross To Call Out PWO Champion Josh Prohibition
The ?Innovator of Aerial Insanity? M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross hasn?t been seen on PWO TV since he was screwed out of the PWO Championship when Josh Prohibition goaded Cross into an impromptu title match just moments after Cross barely survived his battle with Johnny Gargano. M-Dogg has been understandably incensed, and plans to do something about it. Rumor has it Prohibition has refused to sign for a return bout with Cross. Will M-Dogg be able to coax a match out of his one-time best friend? Will the M-Dogg/Prohibition rivalry explode into physicality once again?

Gregory Iron vs. ?True Talent? Bobby ?The Body? Shields w/Dawn Decadence & Bobby Beverly
The narcissistic ego-driven faction known as Sex Appeal debuts in full force for the first time as the man with more nicknames that we can print, Bobby Shields attempts to show why good looks and genetics automatically makes himself and his entourage better than everyone else, as they continue their mission to rid PWO of anyone they feel to be ?too ugly?. Gregory Iron, however, has impressed, not with looks or genes, but by a work ethic second to none. Coming off of a narrow loss to PWO Champion Josh Prohibition, Iron looks to build from that inspiring performance and get back into title contention? But with two distractions at ringside, and the looming disturbing actions of ?DeeeLicious? Jimmy DeMarco toward Greg and Greg’s 11-year-old brother Zach, can the ?Handicapped Hero? keep his focus, or will he find out what Sex Appeal is all about?

Pirate Justice In Tag Action!
PWO’s most dysfunctional tag team ?Bloody? Morty Rackem and Matthew Justice are still not on the same page – they?re not even in the same book. Rackem’s insistence that Justice behave more ruthlessly and aggressively, namely using Rackem’s steel chain/belt as a weapon has created a rapidly widening rift every time Justice refuses the weapon and wins or loses on his own merit. The distractions and bickering has only hurt the team. Can these two men stay focused in their first official tag match in several weeks?

Update on Hobo Joe/Aaron Maguire
After weeks of threats from the intimidating Gambino Family, Aaron Maguire begged his supposed best friend Hobo Joe for Hobo’s $25,000 in lottery winnings? under the premise Maguire would invest it for him and make him even richer. Word has it Hobo hasn?t seen Aaron since. Did Aaron attempt to truthfully invest it and end up getting whacked? Or is there a more sinister motive? Our cameras catch up with Hobo Joe to see if he’s heard from his homeless roommate.

All this and more! If you don?t get Sports Time Ohio, call your cable or satellite provider and demand it!


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