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Quick WSU 6/6 “Uncensored Rumble II” Results
Full report forthcoming

Taping One Results

Annie Social & Roxxie Cotton d. Sean Hanson & Rick Cataldo for full possession of “The Beatdown Betties” Tag Team Name.

Rain d. Nikki Roxx

Jana/Kacee Carlisle/Trixie Lynn/Lea Morrison d. Latasha/Amy Lee/Missy Sampson/Lady Dyvyne when Jana lastly eliminated Latasha earning the right to enter the Uncensored Rumble at number 20.

Big Van Missy d. Jennifer Cruz (You’ll want to read our full results when they are posted for the details here!)

Brooke Carter & the returning Alicia defeated Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred to become the new WSU Tag Team Champions. After the match, Alicia thanked all her fans during her 18 month sabbatical from wrestling and declared WSU as the only women’s promotion you’ll see me at.

Taping Two

Nikki Roxx lastly eliminated Rain in the 20-Woman Uncensored Rumble match to become the new number 1 contender.

Amy Lee cut a scathing interview concerning WSU, its fans and the state of womens wrestling.

Taping Three

WSU Championship Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez d. Angel Orsini at the 70:00 minute mark
This may be the best womens wrestling match in the history of womens wrestling. The two wrestled to a one hour time-limit draw, with neither wrestler scoring a fall on the other. The fans chanted “ONE MORE HOUR” when the 60 minutes were up. The match saw the two showcase everything they had, in the culmination of this two year feud in WSU. After displaying excellent technical and mat wrestling skills, the two brawled all over the building, where Angel Orsini tossed Mercedes Martinez from a balcony to another balcony 10 feet below. The two then brawled outside of the venue, where the two fought on top of the ring truck. The two brought it back in the ring, where kendo sticks, ladders, chairs and tables were used. However, when the brawling wasn’t giving one wrester a significant advantage, the two went back to what made them top women wrestlers – pure wrestling, as the two traded submissions and matched each other move-for-move.

At the 59:00 mark, Mercedes Martinez hit her finisher, the brainbuster, on Angel Orsini through a table. It looked like the match was over, but somehow Orsini kicked out. The match was ruled a draw, but would go into sudden death overtime. With the score deadlocked at 0-0, the emotion, intensity and passion between the two was all too real. The two battled for another grueling 10 minutes, where you could see each wrestler fighting and clawing in their quest to be the top woman in wrestling.

Eventually, after everything was said and done, Mercedes went back to her brainbuster, putting Orsini away to win the match at exactly the 70 minute mark. This match has now become the longest womens wrestling match in history, a feat that Orsini & Martinez were made aware of afterwards. As a result of the match, the two year feud between these two has come to an end. Martinez will now go on to defend the championship against new challengers, starting with Uncensored Rumble winner Nikki Roxx. Angel Orsini is now at a crossroads in WSU, and we’ll have to see where she goes from here in WSU.

WSU congratulates Martinez & Orsini for making history and putting on one hell of a performance. This match will be a MUST-SEE/BUY when it is released on DVD. WSU has never been so confident or boastful about our events, but WSU will put this match up against anything out there not just in womens wrestling, but in wrestling today. This is a match that we feel will turn fans who traditionally aren’t fans of womens wrestling into fans.

Full pictures of the event have been posted here:

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