During CZW’s annual Tournament of Death on Saturday night, wrestler Nick Gage suffered a serious injury as a result of taking a bump on a light tube.

The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online reports that Gage severed a main artery when taking a bump on a light tube that resulted in him being sliced open on his side from armpit to hip. He was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital where he was rushed into the operating room. There is no word on his status at this time.

Gage never passed out, but was described as losing a good amount of blood and quickly ran to the back in a panic. At that point no one knew what to do and wrestlers hit the ring starting an impromptu Battle Royal. The event was held in the backyard of wrestler D.J. Hyde’s parents house in Delaware in front of a crowd around 250 people. They were prevented from leaving the area until an hour after the show because there was only one way out and they didn’t want to block access for an ambulance.