Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

LCW May 24 Results
Sunday May 24 2009

Legend City Wrestling
St John’s, Newfoundland
Results credit LCW

-Loco d. Kris Krimzon (Loco qualifies for title tournament)

-Blake Maxell d. Peter Walley

-DC Money d. Matt Burns (DC qualifies for title tournament)

-“Nasty” Nick Anderson d. Lance Romance via DQ

-JX Phlex d. Sheik Aziz in a Last Man Standing Match

-Vance Nevada d. Too Damn Hype

Upcoming Events…
Sunday, June 28th
Junction’s, McMurdo’s Lane
St. John’s, NL
9:30 pm bell time
Tickets $10
ID’s for 19 required
Wednesday, July 08,
CLB Armory
Harvey Road
St. John’s, NL
Beer Garden on site. ID for 19+ to enter,
8:00 pm start
Saturday, July 25
Bay Arena, Bay Roberts
7:30 pm bell time
Tickets $12

Legend City Wrestling comes to Bay Roberts for the first time ever!

WWE Superstar, HIGHLANDER ROBBIE MCALLISTER vs. KOWBOY MIKE HUGHES, from the Fight Network’s “Wrestling Reality” series and Rush HD’s “Kardinal Sinners” series!
Sunday, July 26
Featuring Kowboy Mike Hughes, and WWE Superstar “Highlander” Robbie McAllister!

Sunday May 31 2009

Pro Wrestling Xtreme
Tillsonburg, Ontario

At the Complex
Attendance: Packed. SRO
Ring Announcer/ Live Commentary: JC
Referees: AJ Parr, Big H, Casey Hale
Results credit: Gordo for
And Chris Crucifix
-This was JC’s first Tillsonburg appearance since being given a piledriver on the floor by Jake O’Reilly during a wild melee a couple months back. JC said he has some things to say to Jake later in the show.

1) Super Xtremo def Sebastian Suave. [8 min]
Suave’s debut with PWX. Great match that had fans cheering throughout. Super Xtremo took the pin after a 450 splash from the top rope.

*Reck and PJ Tyler came out to the ring and Reck announced that “The Score” Robbie Crawford was absent because he was scouring the world for new talent to join “the greatest group in PWX”. Reck listed various men that he and Crawford had beaten and the handed the mic to PJ who promised to destroy PWX Women’s Champion Holly Hilton the same way she did TNA star Awesome Kong. Reck then introduced “the man who’s beaten everyone”, Michael Elgin, as the newest member of their faction.

2) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin w/ Reck & PJ Tyler def “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva [13 min]
Great match between OIW Rookie of the Year Award winners. Elgin won after interference by Reck & PJ

*Former WWE Star Big Daddy V came out to the ring and issued an open challenge…

3) Big Daddy V def Little Cena [15 seconds]
Long enough for Little Cena to eat an Avalanche and a big splash

4) Big Daddy V def Sgt Dickson [20 seconds]
Big Daddy listened to Sgt rant for about 15 seconds then squashed him with a spinebuster.

5) Big Daddy V def Daemon Reznor by Count-Out [12 seconds}
It took 2 seconds for Reznor to decide he wanted no part of the big man and 10 more to be counted out.

6) Big Daddy V def Freak Show [4 min]
Freak was the only one who showed any respect to Big Daddy V by asking if he could have a match with the legend. Big Daddy said that since Tillsonburg was “Freak’s town” and he liked the face-painted martial arts expert he’d give him a match. Freak tried a number of offensive moves on the 500 pound legend but fell victim to a sitout slam

*Intermission – I was eating a slice of pizza when I was approached by PWX officials asking if I could help out with security since Jake O’Reilly was causing “problems” in the back. This wasn’t a totally random request as I’ve handled security for PWX in the past, quite often since the crazed Irishman made his debut. It has proven to be a very difficult and occassionally painful job position as Jake doesn’t care who he slugs. I remained in the back trying with other PWX security & officials to keep Jake seperated from the rest of the locker room until his main event match so I missed the next bouts. The following results are courtesy of Chris Crucifix.

7) PWX Women’s Championship Match
Holly Hilton retained by DQ over PJ Tyler after Michael Elgin ran out and tried to interfere

8) X Division Title Match
Reck retained his title after being DQed when he low blowed Mr. Atlantis.

9) Main Event Tag Team Grudge Match
Derek Wylde/Cody Deaner went to a No Contest with Jake O’Reilly and his mystery partner who turned out to be Pepper Parks

Read Chris Crucifix’s review of the show!

Saturday May 30 2009

“We’ve Only Just Begun”
Welland, Ontario

At: Knights of Columbus
Results credit: triple x wrestling

Dude Flair defeated Maximo Suave, Coconut Joe and BJ Stardom to win a full-time spot on the main roster.

Main Show

Zakk Atticuss & Kris White defeated Gabe Saint & Stargazer
Following the match, Saint demanded that he defend the New Tradition Championship against Stargazer and Zakk Atticuss. This brought out Pistol Pete who approved the match. Pete went on to say that he wants to talk to Jessy Jones ASAP right in the middle of the ring. He also proclaimed his hatred for Jay Moore and the rest of the former Sports Generation.
JT Playa came out and expressed that if he was to once again obtain the status he once held, he MUST defeat Derek Wylde.

Krystal Banks defeated Jody D?Milo
After this match, The Mastiff grabbed Krystal by the hair telling her that she needs to listen. This brought Ron Falco out and he demanded that their championship match begin immediately.

Ron Falco versus The Mastiff went to a No Contest when both men went through a table and could not continue.

The Italianos defeated Ice in a Handicap Match

Pistol Pete defeated Eddie Osborne

JT Playa defeated Derek Wylde

Saturday May 30 2009

Pro Wrestling Xtreme
St Thomas, Ontario

Coolz Warehouse
Attendance: Packed
Ring Announcer: JC
Referees: AJ Parr, Casey Hale
Live Commentary: JC & Sean Avram
Results credit: Gordo for
Daemon Reznor came to the ring as JC was delivering the official show opening and grabbed the mic. Reznor told fans that he had made sure St Thomas PWX Commisioner Angela Davis was “never coming back.” Reznor then said he could do whatever he wanted and what he wanted was a fight so anyone in the back willing to give him one was welcome to come to the ring. He wasn’t too happy to see THREE guys show up and even more dismayed when JC announced the match would be a 4-Way Elimination.

1) 4-Way Elimination Match:
Participants: Daemon Reznor, Mr Atlantis, Sgt Dickson, RJ City
Winner: RJ City
Order of eliminations:
Mr Atlantis pinned by Reznor
Dickson pinned by Reznor
Reznor pinned by RJ City
-Fun dynamic to this bout as RJ City was the sole good guy. All 3 bad guys attacked him at the bell but he soon had them reeling & bailing with a flurry of chops then sailed over the top onto them. Reznor & Sgt Dickson former an early alliance and pounded Mr Atlantis whenever they couldn’t get their hands on RJ. Once Atlantis was out they continued to work together against RJ. Reznor pinned Dickson after RJ planted the Sgt but was kicked from the ring by Daemon before he could go for the pin. RJ & Reznor scrapped for a couple more minutes before RJ countered a Reznor move with one of his own and scored the pin. Great effort from all 4 guys. RJ City is insanely over in St Thomas. Reznor has really come into his own the last few shows and is climbing the PWX ranks (one of the most stacked with talent rosters in the province.) Mr Atlantis already looks far more seasoned than his barely 3 months in the ring would indicate and has one of the best entrances I’ve seen in awhile. Sgt Dickson is an old-school traditional brawler/technical bad guy and doesn’t overplay his military gimmick which is cool. Very solid performer for a newcomer. It should be noted that Atlantis, Reznor & Dickson have all gone through the PWX Academy.

2) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def Notorious TID
-Talk about a freakin’ Ontario Indy dream match! I popped huge just seeing these two in opposite corners before the bell! The match they gave fans was hard-hitting, dramatic and intense as it gets. Probably the best Notorious TID match I’ve ever seen live. This was TID’s PWX debut and to say he impressed the St Thomas fans is a gross understatement. TID just walking to the ring had fans backing up from the ring (and these are fans known for swarming close to the action!) Elgin was wrestling with a heavily taped shoulder and that definitely hindered his ability to match power with the much taller Notorious TID. It’s not often you see someone toss Elgin around like he was a 100 pound sack of spuds but TID made it look easy. His chokeslam powerbomb almost put Elgin through the ring. Amazingly, Elgin kicked out and the match continued. Elgin did bounce TID around during the bout but was unable to hoist him up for his Splash Mountain finisher because of his injured arm. When he tried for an aerial assault off the top rope TID caught him in mid-air by the throat and choke-slammed his ass but again Elgin was able to kick out. Elgin won the match by rolling TID up as the big man was arguing with the ref and then using his feet on the ropes for leverage to secure the three count. A fantastic match that had fans screaming their heads off from start to finish. Props to both guys for a match done so well that thinking it wasn’t a real competition was impossible. Wow.

3) PJ Tyler def Amy Victory w/ Hornet
Hard to follow the Elgin/TID match but these women did an admirable job of it. Tyler was the crowd favorite and the agressor at the bell. Amy was quick to bail to the outside to seek advice from Hornet and in a very funny moment the “International Mexican Superstar” got caught hiding behind Victory when PJ teased a suicide dive through the ropes. Amy didn’t have time to give him a tongue lashing for it because Tyler attacked her from behind; knocking her into Hornet. Amy employed a strategy of retreat for most of the match; relying on Hornet to distract PJ or the official so she could get some offense in. Tyler dominated the bulk of the action and even went ‘old school’ with a very fast and lengthy airplane spin. Perhaps too fast and too long though as both women crashed to the mat. Tyler won by scooping Victory up onto her shoulders and delivering a backwards slam that was part Samoan Drop and part Kryptonite Crunch. Whatever it was, it did the job and Amy was easily pinned. (Hornet tried to enter the ring and break the count but tripped over the bottom rope.)

4) Jake O’Reilly def Pepper Parks
-Another Ontario Indy dream match that was, in a word – FANTASTIC. Ref AJ Parr found a shank on O’Reilly during the pre-match search but missed a pair of knuckle-dusters that would come into play near the end of this epic encounter. How good was this match? It had wrestlers watching from the shadows popping just as often and just as loud as the fans. I wrote 4 pages of notes and looking them over I see about 100 exclamation marks which is a pretty good indication of how much I enjoyed the match. O’Reilly and Parks are two of the best wrestlers in Ontario and what they did May 30th in St Thomas should be required viewing for EVERY fan (wrestler or not) because it was that damn good. (And seriously, if Jake O’Reilly isn’t nominated for 2009 Wrestler of the Year honors then nobody should be.) PWX sells dvds of their events. I strongly suggest you do whatever you must to get a copy of this show. THIS was the match of the night but the whole show was freakin’ awesome!)
-Oh yea, the knuckle-dusters! Jake tried to use them but Pepper ducked the blow and knocked them from Jake’s hand. Ref AJ moved to stop Parks from using the knucks (which he hadn’t seen while Jake had them) and while he was busy with that, O’Reilly pulled another foreign object from his trunks and used that to put Parks down for the 3 count.

*Rogers Daytime TV host Dean Avram came to the ring and called out Cody Deaner and his BFF, Reck, so they could find out what their “big surprise” was. (Deaner & Reck were promised the surprise if they won both their matches at the last show which they did.) The hated duo came out to the ring and insulted the fans and Avram before demanding to know what their “big surprise” was. First Sean told them that ONE of them would get a shot at the St Thomas Bar Championship, currently held by Tyler Tirva, but it was up to them to decide who got the shot. Deaner & Reck decided to settle it the same way they decide who gets the last beer…

5) Rock, Paper, Scissors Match for a shot at the PWX St Thomas Bar Championship:
Reck def Cody Deaner
-Reck’s paper covered Cody’s rock. (The vocal antics from Cody prior to the Rock, Paper, Scissors “Match” was hilarious – NOBODY handles the “What?” chant like Cody Deaner does. Not even the guy whose promos originated it. And THAT, as they say, is a shoot!)

*With Reck’s surprise out of the way, Cody demanded to know what his big surprise was. Avram told him it was something really special, really BIG and that he and Reck should wear blindfolds while the “surprise” was brought to the ring. Being the trailor park rednecks that they are, Cody and Reck actually thought this was a good idea and allowed Avram to blindfold them. Cody began yelling that he knew he was going to be crowned the “Champion of the Universe” and demanded Avram bring his his gold. What he and Reck got instead was 500 pounds of former WWE Superstar Big Daddy V. When they lifted their blindfolds and saw Big Daddy in the ring they fled faster to the floor than you can say “chickshit”. Deaner’s “surprise” was that he got to wrestle Big Daddy V in the main event. Cody wasn’t too happy about that.

-Intermission featured Big Daddy V, Cody Deaner and other PWA stars meeting fans for autographs and photos

6) PWX St Thomas Bar Championship:
“Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def Reck to retain the title.
-On any number of shows this bout would have easily won match of the night honors. As it was, it was one more incredible contest on a card stacked with action, excitement and drama. Probably the best match I’ve ever seen Reck have and proof positive that his skills are vastly underrated by the majority of the Ontario Indy community. His mat-based ‘old-school’ bad guy style was the perfect counterpoint to Tirva’s ‘Dangerboy – Version 2.0’ style of speed, counter-wrestling and aerial displays of athleticism and daring. Another contest that filled pages of notes. Another reason to find a dvd copy of this show. By the time this bout had ended Reck was being cheered by a large number of fans – something unheard of in St Thomas. It wasn’t because they suddenly decided they liked him… fans just couldn’t help being appreciative of the efforts of both men in this match. The handshake after the bell was a personal nod of appreciation and respect between two individuals that was witnessed and verbally saluted by over 200 other people. Real magic folks. As real as it gets.

7) PWX Xtreme Championship; MMA/Wrestling Match:
Freak Show def Hornet w/ Amy Victory by tapout in the 2nd round to retain the title.
-This was the first MMA/Wrestling match I’ve ever seen… or even heard of. JC explained the rules prior to the bout. The contest would consist of three 4 minute rounds. There would be a 30 second rest period between rounds. A wrestler could win by Knockout, Tapout or Ref Stoppage. If the match went to the time limit duration the decision would go to the judges. (He didn’t mention who they were.) Hornet was loudly booed throughout the match. Freak Show is even more insanely over than RJ City and the cheers for him were deafening.
-Round 1: Freak came out ready to touch gloves but Hornet just spit at him. After an opening exchange of brutal leg kicks from both men it became a test between Freak Show’s ‘Freak Fu’ martial arts – a hit and move attack heavy on the leg strikes – and Hornet’s mat-based submission approach. Freak scored more points in the first couple of minutes as Hornet continuely got caught while attempting to shoot in and take Freak to the mat. Late in the round however Hornet did get Freak Show on the canvas and delivered a brutal ground & pound that for some inexplicable reason, the referee stopped. Hornet jumped on Freak again and pounded away to end the round. Round 1 winner: Hornet.
-Round 2: Hornet was all over Freak Show to start round 2. Twice he took the champ down and attacked the legs with various submission attempts. When they rose after they broke off the second exchange Hornet kicked Freak right in the throat. This brought an official warning and the champ was given time to recover. When the fight started again Freak began scoring with strikes; rocking Hornet with fists and feet as fans chanted “Freak Show” over and over. Freak took Hornet down and mounted his back trying to lock in a choke. Hornet slipped out from under and rushed at Freak, taking him down with a roll-up but the champ rolled full circle and came up on top with Hornet locked in a solid choke. Hornet tapped out.

*Hornet & Amy left the ring quickly while Freak Show celebrated his title victory with fans. Suddenly music started playing and Caeser, accompanied by Ianna Titus, came out to the ring. He told Freak Show that he wanted to fight him right then and there. Freak Show said “sure”.

8) PWX Xtreme Championship; MMA/Wrestling Match:
Freak Show def Caeser w/ Ianna Titus by DQ in the 2nd round to retain the title.
-Round 1: I missed most of this round because I was making a trip to the bar to buy a lady a drink. I did see that Caeser had some definite power in his punches as the round started but when I got back in the closing seconds it was Freak Show who had Caeser down on the mat while he tried unsuccessfully for an armlock submission.
-Round 2: Almost as soon as this round started, Ianna Titus jumped up on the apron to distract the referee. Caeser nailed Freak Show with a low blow and then slapped the ref to the mat. After suplexing Freak Show Caeser called Titus into the ring and held Freak while she slapped him repeatedly in the face. The two of them posed over Freak Show’s prone body and then left the ring.

9) Big Daddy V def Cody Deaner
Deaner demanded that JC announce him as the “Wrestling World Champion of the Universe”. (If you don’t find any humor in that you’re beyond help.) The match was filled with classic bad guy Deaner stalling and humorous vocals but also had some great action. Big Daddy V can still move his 500+ pounds around with surprising speed. He seemed to enjoy Deaner’s antics but that didn’t stop him from using every ounce of his bulk to punish his mullet-bearing opponent at every opportunity. To Deaner’s credit, he took all of Big Daddy’s signature moves and even managed to put the big man down for a near fall. Eventually the former WWE star squashed Cody with a Samoan drop and then splattered him into redneck slush with a devestating splash. Ringside photographer Mrs Id said the corner posts came about a foot off the floor on impact. The pin was pretty much acedemic after that.

*After the match while Deaner was still laying almost dead on the canvas, Sean Avram jumped in the ring and laughed at him. He grabbed hold of Cody’s mullet and prepared to hit him with a steel baton when Big Daddy V stopped him. Avram scooted from the ring as Big Daddy grabbed the mic and said “that ain’t the way to do a man”. V spoke about seeing Deaner in the WWE: “He was a plant in the crowd. I ate his chips.” Big Daddy then went on to say that the WWE wouldn’t sign Deaner but TNA did. V then called Reck into the ring and told fans that he was a major reason there was even pro wrestling in St Thomas. (This got a big “Thank you Reck” chant going) Big Daddy told Deaner and Reck that they should “do the right thing” because the St Thomas fans love them and he told the fans they should be more appreciative of the effort of the BFFs. Great way to end a show,

Definitely one of the best shows this year from any promotion. PWX returns in August. If you haven’t already checked them out live I strongly urge you to do so. The PWX roster cares about the entire PWX product and it shows in consistantly high quality action and commitment. If you can’t get to St Thomas (or Tillsonburg) then go to the PWX website and grab some dvds.

Saturday May 30 2009

Universal Wrestling Alliance
“Spring Mayhem”
Ottawa, Ontario

Results credit: Sqiggy
1) The Incredible Hunks def “Wanted Man” Ryan Dennim & Tyler Logan

2) Danny Linkin def Claude Prest

3) Harley Davidson def CJ Felony With the winner getting a title shot of their choice.

4) Addy Star def Jeff Black to retain the UWA Hardcore title then the enforcer came in and stated bad mouthing Addy so Kwan Chang came out to make the save but the enforcer tasered Addy..

5) Chaz Lovely nnd Jay Runkin went to a No-Contest

6) The Super Smash Brothers def Now Playing to win the UWA Tag Team Championship but were then assaulted by The Limestone Wrecking Crew who are now the Tag Champions

7) The Enforcer def “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang

Friday May 29 2009

Pure Wrestling Association
Kitchener, Ontario

Results credit: PWA Media
1. Tommy Ryder def. Rip Impact (Super Kick), Eric Cairnie, Jessy Jones and Joey King in a five way

2. Michael Von Payton came to the ring and proclaimed he was a changed man and was going to honour the Pure Violence Division and was willing to put the belt against the toughest in the back. Eddie Osbourne came out and the match was made. MVP said lets makes this a falls count anywhere, Eddie added lets see some blood and got a chant going.

Eddie Osbourne w/ Sabrina Kyle def. MVP in seconds after they locked up, MVP picked Eddie up for a bodyslam and Eddie fell on him. It looked like MVP was holding EO ontop of him, and then after the three he rans over and got the belt and gave it to Eddie.

MVP proclaimed he was after the Pure Wrestling Championship… Commissioner Daryl Porteous came to the ring and said thats not how Championship are to be defended in the PWA. That MVP and EO screw the fans and now he was going to put the screws to them.

Daryl made the matches, Sabrina Kyle vs. Misty Haven, Eddie to defend the PV title against Agent Orange, Cade Von Dutch and Warhed and MVP had to prove himself against Michael Elgin!!

3. Reggie “Big Ticket” Marley def. The RUSH with Kingston Drop

4. Lance Malibu def. Moondog Buddy with a Powerbomb

5. Michael Von Payton got the three on Michael Elgin in 25 minute bout

6. Geza Kalman KOed Ethan Page in a Pure Wrestling Championship Match to retain!

7. Jessy Jones def. Ryan Denim with a Sport Shocker… after the match Father Blob splashed Denim

8. Misty Haven destroyed Sabrina Kyle

9. Eddie was no where to be found, thus it was made a three way Pure Violence Match

Warhed def. Agent Orange and Cade Von Dutch

Post Match Warhed said he should be champ and it was made official instead of stripping Osbourne of the belt they would do a Pure Violence Striptease Match. Where when Eddie or Warhed got a pin on another they would have to have their valets lose some clothes!

Eddie attacked Warhed post match and spanked his lady Kandy Kane

Sunday May 24 2009

Pure Wrestling Association
“Collision Course”
Hamilton, Ontario

Results credit: PWA Media
1. Reggie Marley def. Joey Kings with the Kingston Drop

Anthony Kingdom James did an interview on Ethan Page. Challenge him to a Bar Fight. Tempers got heated when Page came out.

2. Eddie Osbourne w/ Sabrina Kyle def. “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea

3. S.W.O.O.S.H. def. Ash

4. Super Kamikaze def. Michael Elgin to remain Internet Champion

5. Ethan Page def. Lance Malibu by DQ when Anthony Kingdom James ran into the ring and tried to smash Page with a chair.

It was made official on June 28th Kingdom vs. Page one on one, eye for an eye in a BLINDFOLD MATCH

6. Jason Birdman Edwards def. Moondog Buddy

7. Geza Kalman def. Eric Cairnie to remain Pure Wrestling Champion

May 24th, 2009

Independent Pro Wrestling
Brantford, Ontario Canada

J’s Place
2:45 pm Bell Time
Attendance: Approx. 40-55
Ref: Bryan Renda
OIW Notables in Attendance: Hellkat & Badass, Thorn, Maggie, Ashe Draven, Alexander Kelly
Results credit: Chris Crucifix
Show opened with Greg Boddam getting the crowd going, and his usual routine. There was mention of it being the 10th Anniversary since the passing of the late, great Owen Hart then followed by a 10 Bell salute. Opening contest was announced.

Robbie Reckless lost to “Retro” Rex Atkins
-Rex Atkins who was returning from an injury, returned at the IPW with a vengance and made short work of the young Reckless. Atkins didn’t take too kindly to the fans in Brantford, Reckless seemed rather young, never seen him work before that. Decent little opener that did the job.

Next Mike O’Shea entered the ring to announce that since Sik Rik Matrix had won the IPW Grand Championship despite an injury at the last show, his injuries were far too severe and he couldn’t compete today. The title then was announced as held up and a single day tournament would be occuring.

This was interrupted by Troy “the Boy” Buchannan and his entourage consisting of the returning “Studly” Steve McKenzie and Zachary Springate III. Troy demanded that McKenzie put the belt on him, and called O’Shea a sucker for believing that Matrix was really hurt, and that Matrix was a coward and he knew it all along.

Troy announced that after tonight he would be the IPW Champion and that he ran Scott Chase, Ron Falco, and now Matrix out of the IPW and next O’Shea and that the face of Brantford wrestling and IPW would change forever.

After both Springate and McKenzie lied down for Troy, O’Shea announced that Troy would have the 1st match in the tournament against “Inferno” Johnny Adams.

Johnny Adams lost to Troy Buchanan after Troy rolled him up and pulled the trunks.
– The trio had a good laugh a the expense of Adams who tried to get the Brantford fans to rally behind him. Numbers game was too much for Adams, that eventually Renda ejected Springate from ringside, this gave McKenzie an opportunity to help his ally.

Scotty Turner def. Zachary Springate III
-A great match, with good back and forth action. Several times irish whipped into the ropes with authority loosened the top rope which was tightened after this bout. Springate hit a nice handspring back elbow, Turner got fired up unleashed some chops and hit a combo of two snap suplexes and a fisherman suplex. Turner was too quick for Springate and was victorious. Post Match Springate was a sore loser and hit Turner with gutbuster. Turner advances in the tournament.

Primo Scordino lost to Rip Impact who went on to advance in the tournament. This was another good match which saw Rip trying to hit two of his finishers throughout both the Ripcord and Sliced Bread #2. Primo Scordino tried to use his power on several occasions but failed to get the job done. Rip Impact was wearing an Owen armband in tribute to the fallen superstar.

In A Non Tournament Match
The Hornet defeated “Studly” Steve McKenzie. This match was interesting. Amy Victory had accompanied Hornet to the ring and was rubbing the Hornet’s shoulder pre-match. McKenzie claimed that after the match she would be rubbing his shoulders, among other things. Hornet’s lucha style was too much for McKenzie to handle which through off his equilibrium. Hornet wins, in both mens return to Brantford.

In the Final Match of the First Round
“Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang defeated James Masterson
-This was probably the best match I had ever seen Masterson compete in, as he continues to show improvement with wide array of submissions. Masterson was way over, and the fans were pretty into this one. Experience and ring savvy proved too much for Masterson as Kwan advanced using his pumphandle slam finisher.


In the Semi-Final Round
Troy “the Boy” Buchanan def. Scotty Turner by Countout to advance.
– Troy had jumped Turner as he was making his way to the ring, after a beatdown, Troy rolled in a the count of 9, when Scotty couldn’t make it in the ring by 10. Turner was furious and demanded Troy get in the ring. Buchanan teased the idea, but then left.

Rip Impact def. Kwan Chang
-In this much anticpated rematch from last IPW show, Kwan dominated most of the bout. Rip did execute a sharpshooter on Kwan, but Kwan was able to get to the ropes. Rip wins and advances to face Troy in the finals to crown a new IPW champion.

In The Semi-Main Event Ladies Tag Team Bout
Jodi D’Milo and def “Anti-Diva” Kaitlin Diemond/Amy Victory w/The Hornet-Jodi came to the ring saying that the team of Diemond/Victory was a match made in hell. She continued to say that Diemond will never be able to co-exist with a diva like Victory. Jodi then announced Allison Valentine as her partner. All women were insisting that opposing teams would be going down tonight, much to the delight of Eggbert. Victory continued to show that she had been learning under the Hornet, with various armdrags etc. Valentine showed inexperience, but the others helped her through. Match seemed lost in a few places. Winners: D’Milo and Valentine, post match Diemond and Victory blamed each other for the loss. Victory left with the Hornet, while Diemond shouted it was all Victory’s fault and that she would pay at the next show.

50/50 & Door Prize draws. 50/50 was $40 which some old guy won , it was rounded up to $40 after it was announced the total was $77 and change. Alex Kelly won more shit again! A child and another woman also won some Steelback swag.

In The Main Event to crown a new IPW Grand Champion
Troy “the Boy” Buchanan def. Rip Impact to win the title
-By this point in the show crowd was solidly behind Rip Impact to be the new Champion. Just as Rip was moments away from defeating Troy, D’Milo comes to the ring to distract the ref, this allowed Primo Scordino to come to the ring with a lead pipe and smash Impact. Troy pinned Rip and became the new IPW Grand Champion. He thanked all the fans of Brantford for supporting him, a real winner, and thanked beautiful Jodi D’Milo, and demanded that Matrix get told about this victory. Troy continued and said he didn’t care if it was 2 weeks, 6 months or 1 yr. Matrix was finished with IPW and wrestling altogether and Troy would make sure of it.

All in all I thought this was one of the better shows put on to the IPW to date. More kids than other shows, which allowed fans to be involved. It’s too bad that every show seems like its a restart as far as the championship goes, but helps to keep things interesting with a variety of faces all trying to capture the only title in the IPW. IPW continues to showcase a variety of Ontario’s young guns, and revolving door of great talent from NY state. Check out the next show to witness the growth and evolution of a more wrestling style product than sheer entertainment.

Saturday May 23 2009

Fightiing Spirit Pro Wrestling
Wellend, Ontario

Club Social
Ring Announcer: Just Josh
Referees: Bryan Renda, Ref Bucket, Random Zebra
Results credit:
1) Phil Latio def Sebastain Suave [8 min]

-FSPW owner Gary Gambino, accompanied by The Italianos came to the ring and awarded the FSPW Heavyweight Championship to #1 contender Andrew Davis. Davis accepted the belt and said his “dead-weight brother” could fight The Warriors in a Street Fight for the tag titles by himself

2) No DQ Match:
Primo Scordino w/ Tony “Stickball” Carbonie & Gary Gambino def Jeremy Elliott [4 min]

3) FSPW Tag Team Championship; Handicap Street Fight:
The Warriors (Josh Alexander & Mike Rollins) w/ Holly Hilton def Bruno Davis to retain the titles [8 min]

4) FSPW Groff Tire Internet Championship:
Crazzy Steve def “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva w/ Jessy Jones to retain the title [13 min]
As a result of Steve’s victory he got 5 minutes alone with Jessy Jone. Steve pounded Jones, taped him to a chair and pounded him some more and then pinned him after a crossbody.

5) The Piss Beaters (Jake O’Reilly & Anthony Darko) def “Whitey” Kris White & Caeser w/ Ianna Titus [aprox 10 min]

6) FSPW Heavyweight Championship:
Andrew Davis def JT Playa to retain the title [28 min]

7) “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde def El Tornado w/ The Piss Beaters [15 min]