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PWO heads to Brunswick with a HUGE LIVE TV Taping, as Pro Wrestling Ohio presents its biggest weekend in company history, and arguably its most important television tapings of the year as PWO is ?Slamming Into Summer? as we officially embark on ?The Road to Wrestlelution 2?. This event will be the FINAL PWO TV Taping before ?PWO Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age? coming this August so this is your chance to see the most chaotic, unpredictable, and exciting time of the PWO calendar year up close and in person!

Saturday, June 6: PWO Debuts in Brunswick, Ohio! Brunswick Community Recreation & Fitness Center, 3637 Center Road, Brunswick, Ohio 44212. Tickets are $15 front row, $10 General Admission. Tickets available at Brunswick Recreation Center and at Portion of proceeds benefit Brunswick Summer Youth Programs. Doors open at 7:00, Belltime: 7:30 pm! This WILL be a TV Taping for PWO TV on Sports Time Ohio, so bring your signs and banners and be prepared to be seen by countless thousands of fans across the country!


HUGE TAG MATCH SIGNED! Josh Prohibition/Mike Tolar vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross/Jason Bane
Unquestionably the biggest most star-studded tag match in PWO history takes place June 6 as the PWO Heavyweight Title picture explodes just weeks before PWO Wrestlelution! Regardless of whether he escapes with his title in tact or not against Bane the previous night, current PWO Champion Josh Prohibition joins forces with the cocky and arrogant Mike Tolar to battle ex-champion Matt Cross and the possible next champion ?Most Dominant Man in PWO? Jason Bane. Prohibition, ever the opportunist, screwed Cross out of the title by goading him into an impromptu title match after Cross had just wrestled Josh’s prot?g? Johnny Gargano ( Bane has been chasing Josh ever since Josh’s jealousy over not being PWO champion ended up costing Bane his opportunity against Cross last year. And Tolar, through his loud mouth and conceited personality, hasn?t made friends with anybody, verbally berating Cross and walking out of a scheduled match with Bane a few weeks ago. These four combustible elements will collide for the first time ever June 6 in Brunswick!

Legends Tag Team Continues: Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine & Jim ?The Anvil? Neidhart vs. ?Bloody? Morty Rackem & Matthew Justice
When we first heard the tag team of Valentine & Neidhart, two timeless legends, would team for the first time June 5 in Norton, it seemed a bit peculiar. However, Hammer & Anvil are apparently here to prove they?re here for the long haul, as these two veterans have announced their ambition to team up once again June 6, issuing an open challenge. When news of this broke, ?Bloody? Morty Rackem immediately agreed to the match. Rackem seems to be dead-set on putting Matthew Justice through the toughest competition possible in order to prove that the pirate way of thinking is right, and Matthew Justice is simply too stupid to realize it. What will happen when two of wrestling’s all time greats team up to battle the dysfunctional duo of Rackem & Justice?

Johnny Gargano vs. Corey Winters
The man who would be champion enters into singles competition against one of the most overlooked young athletes on PWO’s roster today – Corey Winters. Winters, along with partner Eric Ryan, have made life miserable for the likes of Marion Fontaine and Hailey Hatred, but Winters has the opportunity to advance his career by leaps and bounds in just one night. For Gargano, it may be another chance to prove himself. Johnny has seemed conflicted and confused since the outcome of his controversial PWO Title match, and will be interesting to watch his behavior. Will Josh Prohibition be involved? Will Gargano send a message to anyone in the PWO Title picture on this night?

PWO TV Title Qualifying Match: ?DeeeLicious? Jimmy DeMarco vs. ?Omega? Aaron Draven
PWO is selecting the best young athletes they feel deserve an opportunity at greatness to qualify for a multi-man match to be held at PWO Wrestlelution 2 to determine the first EVER PWO TV Champion. ?Omega? Aaron Draven is one of the gutsiest and fearless professional wrestlers anywhere today, always willing to put his body and health on the line. Jimmy DeMarco’s health, particularly mental health, is very much in question as well, as DeMarco has never strayed away from outlandish and borderline illegal-behavior to get what he wants. However, despite being the ?Prime Minister of Perversion?, DeMarco is in fact one of the best pure wrestlers on the roster, and has certainly fared extremely well against some of PWO’s best. Which of these two will move closer to PWO singles gold?

PWO TV Title Qualifying Match: Gregory Iron vs. Benjamin Boone
PWO is selecting the best young athletes they feel deserve an opportunity at greatness to qualify for a multi-man match to be held at PWO Wrestlelution 2 to determine the first EVER PWO TV Champion. Benjamin Boone has been unstoppable since studying underneath N8 Mattson, and has torn through all competition he’s been put in the ring with since then. Meanwhile, Gregory Iron continues to defy odds, recently taking PWO Champion Josh Prohibition to the limit. With Boone’s focus at an all time high, and Iron somewhat distracted by Jimmy DeMarco, which of these young lions will keep their TV Title dreams alive?

PWO TV Title Qualifying Match: Super Hentai vs. Bobby Beverly
PWO is selecting the best young athletes they feel deserve an opportunity at greatness to qualify for a multi-man match to be held at PWO Wrestlelution 2 to determine the first EVER PWO TV Champion. Hentai has been amassing an impressive win streak since his PWO return earlier this year, on a mission of respect and domination. This Hayabusa, Japan-trained warrior has been nothing but focused, not only on Johnny Gargano, but on making a huge impact in PWO. Bobby Beverly has similar goals but the opposite means of getting there, aligning with Bobby Shields and Dawn Decadence to form ?Sex Appeal?, Beverly seems to be all about himself – and now his looks – at the expense of his family, friends, and acquaintances. Which style will win out and lead to possible PWO TV Title glory?

?True Talent? Bobby ?The Body? Shields vs. Noj The Wild Samoan
It’s Dawn Decadence’s ?Sex Appeal? vs. Marion Fontaine’s ?Freaks!? in this contrast of styles, both in the ring, and in life. Shields, along with Dawn and Bobby Beverly wish to rid PWO of all of the so-called ?ugly? people stealing their precious TV time. Fontaine and company are out to prove they should not be discriminated upon just by looks, and that freaks are people too. What will happen when a modern day beauty and the beast collide June 6 in Brunswick?

The Clash vs. EJ Georgio & Ben Fruith
Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender enter tag team competition 24 hours after meeting Valentine & Neidhart, but will it be for the tag team titles? Either The Clash will enter this match on top of the world, or perhaps more dejected and irate than they?ve ever been.

?Amazing? N8 Mattson Returns!
Two months ago, the Michigan elitist was injured in a freak accident during a match, and has been strangely quiet since. While its apparent Mattson continues to have a huge impact on the career of ?Big Bear? Benjamin Boone, his influence has not been felt throughout the rest of PWO in quite some time. Well, Mattson has made it clear he WILL be in Brunswick and he will pick up right where he left off. What does the Michigan native have in store for PWO?

ALL The Last Minute PWO Wrestlelution 2 News!
This August, PWO presents ?PWO Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age? live from the Nautica Pavilion in downtown Cleveland. This is the FINAL PWO TV Taping before PWO’s signature yearly event. This is your chance to join us live and find out all the late-breaking news, updates, and match announcements weeks before anyone watching on television finds out! Be weeks ahead of the curve, get ready for Wrestlelution early, be a part of PWO Live in Brunswick!

PLUS: The Gambino Family promises to be in attendance, Marion Fontaine and the rest of his ?Freaks!?, and Hobo Joe

Head to the online store to reserve your tickets now! And be sure to join us the previous night, as PWO invades the Akron area in Norton at Loyal Oak Lake Park! Be a part of PWO’s biggest weekend yet, be a part of PWO’s unpredictable TV Tapings LIVE!