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PWO debuts in the Akron, Ohio area with a LIVE TV Taping, as Pro Wrestling Ohio presents its biggest weekend in company history, and arguably its most important television tapings of the year as PWO is ?Slamming Into Summer? as we officially embark on ?The Road to PWO Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age?.

Friday, June 5: PWO Debuts in Norton, Ohio! Loyal Oak Lake Park, 2678 South Hametown Road, Norton, Ohio, 44203. Portion of proceeds benefit’s a worthy community cause! Tickets are $15 front row, $10 General Admission. Tickets available at Belltime: 7:00 pm! This WILL be a TV Taping for PWO TV on Sports Time Ohio, so bring your signs and banners and be prepared to be seen by countless thousands of fans across the country!


Jim ?The Anvil? Neidhart & Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine vs. The Clash
Last week we announced this match-up several days before our TV viewing audience heard the news this past Sunday night on Sports Time Ohio. Valentine had overheard the brash and boisterous claims and remarks made by Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender during Valentine’s PWO appearance late last year. As a result, The Hammer requested a return to beat some respect into these would-be rockstars, and this time Valentine wasn?t coming alone – he is bringing the legendary Hart Foundation member Jim ?The Anvil? Neidhart! Added to the intrigue was the announcement just made today, that this tag team contest would be for the vacant PWO Tag Team Championship! The PWO tag titles were vacated a few weeks ago, due to injury, and now will be decided under these most unexpected circumstances. Can The Clash gain the championships that have eluded them for nearly a year and end the would-be comeback of two timeless legends? Or can Greg Valentine and Jim Neidhart prove to the world that they have one last run left in them, and do two unthinkable things – shut up The Clash – and actually walk out as PWO Tag Team Champions?!

PWO Championship: Josh Prohibition vs. Jason Bane
Several months ago, it was Josh Prohibition and his obsession over being PWO Heavyweight Champion that led to Jason Bane being screwed out of his opportunity to wear the gold. Now after Prohibition manipulated his way to the PWO Title, capitalizing on a weak and injured M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross, Prohibition finally finds himself at the top of PWO, however after months of fighting through top contenders, Jason Bane has finally earned his second chance at PWO supremacy. Prohibition has had all the answers, all the shortcuts, and all the swerves in the two years he has tormented all in PWO. But what will he do June 5 when he has no choice but to face ?The Most Dominant Athlete in PWO? or lose the one thing he covets more than anything else? Will Prohibition and his ally Johnny Gargano stop the unstoppable or will Jason Bane prove ultimate PWO dominance? Bane finally gets his hands on Josh Prohibiton June 5 in Norton!

Johnny Gargano vs. Super Hentai
One year ago, a vengeful and remorseless Gargano sent a message to the entire world with an assault on Hentai, violently slamming him onto the unprotected floor and steel guardrails, leaving Hentai with a concussion and nearly broken back. Now, after months of intense training, Hentai returns for retribution. Hentai has been circling over Gargano like a proverbial vulture ( and now attempts to swoop in for the kill. Gargano, the man who would be champion, must shut out a heartbreaking loss in order to battle this new impending threat. Will Hentai avenge the brutal beating he received last year or will Gargano find a way to escape in tact?

?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross vs. ?DeeeLicious? Jimmy DeMarco
The ?Innovator of Aerial Insanity? makes his first appearance in PWO rings since being conned out of the PWO Championship by Josh Prohibition. How will M-Dogg react? Rumors have it, Josh Prohibition has repeatedly DENIED requests by M-Dogg and PWO management for an M-Dogg vs. Josh rematch, so M-Dogg must take his aggressions out on ?The Prime Minister of Perversion?. DeMarco has spent months terrorizing not only opponents, but Gregory Iron as well, taking his recent issues with Iron personal by targeting Greg’s young brother Zach. What will happen when PWO’s most athletic meets PWO’s most disturbed?

?Superstar? Mike Tolar vs. ?Omega? Aaron Draven
Mike Tolar has spent several months competing in PWO Title Contendership matches, but after taking a countout loss to Jason Bane after attempting to make his manipulated lackeys, Ben Fruith & EJ Georgio, take his place mid-match, Tolar will need a good plan to get back into contention. This Friday night, he battles the daredevil, the thrill seeker, known as ?Omega? Aaron Draven. Omega is significantly undersized but certainly will not let that hinder him or hold him back. Omega will take the fight to this natural athlete and born-wrestler in an attempt to score the biggest win of his career.

Bobby Beverly vs. Hobo Joe
Beverly and Hobo scored the biggest win of their careers at the first ?Wrestlelution?, but since then things have gone downhill. Hobo has been focused on his relationship with Aaron Maguire to the point it has cost Hobo & Beverly a number of victories. Beverly finally got sick of playing second-fiddle in Hobo’s life recently on PWO TV, when he blasted the Dumpster Dweller with the microphone and announced that he doesn?t need Hobo anymore – because he has ?Sex Appeal?. Now, with Bobby Shields and Dawn Decadence by his side, can Bobby prove those claims true? Or can the cult hero show that despite a lack of focus, Hobo Joe can still be as tough as ever?

Johnny Gargano vs. Lars Rockne
A special challenge has been issued, and oddly enough it’s at the request of Johnny Gargano, as he pulls double-duty to battle the tough no-nonsense veteran Lars Rockne. We saw Lars take Gregory Iron to his limit several weeks ago, and no hopes to transition that to a win against Gargano. With Johnny wrestling twice, is he looking to prove something? And if so, to whom? Josh Prohibition? Matt Cross? PWO Management? Or perhaps himself? Gargano was noticeably dejected after not winning the PWO Championship recently, is this Gargano’s attempt at getting back on the right track? And if so, will it succeed?

?True Talent? Bobby ?The Body? Shields vs. Gregory Iron
The only man with such a big ego he needs several nicknames at once unites for the first time with the newly-formed faction of ?Sex Appeal?, along with recent turncoat Bobby Beverly and the lovely yet sinister Dawn Decadence. Sex Appeal is looking to rid PWO of all the supposed ?ugly? people, and has spent the past several weeks focusing primarily on Marion Fontaine’s band of freaks. Is the Handicapped Hero Iron on that list as well? Iron has attempted to continue his remarkable success, showing very well in a recent PWO Title match with Josh Prohibition. However, he has been distracted in recent times by the perverted and psychotic ?DeeeLicious? Jimmy DeMarco, who has had some very troubling altercations with Greg’s nine-year-old brother Zach. Will Iron be able to stay focused or will he receive a healthy dose of Sex Appeal?

?Megastar? Marion Fontaine w/Hailey Hatred vs. Eric Ryan w/Corey Winters
The ?Friend of the Friendless? Fontaine steps into battle against PWO’s resident chauvinist, Eric Ryan. Fontaine has been accepting of people of all shapes and sizes in recent months, forming his group of ?Freaks!?. However, Eric Ryan has not been tolerant of much of anything, least of all Hailey Hatred, who is scheduled to be in attendance this Friday as well. Ryan has directed several off-color remarks to Hailey, which has surely offended Fontaine, who opened his arms to Hatred, whom many men fear due to her ?Jekyll & Hyde? like state of mind – from beautiful to deadly in just seconds. Will Fontaine gain revenge for Hailey or will Eric Ryan and Corey Winters build momentum?

Latest In The Hobo Joe/Aaron Maguire/Gambino Family Saga
When Aaron Maguire threw away a lottery ticket in his quest for cash, little did he suspect his ?roommate? Hobo Joe would discover it and win $25,000. Maguire knew he needed cash ASAP, as the angry Italians Marshall ?The Bull? & ?Nice Guy? Mickey Gambino have issued several verbal and physical warnings that time was running out to pay his gambling debts from last year. Recently on PWO TV, Maguire conned the loveable yet gullible Hobo Joe into letting Maguire manage and invest his money. After Hobo handed over the cash, Maguire scurried away and hasn?t been seen since. Did Maguire have second thoughts about stealing his friend’s money, and is now sleeping with the fishes? Has Hobo figured out he may have been duped? And how will The Gambino Family react based on all of these revelations?

Update on Pirate Justice Problems
For months, we?ve seen the miscommunication between ?Bloody? Morty Rackem and Matthew Justice. Rackem has been imploring Justice to use more devious pirate-like tactics to get ahead in matches, meanwhile Justice, ever the competitor, just wants to compete and win or lose on his own merits. Rackem feels Justice’s refusal to listen and constant stubbornness is holding back the team from becoming PWO Tag Team Champions. How will the latest chapter in this saga unfold?

All this hot and unpredictable action goes down THIS Friday night in Norton, Ohio at Loyal Oak Lake Park! Don?t miss the most unpredictable time of the PWO calendar year as we set out on the road to ?PWO Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age?! Don?t get shut out, reserve your tickets now! Head to and visit our online Store to ensure you can be a part of all the action of this outdoor extravaganza! And be sure to join us the following night, as PWO invades Brunswick at the Brunswick Community Recreation & Fitness Center! Be a part of PWO’s biggest weekend yet, be a part of PWO’s wild TV Tapings LIVE!