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Welcome to the AWF News Update for Autumn 2009. 🙂

AWF Australasian Champion:TNT
1. Il Cognito
2. Scotty Club
3. Blakestone
4. JT Robinson
5. Krackerjack

AWF Young Lion’s Champion: Zander Bathory

1. “Dr Waxhead” Adam Hoffman
2. Ben Coles
3. Kid Dynamite
4. Rob “The Scientist” Best
5. “Mint Condition” Mick Moretti

AWF Tag Team Champions: Gosford Giddyups!: Max Comic & Billy Flyswat

1. Platinum Players: Steve Ravenous & Kid Dynamite
2. Platinum Players: Kid Dynamite & Gravity
3. The Freakshow: Massive Q & Toxin
4. Scientific Destruction: Rob “The Scientist” & “Destroyer” Dacey
5. The Odd Couple: Traffic & Frankie Fettucini

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Powerhouse Theo

1. Nosawa Rongai
2. Ben Coles
3. Roger Ventura
4. Jay Law
5. D-Hoya


SAT 23 MAY, 2009

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) returns to Blacktown, NSW on Sat 23 May to present a huge evening of live pro-wrestling action, featuring Australia’s top professional wrestlers and an international guest, with the event entitled ?AWF Maynia?.

The card itself will feature 7 bouts and 24 wrestlers, all pumped up and ready to go to put on a show that will excite and entertain all comers. This event will see the fallout from the 10 Year Anniversary PsychoticSlam events, and will likely set a change in direction for future events.

The Double Main Event of the evening will see ?Ringmaster of The Freakshow? Il Cognito, take on the strength and brutality of Blakestone, and for the first time, ?Detonation Crew? strong man Powerhouse Theo will defend his AWF Commonwealth Championship against possibly the toughest challenge of his career in Nosawa Rongai of Mexico, via Japan.

In other bouts on the card there will be a variety of different matches including a huge Factions 6 Man Tag Team Bout, the first Tag Team Title defences from Billy Flyswat & Max Comic against ?Platinum Players? Steve Ravenous & JT Robinson, Women’s action with the spellbound Shazza McKenzie against Bombshell Bo, a Return from Japan bout between Jay Law & Kid Dynamite and a huge Young Lion’s contenders bout to round out the card.

?AWF Maynia? is sure to be a top notch evening of pro-wrestling action showcasing a fantastic blend of skill, athleticism & showmanship. So if you are looking for a fun night out, come and support the Australasian Wrestling Federation ?Maynia? event at Blacktown RSL.

We advise to book early to avoid disappointment.

AWF Commonwealth Title: Nosawa Rongai Vs Powerhouse Theo
AWF Tag Team Titles: Steve Ravenous & JT Robinson Vs Billy Flyswat & Max Comic
Headliners Showdown: Il Cognito Vs Blakestone
Factions 6 Man: The Freakshow (Massive Q, Bathory & Toxin) Vs Australian Made (Club, Bonza & Waxhead)
Return from the Rising Sun Face Off: Jay Law Vs Kid Dynamite
Women’s Warfare: Shazza McKenzie Vs Bombshell Bo
YLC Contenders 6 Way: Destroyer Dacey Vs Ben Coles Vs Nick Ferno Vs Rob The Scientist Vs Rockafella Vs Mick Moretti
(Subject to Change)

SAT 23 MAY, 2009 ? 7 PM BELLTIME
SHOW INFO: The AWF will deliver 2 hours plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.
Show enquiries call 0410 691 377


SUN 24 MAY, 2009

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) returns to its home base, the AWF Dojo in St Andrews on Sun 24 May to present an afternoon of exciting and fun filled up close and in your face pro-wrestling action.
The AWF Dojo line up will feature the rising wrestlers of the AWF showcasing their talents in entertaining pro-wrestling bouts featuring singles and tag team formats in an event suitable for all ages.

A huge card has been planned that will feature a variety of different personalities and wrestling styles, with the main event for the evening featuring a special Japan versus Australia bout, with All Japan Pro-Wrestling representative Nosawa Rongai, taking on local Minto AWF fan favourite; ?Australian Made? Scotty Club.
Scotty Club has been wrestling for AWF for 6 years now, winning the Young Lions Championship on 2 occasions and also holding the AWF Tag Team Championships. He was the winner of the 2009 Australia’s Cup Tournament held on 7 March, and hence has an Australasian Title shot upcoming and is on a wave of momentum.
His opponent Nosawa Rongai is one of the most well traveled wrestlers in the business, wrestling a regular schedule in Japan, Mexico and the USA for the last 14 years. Rongai has held championships on all continents and is the current All Japan Tag Team Title holder. This will be his first time in Australia, and he tells AWF management that he is coming to prove Japanese wrestlers are the toughest and most skilled in the world, and is eager to see what Australian wrestlers have to offer.

As part of the Asia versus Australia theme there will also be a special attraction women’s bout with the mysterious and wild Aurora taking on the top women’s wrestler in Australia today, Bombshell Bo.

In addition, Powerhouse Theo is scheduled to defend his Commonwealth Championship recently won by defeating New Zealand’s ace Roger Ventura. His opponent will be young up and comer Ben Coles, who recently returned from a stint in Canada under the watchful eye of former wrestling star Lance Storm. This will be a bout that showcases the attitude and work ethic that is the AWF.

Other exciting bouts on the card will pit the recently returned from Japan Kid Dynamite & the intergalactic Gravity against new AWF Tag Team Champions Billy Flyswat & Max Comic. Macquarie Field’s trouble maker JT Robinson will face cool newcomer ?Minty? Mick Moretti, plus there will be Tag Team Contenders action with Frankie & Traffic taking on The Scientist & The Destroyer!

An international card with 6 huge bouts in all! Sausage Sizzle will be available along with drinks and AWF Merchandise. Event promises to be a fun filled evening suitable for wrestling fans of all ages and will no doubt be a more than memorable night. A great afternoon for the whole family.

AWF Commonwealth Championship: Ben Coles Vs Powerhouse Theo
Japan Vs Australia: Nosawa Rongai Vs Scotty Club
Asia Vs Australia Ladies Bout: Aurora Vs Bombshell Bo
AWF Tag Team Titles: Gravity & Kid Dynamite Vs Billy Flyswat & Max Comic
JT Robinson Vs ?Minty? Mick Moretti
Frankie ?The Italian? Fettucini & Traffic Vs Rob ?The Scientist? Best & Jason ?The Destroyer? Dacey
When: Sun 24 May ? 5 pm
Where: AWF Dojo / Southwest Kickboxing- 7/32 Swettenham Rd, St Andrews
Cost: $15 available at the door or by booking at


If you are an aspiring wrestler or a grizzled veteran this is a remarkable chance for you to learn techniques and be seen in front of two of the worlds top wrestling talents. Both men work in management positions in both their respective companies, and have almost 30 years experience in the business collectively having wrestled many of the top independent talents around the world.
The seminar will cover basic warm ups, drills and psychology needed to make it in the pro-wrestling business, and will also provide an opportunity for new talent to try out.
For those interested in attending please email for an application and to make payment.

What: Pro-Wrestling Seminar open to all pro-wrestlers and aspiring wrestlers
When: Sun 24 May ? 2 pm
Where: AWF Dojo / Southwest Kickboxing- 7/32 Swettenham Rd, St Andrews
Cost: $100 pre-paid
Suitable for: Males and Females Ages 16 years and over to participate. 12 -15 year olds to watch only.

Enquiries: For more information about the Live Event, AWF and its School of Pro-Wrestling visit or call 0410 69 1377.



AWF is happy to announce that it will be presenting Live Pro-Wrestling at Supanova Pop Culture Expo events in Sydney and Perth upcoming in June and July.
In March and April AWF entertained audiences with the Supannova Cup Tournaments in Melbourne and Brisbane. Many of the characters at the conventions even had the chance to interact, with members of convention community show entering the ring, and also the likes of Darth Vader, Spider Man, Super Mario and many others getting involved in the action.

In 2009 Supanova goers will see even more fun and games from AWF, as we will be making this our strongest involvement yet! Be sure to be part of all the fun and attend these great events.

SYDNEY, NSW: June 26-28, The Dome, Olympic Park
PERTH, WA: July 3-5, Claremont Showgrounds

Tickets are available for Supanova events from Ticketek outlets now. Visit for full convention details.

AWF Fighting Spirit 2009
Sat 21 March
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW
Attendance: 100

Results: Zander Bathory b Mick Moretti (debut), Scotty Club b Frankie Fettucini, AWF Tag Titles: Massive Q & Toxin b Team
Astronomy,” Fully Loaded” Luke Fordward b JT Robinson, Rockafella b Bluey Bonza, Powerhouse Theo b Traffic.

PsychoticSlam Sydney
Sat 18 April, 2009
UNSW Roundhouse
Kensington, NSW
Attendance: 200

1. USA Vs Australia: Powerhouse Theo b ?Independent Star? Erico
2. Factions 6 Man: Australian Made (Club, Bonza & Hoffman) b Platinum Players (Ravenous, Law & JT)
3. Bombshell Bo b Alison Wonderland
4 . Big Man Battle: Blakestone b Wayne ?The Maniac? Mattei
5 . American Stars Showdown: Al Snow b “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters
6. AWF Commonwealth Championship: Roger Ventura b Kid Dynamite
7. AWF Tag Team Championships: Billy Flyswat & Max Comic b Massive Q & Toxin to become New AWF Tag Team Champions
8. Wayne “The Maniac” Mattei won the AWF 20 Man Rumble
9. AWF Australasian Championship Steel Cage Bout: TNT b Il Cognito to become New AWF Australasian Champion

PsychoticSlam Wollongong
Sun 19 April, 2009
Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club
Fairy Meadow, NSW
Attendance: 200

A. Chris Trance, Shark & Kraven b Traffic, Frankie Fettecini & Rockafella
1. 6 Man: Billy Flyswat, Max Comic & Rob “The Scientist” b JT Robinson, Jay Law & Kid Dynamite
2. USA Vs Australia: ?Independent Star? Erico b Ben Coles
3. Bombshell Bo b Shazza McKenzie
4. “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters b Il Cognito
5. AWF Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b Roger Ventura to become New AWF Commonwealth Champion
6 . Steve Ravenous b Wayne “The Maniac” Mattei
7. Scotty Club & Bluey Bonza b Kyle Semenoff & Mick Moretti
8. AWF/AWA Championship: TNT b Al Snow


– AWF’s 10 year Anniversary Events: PsychoticSlam are in the history books, and will go down as historic events in the annals of Australian Wrestling. Wrestlers from Australia, New Zealand and USA converged on the AWF ring and delivered fantastic shows in Sydney and Fairy Meadow.
Night 1 at The Roundhouse in Sydney saw many major AWF happenings. In many ways it was the re-emergance of the Detonation Crew as the most powerful faction in the AWF, as they defeated members of the Freakshow in both the Tag Team and Australasian Title bouts. Billy Flyswat & Max Comic were able to down Toxin & Q in a classic underdog battle, and TNT bested arch nemesis Il Cognito in a bloody steel cage bout in the Main Event of the card. Elsewhere on the card Powerhouse Theo downed impressive American star Erico, Bombshell Bo made her surprise return besting Alison Wonderland, Australian Made outdid The Platinum Players, Roger Ventura retained the Commonwealth Title, Al Snow entertained and wrestled like only he can, defeating ?The Masterpiece? Chris Masters with help from Head, and Wayne ?The Maniac? Mattei made an impressive AWF debut revenging an earlier loss, by winning the AWF Rumble, eliminating Blakestone in the final.
Night 2 at Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club major happenings saw Powerhouse Theo continue the Detonation Crew’s clean up of the gold as he bested NZ’s Roger Ventura and came away with the Commonwealth Championship, ?The Masterpiece? Chris Masters downed Il Cognito in more bad form for The Freakshow, and in the Main Event TNT was able to best Al Snow leaving the former WWE Superstar laying after delivering the Detonator for the win.
In all PsychoticSlam was a great weekend and will be remembered by those involved and in attendance for a time to come. AWF thanks all that were involved! DVDs of the events will be available from the AWF website or by emailing very soon.

– With PsychoticSlam in the books, that leads AWF perfectly into AWF Maynia! and International Wrestling Meet on the weekend of 23 & 24 May.
Maynia! will continue where PsychoticSlam left off, with massive bouts that will make up action packed events overflowing with talent, surprises and excitement.
Headed in from Japan for the big weekend is current All Japan Pro-Wrestling star Nosawa Rongai. Nosawa will face off against Powerhouse Theo for the AWF Commonwealth Championship in what promises to be a fantastic wrestling display. Theo has become main event talent over the last year in AWF, defeating all comers and establishing a strong fan base. This bout is the most important of his career so far, and will be the first title defense of his newly won Championship. Rongai will look to defeat Theo, then will head to the AWF Dojo in Minto and after a seminar on Japanese wrestling, will face off against Australian Made star Scotty Club. Club like Theo has also been on a roll remaining undefeated for some time now, winning the Australia’s Cup and scoring victory both nights of PsychoticSlam. This too will be the biggest test of his career.
Those main event bouts will be joined by a host of other main event anywhere in the country bouts such as Il Cognito Vs Blakestone, Jay Law Vs Kid Dynamite, Powerhouse Theo Vs Ben Coles, plus faction warfare will continue with battles between all four major groups.
Whatever you do, don?t miss these events, they are going to be great! Bring friends and family! Spread the word to all you think might be interested.

– In an unfortunate twist of events, major news to come post PsychoticSlam is that new AWF Australasian Champion TNT has injured his shoulder and his immediate wrestling future is indefinate. TNT dislocated his shoulder while competing in a match on his recent visit to the USA versus Aaron Bolo at the Florida Championship Wrestling hosted WWE Talent evaluation. He was taken to hospital in the USA and the shoulder was lodged back in place, and he immediately returned to Australia for follow up and MRI. He will see a surgeon on 25 May to see what are the best options. As a result TNT will be unable to defend his AWA Australian Championship Vs Erico in Perth, WA on May 30, and AWA has decided to vacate the Championship and as such TNT is no longer AWA Australian Champion. TNT remains in good spirits despite the set backs and will be at the AWF events on 23 & 24 May to address fans, and will hold a training seminar with Nosawa Rongai on 24 April at the AWF Dojo in Minto.To read the full account of TNT’s trip and where things stand to date, details will be posted on TNT’s myspace at TNT thanks all for their initial support and hopes to be back in action as soon as given medical clearance.
– Out of an unfortunate situation, came a great opportunity, and it was such at PsychoticSlam Sydney where the balance of power changed again in the Tag Team scene as Massive Q & Toxin of The Freakshow where finally upended for the AWF Tag Team Titles by Billy Flyswat and Detonation Crew friend Max Comic. The match was originally scheduled as Flyswat and ?Fully Loaded? Luke Fordward to challenge, but due to yet another injury, Fordward was unable to compete under strict doctor’s orders. This opened the void for the Detonation Crew’s ?comic relief?, Max Comic to be invited by Flyswat, and the element of surprise saw the team, now affectionately going by the name ?The Gosford Giddyups? score the win and take the titles. Q & Toxin were outraged and argued with Alison Wonderland in tow after the bout. The Giddyups have scheduled bouts against the Platinum Players duos of Ravenous & Dynamite (23/5) and Dynamite & Gravity (24/5) in initial title defenses.

– Massive Q has been hell bent on beating people up since the loss of the AWF Tag Titles and even wants to disfigure and change people’s appearance for good. He reminds the AWF that nobody is yet to slam him and says the 10 grand is still waiting, but with extra incentive now. If anyone has the guts to step up and risk the permanent back and spinal damage he will put his hair on the line too! As if Q isn?t freeky enough! Looks like the monster of the Freakshow will be a Massive Q Ball if anyone can slam the 165 kg beast. Things are getting heavy!

– Zander Bathory remains the only Title holder for The Freakshow as he reigns as Young Lion’s Champion as May is upon us. Bathory seemingly put a spell over Shazza McKenzie recently, and The Freakshow have been playing mind games with Bluey Bonza since. The distraction seemingly cost Bonza his Young Lion’s Title and now it seems like he has lost it completely. He was again distracted by Bathory at the 21 March AWF Dojo event, and pinned by Rockafella, then was eliminated by Bathory in the AWF Rumble at PsychoticSlam. Bathory and The Freakshow seemingly have put Bonza & McKenzie in their coffins. It will be interesting to see if the Australian Made group can bounce back from these recent attacks.

– Speaking of spreading the word, now more than ever we need your help. We are looking for dedicated and reliable soldiers to join our AWF Street Team. Help distribute live event materials and become part of the AWF Crew. Members gain access to AWF events and special privileges. Call 0410 691 377 or email and become involved.

– Supanova is coming up again for 2009, and if the March/April events were anything to go by it looks like it will be the conventions biggest year yet! AWF will be in Sydney on 27 & 28 June and Perth on 4 & 5 July with its big stand and will be presenting live wrestling to all in attendance 3 sessions daily. There will be opportunities to meet and talk with many of the AWF talent. Make sure you keep an eye out to hear all the latest on pop culture guests scheduled for this year, and more will be released in regards to AWF’s involvement as we approach the events.

– If you are interested in joining the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling and taking the correct steps to becoming a highly skilled pro-wrestler, application for the Spring Semester (5 Sept ? 28 November) are being accepted now. Visit for course details and for an application form. AWF would like to send kudos to a recent students who are really working hard and putting in the effort! Keep up the good work and it will benefit you and the Australian wrestling scene.

– On the Merchandise front latest AWF DVD releases are:
International Invasion ? featuring Il Cognito Vs Austin Aries, Mochizuki & Saito Vs TNT & Flyswat, Danielson Vs McGuinness, Corino Vs Kidman, TNT Vs Cima Vs Ravenous, Candido Vs Sabu – $25 (Available Now)

Available from June ? Pre order now!
PsychoticSlam Sydney (18-4-09) – feat Erico Vs Theo, Plat Players Vs Aust Made, Chris Masters Vs Al Snow, Il Cognito Vs TNT in a cage and more – $25
PsychoticSlam Wollongong (19-4-09) – feat Chris Masters Vs Il Cognito, Powerhouse Theo Vs Roger Ventura, Al Snow Vs TNT and more – $25
A Decade of AWF – The best moments of AWF over the last 10 years – 2 DVD set ? Featuring Mad Dog Vs Krackerjack (Hardcore), TNT Vs Il Cognito 30 Mins, Thug Thomas Vs Lobo, Hilton Vs Danielson, 4 Way for AWF Title, AWF Documentaries and Extras – $30
(Add $5 postage per order)

To purchase via direct transfer please send email with address and order details and we will send transfer details.
Or via chq or money order to:
AWF Wrestling
PO Box 473,
Plumpton, NSW, 2761

– New AWF ?Pro-Wrestling Is The Only Real Sport!? shirts will be available soon at the merchandise stand at AWF events and the AWF Store soon.
AWF T-Shirts available at the AWF website store now are at Designs for AWF, Detonation Crew, Australian Made, Platinum Players, Il Cognito, Powerhouse Theo, Bluey Bonza & TNT are all available. Support your favourite stars and wear their shirts proudly!

– Thanks for your support of AWF through Autumn, & hope to see you at the upcoming Maynia! & International Wrestling Meet events! Tell your friends about AWF and spread this news update. Better still join our email list at . Become involved and let’s make AWF grow each month in 2009!

Sat 23 May 2009
AWF Maynia
Blacktown RSL
Blacktown, NSW

Sat 24 May 2009
International Wrestling Meet
Seminar & Event
AWF Dojo
St Andrews, NSW

27-28 June 2009
Supanova Sydney
The Dome, Olympic Park
Homebush , NSW

4-5 July 2009
Supanova Perth
Claremont Showgrounds
Perth , WA

More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!

Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!

For up to date AWF news, show info and merchandise please visit Australia, and New Zealand