Steven Ashe sent this in:

BCW(Border City Wrestling) March Breakdown Tour Results

March Breakdown Tour – Leg One
Friday, March 27, 2009
Canadian Serbian Cultural Centre
Niagara Falls, ON

-Masayuki Kono defeated Christian Abel with a lariat.
-Conrad Kennedy III (CK3) defeated Brian Youngblood with a roll-up, with added leverage due to his feet being on the ropes.
-Phil Atlas & Brad Martin defeated Assault & Battery (Mike Alias & Kenneth Crises) after Atlas pinned Crises with a sit-down powerbomb.
-“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde defeated Kiyoshi with a death valley driver.
-Josh Abercrombie defeated Xtremo with a hot-shot off the top turnbuckle.
-Jamie D defeated Haley Rogers with a spear.
-The Highlanders defeated Tyson Dux & Joe Doering with a Scot-drop.


March Breakdown Tour – Leg Two
March 28, 2009
Windsor, ON
Assumption High School

-Brad Martin defeated Christian Abel with a side-suplex.
-Haley Rogers defeated Danyah with a Northern Lights suplex.
-Masayuki Kono defeated Gutter with a modified neckbreaker.
-“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde defeated Josh Raymond with a Burning Hammer.
-The Highlanders defeated (Assault & Battery) Mike Alias & Kenneth Crises with a Scot-drop.
-Xtremo defeated John E. Bravo, Sombro & Angel De Guerra in a Four Way Dance after pinning De Guerra (first hitting Sombro with a 450 splash).
-“Gauntlet for the Gold” to fill the vacant BCW Heavyweight Championship:
“Textbook” Tyson Dux won the title after pinning Petey Williams (with both Dux and the referee down, Joe Doering interfered and nailed Williams with a spinning sit-down powerbomb. He then pulled Dux on top of Williams and revived the referee.)

Order of entry & elimination:
-Phil Atlas (defeated Kiyoshi & Johnny Devine)
-Johnny Devine
-Conrad Kennedy III (CK3) (defeated Phil Atlas with a Roll of the Dice)
-“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde (defeated CK3 with a Death Valley Driver)
-Joe Doering (defeated Derek Wylde with a spinning sit-down powerbomb)
-Petey Williams (defeated Joe Doering with a roll-up)
-Tyson Dux (defeated Petey Williams)


March Breakdown Tour – Leg Three
March 29, 2009
Woodstock, ON
Goff Hall in the Woodstock Community Complex

-Tyler Tirva defeated Reggie Marley.
-Masayuki Kono defeated Crazzy Steve.
-Kiyoshi defeated Xtremo.
-Phil Atlas & Brad Martin defeated Josh Abercrombie & Christian Abel.
-Joe Doering defeated Cody Deaner with a spinning sit-down powerbomb.
-Haley Rogers defeated Danyah.
-Tyson Dux retained the BCW Heavyweight title by defeating Derek Wylde after interference by Joe Doering.
-The Highlanders defeated Johnny Devine & Conrad Kennedy III (CK3) after a Scot-drop on Kennedy.

Fat Frank sent this in:

The Extreme Icon and former WWE-WCW-ECW Superstar Sabu will be at The Rec Center 275 East Milton Ave in Rahway, NJ this Saturday night for a very rare autograph signing during the JAPW Double Header event.

“TNA Superstar Awesome Kong set to debut”

Jersey All Pro Wrestling will present a Double Header with the Women’s Division live Saturday May 9, 2009 at The Rec Center 275 East Milton Ave in Rahway, NJ….. Combo Tickets for both events are available by emailing Frank at

Tickets will be sold at the door!

TNA Superstar “Awesome Kong”
Sara Del Rey

TNA Superstar Roxxi (Nikki Roxx)
Daziee Haze

TNA Superstar Raisha Saeed
Jennifer Blake

Also in Action:
Cheerleader Melissa, Anni Social, Amber, Roxy Cotton and so many others, keep checking for more female talent to be added…

Just Added This Week, Tag Team Action: The Osirian Portal will be taking on the debuting tag team of Incoherence of Hallowicked & Frightmare in Rahway, NJ!!

Main Event
JAPW World Heavyweight Title 4 Way Dance, True Hate Never Dies!
Jay Lethal (Champion)
Teddy Hart

JAPW fans wanted to see LAX is singles competition and that is what they got. The 187 was going to battle members of The Hillbilly Wrecking Crew but when he heard that Teddy Hart was returning to Rahway he demanded to face him. What better way to have Teddy Hart return then with a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Azrieal takes claim for Black Machismo leaving JAPW and now wants to go for the kill and take what his former Tag Team Partner lives for, The JAPW Title!

The Necro Butcher
Dan Maff

Dan Maff has said that he lost more matches in JAPW in the last few months then his entire career and The Necro Bucther is the man he needs to get into the ring with to relight the fire and rage in his heart that has been missing! The Necro Butcher requested this match and warns Maff that he is going to gave his face in!

The Tag Team War Continues
Da Heavy Hitters (Mac & Havoc)
The Hillbilly Wrecking Crew (Murdoch & Lee)

Da Heavy Hitters claim The HWC could not go punch for punch with them last time they met in Rahway, NJ
This time we are ready to fight and not holding back, The HWC will get hurt!

Prince Mustafa Ali
Bandido Jr

JAPW NJ State Champion Eddie Kingston

Also in Action
NJ State Champion Eddie Kingston, The Osirian Portal, Danny Demanto and so many others….

G&A Combo tickets for both events are $20.00. G&A for the 4pm Women’s show only are $15.00. G&A for the 8PM Main show only are $12.00. Ringside combo tickets for both events are also available, for more info email Frank at

Jersey All Pro Wrestling