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Game Over ’09
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oshawa, Ontario
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
471 Simcoe St., South
Bell Time: 7pm

‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan

Robbie McAllister

Ladies and Gentleman, GCW is quickly returning to Oshawa with another STACKED line-up! This show is just too good to be true!

First up, you have your rematch for the Ontario Title as TigerStar tries to get retribution on RJ City for ‘stealing’ the Ontario Indy title. “A goal is a goal, a hit is a hit, and by god a win is a win.” says RJ City, regarding his ‘underhanded tactics at Vendi! Vidi! Vici 09!

Secondly, GCW has some payback for the House of Virtue. Seeing as the HOV had lost the GCW Tag Team Straps, they are now eligible for singles competition, and these guys are going to get put through the ringer. This show will see Andrew Davis go toe to toe with the proudly returning “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister

Also on the docket:

– Masayuki Kono vs. GUTTER

– Rico Montana vs. Ceasar

– Anthony Darko vs. Angel DeGuerra

– Black Serpent vs. Sombra

Plus!!! The Pro-Stars! “Fighting Irish” Jake O’Reilly! Cody 45! Hayden Avery! Otis Idol!



Sunday Apr 26 2009

Main Event Wrestling
Ingersoll, ON
Fusion Youth Center
Attendance: 200+ (SRO)
Ring Announcer: Big Mike
Referee: Ref Dave
Results credit:

Rockabilly band Pink Cadillac Stray Cats performed a concert prior to the wrestling show. Wild Thing Willy Allen with some of the roster opened the MEW portion of the show with a memorial service for some recently departed people.

As ring announcer Big Mike began the intro for the first match he was interrupted by the leader of the C.I.A. (Canadian Independent Army) the wizard of id accompanied by “The Human Monstosity” Charles Dredd and Indy Rage. The wizard ranted on about Rage being stripped of the title while out with injury and Willy Allen sneaking it back onto his waist at the last event. Eventually Willy showed up on the stage and after an exchange of words and threats with the bad guys Willy said he’d take them all on if he had too.

1) PWA Internet Championship:
Super Kamikaze def Rip Impact to retain the title.

2) Stress Factor def Reck by submission to a Brain Fart armlock.

3) Reggie Marley def “The Human Monstrosity” Charles Dredd w/ the wizard of id

4) Mr Atlantis def S.W.O.O.S.H (Super Wonderful Omnipitent Oval-Shaped Hero)

5) MEW Heavyweight Championship:
The Hickster def Eddie Osbourne to retain the title.

6) MEW Xtreme World Championship:
“The Human Monstrosity” Charles Dredd pinned Wild Thing Willy Allen to win the title.
The match was slated to be Indy Rage vs Wild Thing but since Allen said he’d fight all of the C.I.A. both Dredd and the wizard interfered constantly in the match although Rage did most of the work. Despite being beaten and bloodied Wild Thing still managed to hold his own against the triple assault until Rage nailed the General’s Daughter onto a chair he’d placed on Willy’s head. Willy was out but Rage hurt his leg on the move and couldn’t pin him so Dredd slid into the ring and covered Allen for the win. Dredd, Rage and the wizard of id celebrated bringing the belt back to the C.I.A. until Wild Thing recovered and cleared them from the ring with the steel chair.

After clearing the ring Willy said he was using his rematch clause for another shot at the title on Jun 21st. Allen demanded some stipulations for the match and despite the wizard of id’s objections MEW officials granted Wild Thing’s demands so…

Jun 21st
Ingersoll, Ontario
Main Event Wrestling presents…

For the MEW Xtreme World Championship
a 2 on 1 Handicap Chain Match
Wild Thing Willy Allen
“The Human Monstrosity” Charles Dredd & the wizard of id
Indy Rage is banned from ringside!

More matches to be announced…