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After two of the hottest shows in Northeast Wrestling history this past weekend – all eyes now turn to this Saturday in Waterbury, CT for Rage in the Cage!

Complete information on this exciting event is below. Order your tickets now online or tickets can also be purchased at the door. Tickets start at only $12!

Thanks for your support of Northeast Wrestling!


Tickets will be available at the door

Northeast Wrestling presents “Rage in the Cage” on Saturday, May 2nd from the Waterbury PAL Recreation Center – 64 Division Street in Waterbury, CT with a bell time of 7:30 pm. This event is a fundraiser for the Waterbury PAL.


Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Brian Anthony

Ron Simmons

“The Beautiful” Velvet Sky

Steel Cage Match
Jalil Salaam vs. Ron Zombie

After the vicious attack on NEW Champion – Jason Blade at “Wrestlefest XIII”, the match that everyone wants to see will take place – Eddie Edwards vs. Jason Blade.

Frankie Arion vs. “The Platinum Poppa” Rob Eckos
If Arion loses he can no longer wrestle in NEW. These arrangements were made by “The Platinum Poppa”.

Plus: Bull Dredd, Romeo Roselli, Mike Bennett, & more.

Tickets are now available at the following locations:
– Waterbur Police Department, 255 E. Main Street in Waterbury
– Waterbury PAL Building, 64 Division Street in Waterbury
– Fazio’s Deli, 3356 E. Main Street in Waterbury
– Edible Dreams, 51 Spring Street in Naugatuck
– www.northeastwrestling.com
– By phone at 860-516-9915

BULLSMC sent this in:

WSU NOW SHIPPING “Best of WSU 2008”, “Women’s J-Cup Tournament” & “King & Queen of the Ring Tournament”


1. Formation Of The Beatdown Betties From 3/8
2. Awesome Kong’s WSU Debut Vs Rick Cataldo & Roxxie Cotton 3/8
3. Mercedes Martinez Vs Mickie Knuckles 3/8
4. Awesome Kong Vs Amy Lee 3/8
5. WSU Title Match Nikki Roxx Vs Sunny Vs Alexa Thatcher 3/21/08
6. Dawn Marie’s WSU Wrestling Debut Vs Becky Bayless 3/22
7. Becky Bayless Vs Mercedes Martinez 3/22
8. Angel Orsini Vs Mercedes Martinez 3/22 J-Cup Finals
9. WSU Title Match Nikki Roxx Vs Alexa Thatcher Vs Cindy Rogers 4/20
10. WSU Title Match Nikki Roxx Vs Angel Orsini 5/31
11. Angelina Love Vs Portia Perez 6/21
12. WSU Title Match Angel Orsini Vs Mercedes Martinez 6/21
13. Lumberjack WSU Title Mach Angel Orsini Vs Portia Perez 8/23
14. WSU Tag Team Title Tournament Finals Amy Lee & Missy Sampson Vs Beatdown Betties 10/11
15. WSU Title match Angel Orsini Vs Bobcat 10/11
16. Traci Brooks Vs Annie Social 11/29
17. Mercedes Martinez Vs Portia Perez 11/29

18. Kylie Pierce Vs Roxxie Cotton 3/7/09 NHPW
19.TLC Match Mercedes Martinez Vs Nikki Roxx Vs Melissa Stripes 12/15/06 NHPW

Hosted by WSU commentator Sean Hanson,
relive WSU’s wildest & best moments! Featuring excellent
matches & all the big stars!”

Vicious Vinny & Brooke Carter Vs Nicky Oceans & Autumn Breeze

Danny Demanto & Jana Vs Travis Blake & Jennifer Cruz

Jay Lethal & Miss April Vs Helter Skelter & Trixie Lynn

Bison Bravado & Annie Social Vs JD Smoothie & Roxxie Cotton Vs Sean Hanson & Rick Cataldo

Missy’s Manor With Angel Orsini & Rain

Danny Demanto & Jana Vs Vicious Vinny & Brooke Carter

Jay Lethal & Miss April Vs Bison Bravado & Annie Social

WSU Championship Match
Mercedes Martinez Vs Angel Orsini Vs Rain

Jay Lethal & Miss April Vs Danny Demanto & Jana

WSU/NWS Women’s J-Cup Tournament Round One Matches
Rain Vs Brooke Carter

Angel Orsini Vs Annie Social

Trixxie Lynn Vs Jennifer Cruz

Miss April Vs Roxxie Cotton

WSU/NWS Women’s J-Cup Tournament Round Two Matches
Rain Vs Miss April

Angel Orsini Vs Trixxie Lynn

WSU NWS Women’s J-Cup Tournament Round Three Match
Angel Orsini Vs Rain

Non-Tournament Matches

WSU Womens Championship Match,
(c) Mercedes Martinez Vs Jana

Check out

http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doistore/fullshows/WSU/bestof2008kaqj-cuppackagedeal.html for more!

IWF sent this in:

Independent Wrestling Federation


Independent Wrestling Federation
12th Annual Anniversary Reckless Abandon Weekend Day 2
Sunday, April 26, 2009: Layfield Energy Zone @ IWF CustomMuscle Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. International Nick Sabre defeated IWF Junior Champion Jennifer and Bright Lights Jarrett Foster in Triple Threat to win the title.

2. Mr. Casino Frankie Amantea defeated Bruising Bookworm Frank Scoleri.

3. Biggie Biggs & Mad Dawg Jenkins defeated German Menace Kraig Stagg & Entrepreneur Evan Schwartz.

4. Kevin Knight defeated Damian Adams of The Ross Family.

5. IWF Heavyweight Champion Hi-Definition Chris Steeler defeated Dark Dragon Kareem West.

6. Juicy Justin Corino & Stellar Travis Blake defeated IWF Tag Team Champions Franciz & Dangerous Dan McGuire to win the titles.

Independent Wrestling Federation
12th Annual Anniversary Reckless Abandon Weekend Day 1
Saturday, April 25, 2009: Layfield Energy Zone @ IWF CustomMuscle Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. Dangerous Dan McGuire of The Ross Family defeated Mad Dawg Jenkins.

2. Chachi & Jennifer defeated Street King Tony Torres & Jana.

3. Biggie Biggs defeated German Menace Kraig Stagg.

4. Dark Dragon Kareem West defeated IWF American Champion Damian Adams w/ Rich Ross in Ladder Match to win the title.

5. Stellar Travis Blake defeated Franciz w/ Rich Ross.

6. Bright Lights Jarrett Foster defeated Entrepreneur Evan Schwartz.

7. IWF Heavyweight Champion Hi-Definition Chris Steeler w/ Rich Ross defeated Kevin Knight.