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The WPW once again is heading to The Junction Hall Friday May 1st for the Cinco De Mayo Kickoff of a lifetime!!! The lineup for Friday looks like this….The WPW Heavyweight Champion Cobra King takes on former WCCW Champion The Masked Assasin in a $10,000 Battle For The Belt!!! If the Assasin wins he will face Cobra King infront of 7,000 screaming fans in Bryan Texas May 9th for the 103.1 FM Cinco De Mayo Celebration at Fiesta Field!! Then the WPW Intercontinental belt is on the line in the biggest Hardcore Match in WPW history!! From the Dog Pound its the WPW intercontinental Champion K-9 vs Salt Lake Cities own Wonderboy!!! The the WPW Ladies Championship goes on the line when WPW Ladies Champion The Lovely Lidia Challenges Texas’s own Bobbie Jo to a Texas Strap Match!!! Plus The Rematch thats making headlines in Texas!!! Mexico’s own El Rayo to take on the patient from The psyc ward of El Paso State Hospital…Abomination! This fight will not finish till someone is put through a flamming table!! And Maxx Mercy to make a comeback after the brutal attack from Bone Crusher Brody….and the Debut of Minx the Clown!
It all Takes Place 7pm at The Junction Hall, South Business Hwy6 Navasota Texas. Doors open at 6pm Bell time is 7pm. All tickets ONLY $5 at the door. Please go to our website for further info on all WPW upcoming events. A portion of the proceeds always go to the Texas Childrens Hospital.

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NWS Results From Atco, NJ 4/25: WWE Alum Snitsky Brushes With The Combat Zone As He Faces D.J. Hyde, WWE Alum Ron Simmons Tangles With Helter Skelter And Fellow WWE Alum Sal Sincere, ECW Alum The Zombie & WWE Alum The Patriot Team Up Against Team Supreme, The Nigerian Nightmares Wreak More Devastation On NWS & Much More!
On the first truly hot Saturday of the year, a hot Saturday night crowd filled most of Atco, NJ’s Assumption School Gym (and NWS, unlike certain other promotions, will be honest and say most and not all) on Saturday night April 25th to see what has become NWS’ annual (and much-anticipated) return to this South Jersey destination.
In a non-title triple-threat J-Cup preview match, J.D. Smoothie defeated NWS Cruiserweight Champion Might Mikey Pacifica and Jumping Joey Janella. The former, current, and aspiring champions opened the show with a high-flying and hard-hitting exhibition, and in the end, Smoothie proved that losing the title hasn’t made him lose a step, as he put Janella down and out with a sit-down piledriver for the three-count.
In tag-team action, former WWE &20WCW star “America’s Hero” The Patriot & the former ECW Zombie (accompanied by former WWE prot?g? Lacey Von Erich & The Rogue & Atco’s Rocky Falco) defeated Team Supreme (Nicky Oceans & Corvis Fear, accompanied by D.J. Hyde & “The Legend Killer” Helter Skelter). D.J. Hyde, a veteran from Combat Zone Wrestling making his NWS debut, promised that this night was the start of his domination of NWS. This matchup promised much chaos just between the four competitors, and the presence of both entourages only made it more so. As experienced a tag-team as Oceans & Fear are, the unpredictable style of The Zombie and the veteran toughness of The Patriot kept them at bay, and Rocky Falco and The Rogue kept Hyde and Helter from interfering too much. Fear and Oceans did manage to double team Zombie for several minutes, but Zombie managed to tag in Patriot who cleaned house, and in all the confusion at the end, a Patriot chokeslam on Fear sealed the victory for his team.
In a match for the number-one NWS Heavyweight Title contender, Corey Havoc (with D.J. Hyde) defeated The Rogue. Havoc has been chasing a title shot for months, but the veteran Rogue gave him a tough fight. In the end, though, it was D.J. Hyde who tipped the scales in Havoc’s favor, hitting Rogue as he was going for a top-rope dropkick, allowing Havoc to hit him with a Samoan drop for the victory. Havoc will be given an NWS Heavyweight Title shot sometime in=2 0May.
The Nigerian Nightmares (with handler “Voodoo Woman” Black Sheeta & accompanied by D.J. Hyde & “The Legend Killer” Helter Skelter & former WWE star Salvatore Sincere) defeated Nikko The Monkey Man & Botchagalup The Banana Boy (with Rocky Falco). NWS Commissioner sent Sal Sincere back to the locker room as Hyde had failed to file papers for him as an additional manager (accompanied by the usual trading of insults between the two). To call this a “match” would be generous; the Nightmares literally ran roughshod over Nikko and the Banana Man for several minutes before flattening Nikko with a Nigerian Roll followed by superplexing each other onto Nikko, crushing what was left of him before the referee made a merciful three-count to end the match. But unfortunately, D.J. Hyde didn’t feel it was enough, and signaled for his buddies from the locker room (Team Supreme & Cory Havoc & Sal Sincere) to come to the ring and attack Nikko and Banana Man some more. The beatdown was short-lived, fortunately, as former WWE stars Snitsky and The Patriot and the former ECW Zombie came to the ring to chase the heels away, along with a last-minute addition to the lineup… former WWE star Ron Simmons! An angry Commissioner Moore announced that he had enough of Hyde’s interference tonight, and that Hyde would be facing Snitsky in the main event. He also told “The Legend Killer” Helter Skelter that there was a certified legend in the house in Ron Simmon s, and that those two would also face off later in the evening.
“The Legend Killer” Helter Skelter (with former WWE star Sal Sincere) won by countout over former WWE star Ron Simmons. Simmons out-brawled Helter from the opening bell, but Sal kept evening the odds by interfering from the outside. Simmons finally had enough and left the ring and went after Sal outside, hitting him with lefts and rights and smashing him into the merchandise tables. Meanwhile, the referee inside the ring began counting, and when he reached the count of ten he called for the bell and awarded the match to Helter. When Simmons was told of the result, all he could say was “DAMN!”
In a bonus bout, Samir Ahmed II defeated Dickie Rodz (with manager Bobby Riedel). These two newcomers put on a solid wrestling match, with neither having the advantage. After several minutes, when Rodz appeared to have Samir down, Riedel called Rodz over to the side, presumably to give his charge advice on how to finish him off, but stunned the crowd when he grabbed Rodz and dropped his throat across the top rope. A stunned Rodz stumbled right into a Samoan Drop by Samir, followed by a three-count. Riedel and Samir embraced, and Samir and his apparent new manager left the ring.
In the main event, former WWE star Snitsky defeated D.J. Hyde. This battle between two veteran brawlers was one of the hard est-hitting matches in NWS in a long time. Hyde’s slaps and chops to Snitsky’s chest left hand-shaped bruises all over the former WWE RAW star, and for a time it looked like he would get the better of Snitsky. Snitsky’s strength eventually kicked in, and after enduring a spear attempt by Hyde, Snitsky leveled Hyde with a huge boot to the head, and pinned him for the 1-2-3, sending the Atco fans home cheering and happy.
NWS returns to action and kicks off a very busy month of May (at least nine shows scheduled) with a double-shot weekend on Friday night May 1st in Carteret, NJ and Saturday night May 2nd in Brick, NJ, followed by another double-shot weekend on Friday May 8th in Sayreville, NJ and Saturday May 9th in North Middletown, NJ.
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AAW kicks off a triple shot weekend with Shimmer this Friday night at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL. Tommorow night is your last night to preorder tickets online at in the EVENTS section.

AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Point of No Return ’09

Friday May 1st
Berwyn Eagles Club
6309 W. 26th St.
Berwyn, IL

Doors Open at 6:45pm
$15.00 Front Row
$10.00 General Admission
$1.00 Beers at the bar




AAW Heavyweight Championship Match
Jay Bradley vs. Colt Cabana

Contender’s Match
Tyler Black vs. Arik Cannon

AAW Tag Team Championship Match
The Phoenix Twins vs. Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya/CJ Esparza)

Grudge Match
House of Truth
Josh Raymond and Christian Able w/ Truth Martini
Silas Young/Dan Lawrence

Johnny Gargano vs. Shane Hollister

The AAW Debut of Irish Airborne


Jimmy Jacobs
Danny Daniels
Ryan Boz
The Northstar Express
Matt “Krotch” Mayday
Chandler McClure
Jordan McEntyre
Knight Wagner

More to be announced….