PTW sent this in:

RESULTS: Power Trip Wrestling, Friday 24th April 2009, Icknield Primary
School, Luton – ?300 raised, and an amazing night!

Oh my! The volume is always up loud at Power Trip Wrestling, but there’s
just something about being in our hometown of Luton that makes things even
crazier! Here’s the results from the show, that raised ?300 for Icknield
Primary School.

* PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth came to the ring, and was disgusted
because he actually got CHEERED for the first time, in a long time. You’d
think he’d have been happy, what with his infamous ego, but no, his temper
snapped. Telling the crowd not to bother, because the cheers made him feel
sick; he snapped at the fans that had been singing “Luton!” along with his
entrance music (“30 Miles to Wembley, by Jane Ledsom; Luton Town FC’s
Official 2009 Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Final song), that they shouldn’t
jump on the bandwagon, and should leave supporting Luton to those who turn
up week in, week out; no matter what, like himself and his Mad Hatters
Clique. Then embarking on an angry speech about “kids who don’t deserve to
see me, mum’s who watch Jeremy Kyle all day and wish they had a man like
me, dad’s who dream of being cool but can never be me, and teachers who
work 9 til 5 for a living whilst I’m the biggest superstar in this
building!”. Then – everything stopped. As a voice shouted “shut up
Peter!”, shockingly, his fiancee’ Christina got into the ring and said
that she was sick of him insulting the fans, and stopping them from seeing
what they came to see, Power Trip Wrestling. Reminding him that she has
claim to 50 percent of Power Trip Wrestling, she said she would introduce
the person who would share control on this night with him. Petey didn’t
take this seriously, until the music hit, and who came to the ring, but
Petey’s son Andrew, alongside Petey’s friend and Mad Hatters Clique member
Dave-O. Dave-O stated how he was no longer happy to be overshadowed by
Petey’s ego, as Petey stood openmouthed in disbelief. Petey’s attempt to
threaten Andrew with parental sanctions simply didn’t work, an example
being that when told Petey wouldnt take him to football the next day,
Andrew said “It’s only Luton, dad, I’d rather see Chelsea”, as Petey threw
an absolute fit in the ring. Attempting to bargain with his son, he
offered him the chance to manage a wrestler in a match that he was also
in; and Andrew chose to manage Tiffany Wantsmore against Dan Edge (to be
accompanied by Petey). Petey attempted to point out no boy can ever beat
his dad, and got slapped around the face by Andrew. As As Andrew left the
ring, Petey said that “I know my little girl still loves me” and asked his
daughter Victoria for a cuddle in front of the crowd. And in possibly the
shock of the night, the “Most Dangerous Little Girl In Professional
Wrestling” slapped her father very audibly and very hard around the face;
stating “I don’t like a nasty daddy”. A broken Petey stormed backstage,
and the show began on a suitably crazy note!

* ‘Big’ Tom Baines and former PTW Cruiserweight Champion ‘Scorpion’ Bill
Duffy, defeated ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes & the debuting from Ireland, El Torro
Sanchez; in a good hard hitting opening match.

* Chris Midas w/Petey Staniforth defeated Prodigy. Midas, as ever, had an
intense amount of heat with the crowd, but showed why he is such a
dangerous and talented competitor in this match. A vicious Clipboard of
Doom shot to the head of Prodigy, by Petey, was possibly the turning point
of this match; but it has to be said that it is clear that Chris Midas is
looking to take a step up in the company now, and this match was quite a

* PTW’s profoundly deaf star, Sean Midnight (as seen on Sky Digital this
week in a documentary), defeated ‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves. PTW fans love Sean
Midnight, and always make it clear how much they respect his talent; and
this match was no different, as he took a popular victory.

* In a three team PTW World Tag Team Title Elimination Match, ‘The Golden
Storm’ Francesco & Marcus Phayer retained their titles against Captain
T.N.T & Liam ‘Leapfrog’ Dunne, and James Dahmer & Robbie Sincaide. This
was an action packed match, and somehow the champions managed to get out
with their titles still around their waist; much to the crowd’s approval.

* Exodus & returning former PTW World Champion Mayhem, defeated the
debuting Conor Hurley & Eoin O’Neill. This was a wild, crazy, and simply
insane brawl around the hall itself. Mayhem’s return is a ominious note
for PTW, and he and Exodus made a scary team that could simply destroy
anything it wishes to.

* Diavolo defeated Scott Annette (c), and Jimmy Havoc; to earn a PTW
Cruiserweight Title shot on the next show. It was supposed to be a title
match, but Annette refused to put the title on the line; and called out
Petey Staniforth to back that statement up, and it was one Petey did, but
said to be fair, he ought to make it that if Diavolo or Havoc were to pin
Annette, they’d get a title shot in the future. And Diavolo got the job
done in typical exciting fashion!

* Dan Edge w/Petey Staniforth defeated Tiffany Wantsmore w/Andrew
Staniforth & Dave-O. This one was a typical Dan Edge match, in the
respects that Edge & Staniforth were cheating left, right, and centre.
Petey’s involvement physically at one point, got him a forearm to the jaw,
and irish whipped into the corner into Dan Edge. Petey fell backwards,
Edge fell forwards, as Petey got headbutted somewhere rather special to
him. Edge managed to get a victory and a reasonably clean pinfall, but
gloating cost he and Petey dearly. Tiffany and Andrew nodded at each
other, Edge was low blowed by Andrew, and Petey was kicked where he had
been hit earlier by Tiffany. Edge and Staniforth hobbled to the back,
battered and in pain; as Tiffany Wantsmore, Andrew Staniforth, and the by
then invited to the ring Victoria Staniforth all danced and celebrated in
the ring; as the crowd roared with laughter at the earlier events and in
joint celebration!

* Marcus Brash defeated G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’ w/Dan Edge, in the main
event. And was this ever a main event! High paced action, fast and
exciting, and many fans were saying on the way out that it was probably
the best main event they’d seen at a wrestling show in the Bedfordshire
area. Brash took the win, and it’s not a secret he’s now looking for a
rematch with the PTW World Champion, El Ligero.

* We raised ?300 for Icknield Primary School, and we wish to express our
sincere thanks to the headmistress Mrs Linda Crick and her school staff
for having us and making us so welcome; and being there at the show. We
can now actually expose the fact that a certain professional wrestling
promotion (and we use this term loosely) locally, attempted to sabotage
the show in the weeks prior to the event, and failed in their immature and
frankly disgusting attempts to wreck a show for a very good cause. We wont
name names because they don’t deserve the publicity for their underhanded
actions, but if you look about 20 miles north of Luton on a map, you’ll
find the town they’re based in. Some might say that we should not mention
this, but we feel it worth it’s passing mention to show that sometimes in
this messed up world; the good guys do come out on top, and we are firm
believers in karma at Power Trip Wrestling and believe that people like
that have to live with their own consciences and the fact their attempts
failed; just like their attempts to entertain fans at their own shows.

* PTW’s next show will be announced very soon, in the meantime you can
keep up with PTW in the following ways listed below….





Northside Wrestling sent this in:




Rockstar Entertainment is proud to announce Northside, an extreme Pro wrestling promotion ready to revolutionalize pro wrestling in Ireland.

On Friday May 8, 2009 Northside will be returning to Dublin for two exciting nights of pro wrestling action. First, we make our debut on Friday May 8, 2009 at the Thomas Davis GAA Club in Tallaght, then on Saturday May 9, 2009 we return to the Naomh Fionnbarra GAA Club in Cabra.

Northsdie features Irish stars such as Marcus J., ACWA Women’s World Champion Mary McCarthy, Thunder & Lighning, John Jennings and International stars including ?The American Rockstar? CJ Summers.

Northside is a company that is a strong supporter of our community; is a promotion that brings together top Irish talent along with talent from around the world. This is what will set Northside apart from all other pro wrestling companies in Ireland.

Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm. Admission is 10 euro, For further information on Northside visit the website at