Upcoming schedule of big events for New Japan in 2018

New Japan released the following video on their YouTube last week that aired during the Wrestlekingdom 12 iPPV of their upcoming schedule of big events through the first half of 2018. The video is in Japanese, so the upcoming event schedule is as follows:

* 1/27 and 1/28 New Beginning iPPVs in Sapporo
* 2/10 New Beginning iPPV in Osaka
* 2/23 and 2/24 Honor Rising iPPVs at Koruaken Hall in Tokyo featuring ROH talent
* 3/6 Anniversary iPPV in Ota
* 3/9 to 3/21 New Japan Cup 2018, 3/21 Finals in Niigata
* 3/25 Strong Style Evolved live TV special in Long Beach, California
* 4/1 Sakuru Genesis iPPV at Sumo Hall in Tokyo
* 4/29 Wrestling Hinokuni iPPV in Kumamoto
* 5/3 and 5/4 Wrestling Dontaku iPPVs in Fukuoka
* 5/18 Best of the Super Juniors tournament begins
* 6/9 Dominion iPPV at Osaka-Jo Hall in Osaka
* 6/15 Kizuna Road iPPV
* 7/14 and 7/15 G-1 Climax 28 tournament begins at Koruaken Hall in Tokyo
* 7/16 G-1 Climax Day 3 iPPV in Sapporo
* 8/10 to 8/12 G-1 Climax A Block Finals, B Block Finals and Finals at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo

NOTE: This will be the first time New Japan has run the near 15,000 seat capacity Budokan since 2003, with the change made due to Sumo Hall being unavailable in August due to renovations taking place for the venue.

Post-Wrestle Kingdom 12 interviews

Over the weekend, New Japan released all of the post-match press conference interviews that took place with the roster following their matches at Wrestlekingdom 12, featuring English translations for the Japanese talent.