WWF Royal Rumble Results (Quick Results)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On January 20, 2002 at 23:15:23

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Tazz & Spike (c's) vs. Dudley Boyz - WWF Tag Team Titles:
Winners and STILL WWF Tag Team Champions - Tazz & Spike via Tazzmission on D-Von for win

Edge (c) vs. William Regal - WWF Intercontinental Title:
Winner and NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion - William Regal via Brass Knucks & KO for win

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Jazz - WWF Women's Title:
Winner and STILL WWF Women's Champion - Trish Stratus via Stratusfaction for win

Ric Flair vs. Vince McMahon - Street Fight:
Winner - Ric Flair via Figure 4 Leglock for win

Chris Jericho (c) vs. The Rock - Undisputed Championship:
Winner and STILL Undisputed Champion - Chris Jericho

WWF Royal Rumble Results:
Rikishi enters followed by Goldust. Both men nearly throw each other over the top rope but maintain to stay in. Bossman enters next. Goldust works on Bossman and then takes down Rikishi briefly. Bossman and Goldust work together to get Rikishi out. Bradshaw enters. Bradshaw goes after Goldust. Stinkface on Bossman by Rikishi. Rikishi side kicks Bossman and he goes over the top rope.

  • Bossman is eliminated.

    Lance Storm enters. Storm attacks Goldust while Rikishi tries to get Bradshaw out. Al Snow enters. Clothesline from Hell on Storm by Bradshaw. Al Snow tries to dump Rikishi out. Bradshaw, Storm, and Goldust all brawl. Billy enters. Al Snow suplex Storm over top rope but Storm lands on ring apron. Snow superkicks Storm to the outside.
  • Lance Storm is eliminated.

    Bradshaw tries to eliminate Goldust but Goldust reverses and takes Bradshaw out over the top rope.
  • Bradshaw is eliminated.

    The Undertaker enters. Undertaker chokeslams Goldust over the top rope to the outside.
  • Goldust is eliminated.

    Undertaker tosses Al Snow over the top rope.
  • Al Snow is eliminated.

    Undertaker clotheslines Rikishi over the top rope.
  • Rikishi is eliminated.

    Undertaker throws Billy over the top rope.
  • Billy is eliminated.

    Matt Hardy w/ Lita enters. Undertaker tries to chokeslam Matt Hardy but Lita interferes and gives Undertaker the low blow. Matt and Lita kick Undertaker on the ground before Lita slides out. Jeff Hardy enters. The Hardy's hug in the ring showing they are on the same page. Undertaker throws Jeff Hardy over the top rope but Jeff hangs on. Undertaker tries to eliminate Matt but Jeff gets back in and takes down Undertaker with a Swantom Bomb. Jeff goes for the Poetry in Motion on Undertaker but Undertaker throws him out.
  • Jeff Hardy is eliminated.

    Undertaker gives Matt Hardy the Last Ride and throws him over the top rope.
  • Matt Hardy is eliminated.

    Maven enters. Both Hardy's enter the ring and take it to Undertaker. Maven takes advantage of Hardyz taking it to Undertaker. Maven knocks Undertaker over the top rope and eliminates him!
  • The Undertaker is eliminated.

    Undertaker goes to the outside and beats on Maven with a steel chair. Maven is down and out. Scotty Too Hotty enters. Scotty dances in the ring and Undertaker knocks him down. Maven gets into the ring and Undertaker throws him back out. Undertaker drags Maven backstage. Christian enters. Reverse DDT on Scotty Too Hotty by Christian. DDP enters. Diamond Cutter on Christian. Worm on Christian. Christian back drops DDP over the top rope.
  • DDP is eliminated.

    Chuck enters. Chuck attacks Christian and Scotty. The Godfather w/ Ho's enters to big pop. Albert enters. Albert gets into the ring and Christian, Chuck, and Godfather all take him over the top rope.
  • Albert is eliminated.

    Godfather goes for Ho Train on Chuck and Christian but Christian and Chuck counter and double clothesline Godfather over the top rope.
  • Godfather is eliminated.

    Perry Saturn enters. Christian and Chuck work on Perry. Stone Cold Steve Austin enters. Austin takes out and eliminates Christian, Chuck, and Perry Saturn.
  • Christian, Chuck, and Perry Saturn are eliminated.

    Val Venis enters. Austin stomps on Val in the corner. Lou Thesz by Val on Austin. Test enters. Austin and Val work on Test. Test attempts Big Boot on Austin but he hits Val. Austin throws Val over top rope.
  • Val Venis is eliminated.

    Austin hits the Stunner on Test and throws him over the top rope.
  • Test is eliminated.

    Triple H enters. Both men stare each other down before exchanging punches. The Hurricane enters. Triple H and Austin brawl on the canvas. Hurricane attempts to do a double chokeslam on both Triple H and Austin. Triple H and Austin throw Hurricane over the top rope.
  • The Hurricane is eliminated.

    Faarooq enters. Faarooq goes for clothesline on Austin but gets a Stunner instead. Triple H clothesline Faarooq over the top rope.
  • Faarooq is eliminated.

    Triple H gets thrown in the corner by Austin. Austin tries to lift him out of the ring over the top rope. "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig enters. Hennig gets double teamed by Triple H and Austin. Kurt Angle enters. Angle and Triple H go at it as Austin and Hennig brawl. Angle hits German Suplex on Triple H. Angle almost gets Triple H over the top rope. Big Show enters. Big Show headbutts Angle. Chokeslam on Hennig. Big Show goes for Gorilla Press Slam on Angle but Triple H stops it from happening. Chokeslam on Triple H. Kane enters. Kane and Big Show take everybody out but themselves. Kane bodyslams Big Show over the top rope.
  • Big Show is eliminated.

    Stunner on Kane by Austin followed by Angle Slam over the top rope on Kane by Kurt Angle.
  • Kane is eliminated.

    Rob Van Dam enters. Kurt Angle is on the ground and RVD hits the 5 Star Splash on him right away. Pedigree on Curt Hennig by Triple H. Austin gets up. Pedigree on Rob Van Dam by Triple H. Booker T enters. Booker T gets in and kicks RVD over the top rope.
  • Rob Van Dam is eliminated.

    Stunner on Booker T by Austin. Booker bounces back up and goes over top rope.
  • Booker T is eliminated.

    Austin works on Hennig but Angle makes the save. Triple H is down on the floor. Austin and Angle battle it out but then Angle throws Austin over the top rope.
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin is eliminated.

    Austin pulls Hennig under the bottom rope to the outside. Hennig gets back into the ring with Angle. Hennig and Angle work on Triple H. Austin gets back into the ring with a steel chair and he takes out Kurt Angle then Curt Hennig then Triple H! Austin leaves. Hennig does the Perfect Plex on Angle... then HHH clotheslines Mr. Perfect to the outside.
  • "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig is eliminated.

    Angle is against the ropes. Angle charges at him and HHH goes over but hangs on. Angle gets in and thinks he wins but Triple H clotheslines Angle over the top rope.
  • Kurt Angle is eliminated.

    Triple H wins and he is going to WrestleMania!

    Winner of the Royal Rumble: Triple H