Full NWA-TNA Pay Per View Results - 6/19/02

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On June 19, 2002 at 21:56:23

Full NWA-TNA Pay Per View Results - 6/19/02
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West & Ed Ferrera
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The pryo hits followed by Don West coming out and speaking to the crowd. West introduces Ed Ferrara and he speaks to the crowd. Ferrara then introduces Mike Tenay who is at ringside. Mike Tenay discusses how the NWA-TNA will make history tonight.

- Tenay explains the rules for the "Gaunlet For The Gold" that 2 competitors will start the match and more will follow every 90 seconds. In order for an opponent to be eliminated, they must be thrown over the top rope.

- Dory Funk Jr., Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Jackie Fargo, Corsia Joe, Bill Behrens and Jim Barnett all get introduced and get into the ring.

Ricky Steamboat gets on the mic first and he thanks the fans first. He says it gives him pleasure to stand in this ring and hold the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Steamboat discusses his first title win against "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Steamboat says that the NWA Championship meant the most to every single guy in the ring tonight. Steamboat compares the NWA Championship to the Superbowl, World Series and the Stanley Cup. Steamboat discusses the "Gaunlet For The Gold" tonight and says a first ever champion will be crowned tonight. Steamboat announces that when the final two men remain in the "Gaunlet For The Gold", he will referee it.

Jeff Jarrett then comes out and says that tonight the NWA Heavyweight Title will become a joke when it gets determined in a Battle Royal. Jackie Fargo disagrees with Jarrett and says he will compete in the Battle Royal tonight. Jarrett says tonight that after it it is all said and done, he will walk out the new NWA Heavyweight Champion.

Ken Shamrock comes out and he agrees with Jeff Jarrett. Shamrock says he might be kicking other peoples asses tonight but he won't be kicking #19's ass tonight.

Scott Hall appears from the crowd and gets on the mic. HEY YO. Hall agrees with Jeff Jarret and Ken Shamrock. Hall says that one thing is for sure, it will go down tonight and they should both stop crying about it.

Jeff Jarrett tells Scott Hall, Ken Shamrock, and Fargo that they will regret saying anything about him.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, & Low Ki vs. Jorge Estrada, Sonny Siaki, & Jimmy Yang

Match starts with all 6 men offering to shake hands. The Flying Elvis's turn around and take all men out. The Elvis's go for a triple clothesline on each men but Styles, Lynn, and Low Ki duck and nail a triple dropkick on all three men. Jerry Lynn takes out on of the Elvis's on the outside. AJ Styles starts with Jimmy Yang and gets a few big moves in followed by two pin attempts but Yang kicks out on both. Jerry Lynn gets the tag and takes down Yang with two big spinning heel kicks followed by going for a swinging DDT but Yang counters and takes down Lynn with a dropkick. Sonny Siaki gets the tag and misses a summersault leg drop but misses and Lynn hits a quick uppercut. Low-Ki tries to go after Siaki but Siaki fights back with a knee lift. Siaki hits a big powerbomb modified powerbomb but only gets a two count. Estrada gets the tag and goes after Low-Ki and hits a big moonsault from the top rope. Estrada picks up Low-Ki and hits a quick neckbreaker followed by a big leg drop. Estrada goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Low-Ki fights back with three huge kicks to the head of Estrada. Styles gets the tag as well as Jimmy Yang. Yang irish whips Styles into the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash. AJ Styles irish whips Yang into the ropes, moonsaults off the second rope and connects with a jumping reverse DDT. Low-Ki gets the tag and he throws Yang over the top rope. Yang lands on the ring apron and Low-Ki kicks him off. Yang gets back into the ring and he connects a sky-high on Low-Ki. Jerry Lynn comes in and hits a cradde piledriver on Estrada. AJ Styles holds Jimmy Yang but Yang moves out of the way and Low-Ki nails Styles with a big superkick. Jimmy Yang nails the Yang-Time on AJ Styles and goes for the pin to get the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: Jorge Estrada, Sonny Siaki, & Jimmy Yang

Teo vs. Hollywood (midget match)
Hollywood starts the match off with some hard right punches to the face. Teo fights back with chops in the corner followed by a diving headbutt to the groin. Teo hits 10 punches on Hollywood in the groin. Hollywood fights back with a big shoulder/powerbomb drop and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Teo rolls up Hollywood but only gets a two count. Hollywood climbs the top rope and hits a Frog Splash from the top rope on Teo but Teo kicks out after two. Hollywood nails Teo's head off the corner. Teo fights back with chops to the chest but Hollywood gains the advantage and hits a russian leg sweep. Teo climbs the top rope and hits a twisting swantom bomb on Hollywood! Teo goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winner: Teo

- Ed Ferrara gets into the ring and gets on the mic. He introduces the 10 contestants for the Miss TNA Battle Royal which will take place next week. They introduce Francine and Elecktra (both formerly of ECW) as well as 7 other divas whose names I couldn't catch at all because Ed Ferrara's voice was drowned out by the music. Don King introduces the girls one more time until Francine takes the mic from him.

Francine gets on the mic and says that none of the women in the ring deserve to be here becaue none of them compare to her. She reminds them she is the "Queen of Extreme." Elecktra, formerly of ECW, says the word extreme is not in this company and she should realize that. Elecktra claims Francine made ECW go bankrupt and Francine attacks her. Francine leaves the ring and says that just what she did was what will happen next week in the Battle Royal.

Tag Team Match
Richard & Rod Johnson vs. Psicosis & James Storm

Match starts with Psicosis and one of The Johnson's (you can't tell which one they are). Psicosis gets a big clothesline in the corner from one of The Johnson's, a snap suplex, followed by a pin but he only gets a 2 count. Psicosis gets some offense in with a spinning heel kick. The other Johnson comes in and he hits a kick to the face on the Johnson. James King climbs the top rope and takes out one of the Johnson's with a knee drop. Felecia, formerly of WCW, comes down ringside and starts to watch the match. James Storm gets a kick to the gut followed by a elbow to the back by one of the Johnson's. One of the Johnson's throws James Storm over the top rope but King holds on and flips back in. Psicosis gets the tag and takes down one of the Johnson's with a superkick but both Johnson's come in and lift Psicosis in the air and land him back down hard. One of the Johnson's hits a suplex on Psicosis. The other Johnson gets the tag and both Johnson's hit a double clothesline. The other Johnson attempts a powerbomb on Psicosis but Psicosis counters with a face drop. James Storm gets the tag and he hits a hurricanranna on one of the Johnson's. Psicosis and Storm try to irish whip both Johnson's into each other but the Johnson's counter and hit two big belly to belly suplexs. Storm attempts a swinging DDT from the top rope but the Johnson moves out of the way. The Johnson's manager distracts James Storm in the ring. Storm turns around and one of the Johnson's hits an a big samoan neckbreaker on him. One of the Johnson's goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win.

Winners: Psicosis & James Storm

- Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler get introduced and come down to the ring. An NWA-TNA official discusses NASCAR with Sterling Marlin.

K-Krush comes out and shoots down Sterling Marlin. He said this is pro wrestling and not some place to talk about race cars. He says racing cars is not a sport. Hermie Sadler shoots on K-Krush saying he doesn't look like no athlete to him. K-Krush gets in Sadler's face but Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay comes out and takes out K-Krush. Grandmaster throws K-Krush over the top rope. Grandmaster gets on the mic and says he can't come down here and pick on Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler. He says why doesn't he come down her and pick on him instead. Grandmaster challenges K-Krush to a match next week and K-Krush accepts. Grandmaster leaves with Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler at his side.

Tag Team Match
Christian York & Joey Matthews vs. The Dupps

Match starts with both Dupps taking out Joey Matthews and throwing Christian York to the outside. Christian York gets back up on the ring apron, jumps up onto the top rope and hits a big dropkick on both Dupps. Both York and Matthews get into the ring and hit a double suplex on one of The Dupps. Bo Dupp gets the tag and works on Matthews. Bo hits a big boot to the face on Matthews followed by a big splash. Bo goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Stan Dupp gets the tag and he works on Matthews but Matthews counters with a virginia necktie. Christian York gets the tag and hits a big jumping clothesline on Bo Dupp. Bo gets up and attempts a big body splash on York but York moves out of the way. Stan Dupp gets in the ring and breaks it up until York knocks him out and then connecting with a Senton Splash on Bo Dupp. Matthews takes Stan Dupp to the outside. York gets into the ring and takes out Bo Dupp and climbs the top rope looking to hit a moonsault. The Dupp's cousin (and girlfriend) interferes throwing York off the top rope. Bo covers York for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3.

Winners: The Dupps

- Toby Keith sings his hit song to the NWA-TNA to the crowd but halfway through, Jeff Jarrett comes out and nails Keith from behind.

Jeff Jarrett gets on the mic and he tells Keith that no one wants to hear his stupid song. Jarrett asks Keith, "how do you like me now."

NOTE: new competitor comes out every 90 seconds, not 2 minutes as posted earlier

Gauntlet For The Gold (Winner will be declared new NWA World Heavyweight Champion)
Match starts with Buff Bagwell coming out first. Both men exchange numerous moves until Buff Bagwell throws Jarrett over the top rope. Jarrett stays on the ring apron, rolls back in, and throws Bagwell to the outside eliminating him. Buff Bagwell is eliminated. Lash LeRoux comes out next and Jeff Jarrett throws him out of the ring through the second rope. Jarrett brings LeRoux back in, hits The Stroke, and throws LeRoux over the top rope. Lash LeRoux is eliminated. Norman Smiley is out next and he takes Jarrett down. Smiley does the "wiggle" but Jarrett takes him down with a clothesline. Smiley hits a big bodyslam on Jarrett followed by Jarrett hitting a low blow with his foot. Jarrett hits The Stroke and throws Smiley over the top rope eliminating him. Norman Smiley is eliminated. Apollo enters the ring and Jarrett takes him down with numerous elbows to the back of Jarrett. Apollo takes down Jarrett with a big diving powerbomb followed by a big clothesline. Apollo throws Jarrett over the top rope but Jarrett holds on and rolls back in. Apollo throws Jarrett through the second rope, which wouldn't eliminate him, and Jarrett rolls back in. Time expires and K-Krush comes out and goes after Apollo. K-Krush hits a kick to the gut on Apollo followed by a big axe kick. Jeff Jarrett is laying in the corner watching on. K-Krush charges at Apollo but Apollo hits a clothesline on him. Jarrett goes after Apollo and hits some big punches on the top rope. K-Krush gets up on the turnbuckle and does the same. Apollo hits a double clothesline on Jarrett and K-Krush. Time expires and Slash comes out. Apollo goes right after Slash and he hits a big back body drop on him. Slash irish whips Apollo into the ropes but Apollo counters with a big swinging DDT. Apollo picks up Slash over his head but Jarrett breaks it up. Jarrett suplexes Apollo followed by Slash hitting two big elbow drops. Del Rios comes out dressed as Scott Steiner it looks. Rios goes for a overhead belly to belly suplex on Slash but Slash counters by biting him on the head. Rios hits the overhead belly to belly suplex on Slash as K-Krush and Jarrett attempt to eliminate Apollo in the corner. Time expires and Justice comes out. Justice works on Apollo nailing him with a big boot. Justice also hits a big boot on Jeff Jarrett. Justice then hits a big boot to Del Rios. Justice hits a modified side slam on Del Rios. Both Jarrett and Slash throw Apollo over the top rope but Apollo hangs on. Time expires and Konnan comes out. Konnan works on Jarrett and takes him out with a rolling clothesline. Konnan does the same to Slash, Del Rios, and Justice but Justice doesn't fall. Konnan hits the x-facotr on Justice taking him off of his feet. Justice works on Del Rios in the corner. Time expires and Joel Gertner comes out and introduces Bruce of the Rainbow Express. Bruce comes out but Apollo takes him down with a clothesline. Konnan works on Slash in the corner taking him off of his feet. Time expires and Rick Steiner comes out. Steiner takes out Slash, Jarrett, Justice and Bruce with big clotheslines. Steiner picks up Slash and he throws him over the top rope. Slash is eliminated. Justice charges at Rick Steiner but Steiner picks up and throws him back down hard with a big spinebuster. Steiner clotheslines Justice over the top rope. Justice is eliminated. Time expires and Malice comes out. Malice chokeslams Del Rios followed by Bruce, Konnan and K-Krush. Malice picks up Bruce and throws him over the top rope. Bruce is eliminated. Malice then throws Del Rios out. K-Krush is eliminated. Malice throws Konnan out. Konnan is eliminated. Malice then clotheslines Rick Steiner to the outside. Rick Steiner is eliminated. Time expires and Scott Hall comes out. Hall hits a clothesline on Jarrett and hits some punches to Malice. Hall works on Jarrett while Apollo works on Malice. Apollo hits a big dropkick on Malice. Hall kicks Jarrett in the gut and he connects with the Outsider's Edge! Time expires and Toby Keith comes out! Keith gets into the ring and hits a big hanging suplex on Jarrett! Hall and Keith pick up Jeff Jarret and throw him over the top rope! Jeff Jarrett is eliminated. Toby Keith leaves the ring as Hall, Apollo and Malice remain. Both Hall and Apollo hit big chops on Malice. Hall and Apollo shake hands. Time expires and Chris Harris comes out. Harris works on Apollo, misses a clothesline but then hits a Lou Thesz press. Time doesn't expire and Gangrel aka Vampire Warrior comes out. Warrior works on Hall and tries to throw him over the top rope but Apollo breaks it up. Vampire Warrior then works on Chris Harris. Malice gives Hall a big clothesline. Time expires and Devon Storm comes out. Storm works on Apollo first as Vampire Warrior and Scott Hall exchange punches. Storm hits a front suplex on Chris Harris. Both Vampire Warrior and Devon Storm work on Chris Harris. Scott Hall kicks back and watches in the corner. Time expires and Steve Corino comes out. Corino gets in the ring and goes after Devon Storm and Vampire Warrior. Corino hits a double clothesline on Warrior and Storm. Devon Storm his a jawbraker on Scott Hall followed by a superkick. Time expires and Ken Shamrock comes out. Shamrock gets in the ring and hits Corino with big kicks to the head. Hall goes after Shamrock but Shamrock fights back with big punches followed by hitting a powerslam on Chris Harris. Malice hits a modified chokeslam on Apollo. Time expires and Grandmaster Sexy (Brian Christopher) comes out. Sexay takes out Corino first. No more entries are left. Brian Christopher clothesline Warrior, Harris, and Storm hard. Chris Harris, Vampire Warrior and Devon Storm get eliminated. Sexay clotheslines Steve Corino to the outside. Steve Corino is eliminated. Malice takes down Sexay with a big chokeslam. Ken Shamrock picks up Sexay and throws him over the top rope. Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay is eliminated. Malice throws Apollo over the top rope. Apollo has been eliminated. Scott Hall attempts the Insider's Edge on Malice but Malice counters out of it and throws Scott Hall over the top rope. Scott Hall has been eliminated.

Ken Shamrock and Malice remain. Ricky Steamboat comes out and is now the referee for the final two men. Malice takes down Shamrock but Shamrock fights back with some punches to the gut. Malice irish whips Shamrock and hits a big side slam. Malice goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Malice hits a big suplex on Shamrock and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Shamrock flips over Malice attempting a roll-up but Malice nails Shamrock in the head and Shamrock gives up the pin attempt. Malice misses a elbow to the face on Shamrock, Malice turns around and attempts a chokeslam but Shamrock counters it into a big submission move on Malice's arm. Malice barely reaches over and grabs the bottom rope. Malice works on Shamrock hitting a few punches and kicks to the gut. Malice goes for a big boot on Shamrock but Shamrock grabs Malice's leg and applies the ankle lock! Malice falls to his stomach trying to crawl his way to the bottom rope. After a few seconds, Malice grabs the bottom rope. Shamrock pulls Malice back and keeps the ankle lock applied. Malice gets the bottom rope again and Steamboat breaks the hold on Shamrock. Malice regains composure in the corner but Shamrock nails him with some hard kicks to the ankle. Shamrock charges Malice but Malice lifts his boot and Shamrock falls down hard. Malice attempts a chokeslam on Shamrock but Shamrock breaks it up and hits a big overhead belly to belly suplex! Ken Shamrock goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, and 3 for the win!

Winner and NEW NWA Heavyweight Champion: Ken Shamrock

- Jeff Jarrett comes out and says he can't understand how the NWA Heavyweight Title can be determined in a Battle Royal match. He thinks what just happened is a big load of bull.

Jackie Fargo and Toby Keith come out. Fargo gets on the mic and says Jeff Jarrett will face Scott Hall next week on NWA-TNA! Scott Hall comes out and attacks Jeff Jarrett as the Pay Per View goes off the air...

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