Full NWA-TNA Pay Per View Results - 6/26

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On June 26, 2002 at 23:22:14

Full NWA-TNA Pay Per View Results - 6/26
Courtesy of: NWATNA.com

This week's edition of NWA TNA: Total Nonstop Action is in the books and once again, it was a wild night of Total Nonstop Action! Onto the results!

The show opened with Jeff Jarrett coming out to the ring and challenging Scott Hall, Jackie Fargo and Toby Keith to come out and get their match started right then and there. Hall and company were glad to answer the challenge. After back and forth action, Hall appeared ready to put Jarrett away when K Krush came out and made the save for Jarrett. Brian Christopher then came out and ran off Krush. Then, as Jarrett w as going for the Stroke, Toby Keith came in and gave Jarrett a low blow. Hall then pinned Jarrett to win the match.

Cheeks, with the Brown Eyed Girl, beat Frank Parker with sit down splash. When Cheeks hits it, it certainly is BIG! During the match, Mike Tenay announced that Brian Christopher and Scott Hall would team up to take on Jeff Jarrett and K Krush next week. Tenay also announced that the new NWA Tag Team Champions would be crowned in a tournament next week as well.

Also during the match, Alicia came out talked to Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash, eventually convincing him to give her money, just as she did to Slick Johnson last week.

Brian Christopher, with NASCAR's Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler, beat K Krush in grudge match. Near the end of the match, as Krush was coming out of the ring to the apron, Sadler and Marlin got on the apron and used the rope to give Krush the Atomic Buster to the nether regions. Christopher then put on the goggles and hit the Hip Hop Drop for the win.

Next up was the Lingerie Battle Royal to crown the first Miss TNA. The rules were simple, when you were stripped of your bed clothes, you were out of the match. Francine, who many though was the early favorite, was eliminated by a group of women and wasn't at all happy about it. It came down Taylor Vaughn and Elektra, and Taylor got the win. Francine, who had take the belt off of Ed Ferrara when Ed was hoping to make some time with her, then came into the ring and stripped Taylor and whipped her with the belt.

Apolo beat David Young, with Bobcat, when he hit an impressive Stunner out of a Fireman's Carry. Apolo again should a repetoire of moves that belied his size. Throughout the match, Bobcat was all over Jeremy Borash. After the match, she ran into the ring and didn't seem to care at all that her man lost.

The Rainbow Express, Lenny and Bruce, were then introduced by their manager, Joel Gertner. Gertner said that even though his team was gay, there are gay people all around us. The Dupps, who were in the back with Fluff Dupp, were scheduled to wrestle them but refused to do so because they didn't want to wrestle gay men. Chris Harris and Cowboy James Storm were shown coming and NWA executive Bill Behrens asked them to wrestle Lenny and Bruce. They accepted and we right to the ring, in their street clothes. Storm and Harris got the pin when Lenny accidentally collided with Bruce and got rolled up.

Ricky Steamboat then came to the ring and brought out the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrcock. Shamrock said that he would defend the NWA belt with honor. Just then, he was interrupted by Minister James Mitchell, who said he was on a mission from God. As he told Shamrock, "Not yours, mine". Mitchell then challenged Shamrock to defend the title against his man Slash next week. Shamrock laid down the belt and said they should do it right now. Malice then snuck in from behind and chokeslammed Shamrock. He then choked the champ. Steamboat tried to pull off Malice, but was thrown off. Security tried to pull Malice off as well, but the big man didn't stop his attack until Mitchell told him too. He told Malice to save some of Shamrock for next week, when Shamrock will defend the NWA Title against Malice.

Then it was time for the much anticipated main event to determine the first ever X Division Champion. The match was under double elimination rules. When a man lost twice, he is eliminated. Words can't describe what an amazing bout this was.

The bout opened with AJ Styles taking Psicosis. Styles beat Psicosis with the Styles Clash, and Low Ki came into the ring. Styles pinned him with a face buster. Jerry Lynn then came right in and hit a cradle piledriver on a tired Styles and pinned him. Psicosis then faced off with Lynn. They went at it fast and furious until Lynn eliminated Psicosis with the cradle piledriver. Low Ki immediately came into and went after Lynn, who at that point was undefeated. Lynn and Low Ki went at it until Lynn finally hit the cradle piledriver to eliminate Low Ki. Lynn had the advantage on Styles at that point since Styles was pinned once already while Lynn had yet to have his shoulders touch the mat for three.

Styles fought off elimination by pinning Lynn with the Styles Clash. Now, it was sudden death and Ricky Steamboat came in to referee the final fall. It was phenomenal action that went back and forth until Styles hit a "you have to see it to believe it" Spiral Tap off of the top rope to become the first X Division Champion!

Credit: NWATNA.com

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