Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 7/10

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On July 10, 2002 at 22:41:23

Full NWA TNA Pay Per View Results - 7/10
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In the opener, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn put the NWA Tag Team Titles on the line against Tempest (formerly known as Devon Storm) and Slash, who were accompanied by Father James Mitchell. We found out before the match that Tempest has changed his name on orders from Mitchell. After Styles fought for most of the match, he finally made the tag to Lynn, who came in like a house afire. Lynn hit the cradle piledriver on Tempest and went for the pin but Slash broke up the attempt. Lynn backdropped him to the floor. While Lynn was against the ropes doing the move on Slash, Styles blind tagged him and hit the Styles Clash on Tempest and scored the pin. Lynn looked a bit perplexed that Styles had tagged himself in and scored the pin.

Brian Christopher then came out to the ring, mike in hand. Christopher told the crowd that there comes a time in everyone's life when they make a transition from a child to an adult. He said that all his life he has been labeled a child, as well as Jerry Lawler's son. He said that he is more than "Jerry's kid" and actually told his father, "screw you Jerry Lawler" and then told dad to "go to hell". He said that Scott Hall paid the price last week for his coming of age. He said that from now on, he wasn't Jerry's kid. He was now Brian Lawler. Just then, Screamin' Norman Smiley came out to wrestle Brian Lawler. Lawler won a hard fought battle when he pinned Smiley after the Hip Hop Drop. The crowd did their best to not let Lawler forget his roots by chanting "Jerry's Kid" during the match.

During the match, the announcers informed us that Lawler would wrestle Scott Hall next week.

In the back, Goldylocks walked up on Jeff Jarrett and Bill Behrens while Jarrett was demanding an NWA Title shot from Behrens. Behrens told him that Takao Omori would face NWA Champion Ken Shamrock tonight. Jarrett stormed away before Goldy could talk to him. In the background, we heard Father Mitchell yelling at his men but as she went to see what was being said, the door to the room they were in suddenly shut.

After a recap of the situation between Hermie Sadler and K Krush, Krush came to the ring and berated the fans with some rather colorful language. Sadler then came out to the ring for his match with Krush. NASCAR's best started off strongly, but then the more experienced Krush took over. Krush hit many finishing maneuvers, but Hermie kept kicking out. Finally, Krush got the win when he used the ropes for leverage to pin Sadler. But, after the match Krush hit Sadler with a cheap shot and referee Slick Johnson reversed the decision and awarded the win to Hermie. Sadler earned everyone's respect with his showing in this match.

Takao Omori was working out in the back when Alicia came up to him and stuck her hand out. He joined the group of people who have paid her money. We still don't know why people were paying her off, and Ed Ferrara, who knows the reason, wasn't saying.

The Hot Shots (Chase and Cassidy) then took on the Brisco Brothers (Mark and Jay). The four youngsters were in the midst of a great match when Malice hit the ring and took out both Hot Shots. He then double clotheslined the Briscos. He started chokeslamming everyone, just going nuts. When he was done, Father Mitchell, who was with Tempest and Slash, took the mike and said that vengeance was his. He said that they would not leave the ring until Ken Shamrock came out and faced his men. He said that if Shamrock didn't come out, Malice would destroy everyone until he did. Mitchell quickly scanned around ringside and then pointed to the timekeeper. Malice was about to destroy the helpless and hapless official when Shamrock hit the ring. The odds were against the champion however and Malice was about to chokeslam him when Takao Omori hit the ring and made the save so that he would get a title shot, with Shamrock at his best, later tonight.

In the back, Goldylocks was with the Dupps. Bo Dupp seemed a little "friendly" with Fluff Dupp. Goldy told us that the Dupps would wrestle the Flying Elvises tonight. Their match was up next. Then suddenly, Jasmin St. Claire came out to ringside. She said that she had been watching the show for the last three weeks and had been waiting to see some ass. She said that she knows what TNA stands for and she wanted to show the fans some tonight. They wanted to see it too! She said that tonight was their lucky night and she was going to flaunt it just for them. She asked for a chair and referee Slick Johnson gave her one. She grabbed Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash and said that she would make him sweat. She did indeed, doing a lap dance for Borash. Borash's eyes appeared to bug out of his head. Jasmin then took off her thong and placed it on Borash's face. Just then, NWA VP Bill Behrens came out to stop her. Ed Ferrara left his announce position and speared him. Behrens managed to get up, cover up Jasmin and become the most hated man in America in a matter of seconds when he stopped Jasmin from giving the fans what they wanted.

After Jasmin left, against her and our wills, it was time for The Dupps vs. The Flying Elvises. At the beginning of the match, Mortimer Plumtree came out to scout the teams. He said that the Johnsons' actions from last week stemmed from their passion and things would be OK between himself and them. When he was asked if they all made up, Plumtree wouldn't answer. He watched a hard fought battle that saw the Elvises win when Jorge Estrada hit the Perfect 10 on Stan Dupp.

We shot to the back where Lynn and Styles were brawling in the catering area. They fought all over until Lynn did a cradle piledriver on Styles on top of a storage case. Lynn called Styles a glory hound and threw his title belt at the prone champion.

Then, it was time for Ken Shamrock to defend the NWA World Heavyweight Title against Takao Omori. Eight time NWA champion Harley Race came to ringside for the bout. This was hotly contested match-up that saw Shamrock finally get the ankle lock on Omori. Ken appeared to be on his way to victory when Jeff Jarrett ran down to ringside and laid out both men, as well as Race, with chairshots. Security tried to restrain him, and he hit them too. Finally, Jarrett left after running out of people to hit with the chair.

In the back, Goldylocks asked Jerry Lynn why he attacked AJ Styles. Lynn said, "You want some? Open up and say 'ah',", then left. Father Mitchell came in and told Goldy to tell Jeff Jarrett that he wants to speak with him. He felt that Jarrett was about to commit a sin and he wanted to talk to him before he did so. There was moaning in the background. After looking around, Goldylocks found Bill Behrens bound up with "F U" written on his bare stomach.

The six man elimination match to determine the number one contender for AJ Styles' X Division Title closed out the show. Your combatants were Low Ki, Elix Skipper, Kid Romeo, Tony Mamaluke, Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn. The rules were that once a man was pinned or submitted, they were out of the match. The first man out becomes the number six contender to the X Division, the second man number five, etc. The winner of tonight's match will be the number one contender and face Styles on next week's show.

The order of elimination was as follows:

1) Jerry Lynn was counted out after being dumped to the floor and not being able to make it back to the ring apron before the ten count. Lynn is the number six contender.

2) Elix Skipper pinned Tony Mamaluke. Mamaluke is the number five contender.

3) Chris Daniels pinned Elix Skipper. Skipper is the number four contender,

4) Low Ki made Kid Romeo submit. Romeo is the number three contender.

At that point, it was down to Low Ki vs. Daniels. They fought tooth and nail, with numerous near falls, before Ki won the match with an amazing version of the Fisherman's Buster. Low Ki will take on AJ Styles next week, live on pay-per-view.

After the match, The Flying Elvises came into the ring and attacked both men. Sonny Siaki said that they were doing it because the NWA didn't want them to be a part of the X Division and had shut them out of the contender's match. Finally, the other four men from the main event came back to the ring and ran off the Elvises.

Before the show went off the air, Mike Tenay announced the following matches for next week:

AJ Styles vs. Low Ki for the X Division Title.

Scott Hall vs. Brian Lawler.

Hardcore midget Puppet vs. Meatball, the world's largest midget.

Just then, Jeff Jarrett came to ringside and said that next week he will get his title shot. Jarrett then attacked a member of the Tennessee Titans who, along with some of his teammates, beat on Jarrett. Father James Mitchell came down to ringside with Malice, Tempest and Slash. Malice brawled with Jarrett as the show went off the air. It was yet another wild night of action!

Also, thanks to Lee Dismuke for the following results:

Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles D Slash and Tempest.

Review of Brian Christopher's betrayal (Phone Call to Scott Hall During)
Nothing big said, he's going to go after Brian Christopher first, then K-Krush, then he's going to give Jarrett something "Special".

Brian Christopher comes out with the mic. Major Heat! He hated being in his father's shadow. Screw Jerry Lawler he says! He says Jerry Lawler can go to hell! He complains about how his father was never there, how he put everything into wrestling, not his son. He drops the "Christopher" name, he is now "Brian Lawler".

Brian Lawler D Norman Smiley WITHOUT the goggles!!!

Jarrett has been suspended.

K-Krush thought he defeated Hermie Sadler, but Krush used the ropes to get the pin, and the Pit Crew told the ref. The Ref reversed the decision. Sadler wins by decision.

No contest between The Brisco Bros. (Not the old guys! these guys are 18) and Hot Shots when Malice interrupts. Malice hit a chokeslam on one of the Brisco's and I swear it sounded like Pyro it was so damn loud!!!

In a very seductive and funny segment, Jasmine St. Claire decided to take off her thong, and tried to give Borash a lap dance, and almost got nude when some guy that worked for NWA covered her up. Can someone say blueballs?

Flying Elvis's D The Dupps (???)

AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn get into a fight backstage! Yes, they are the Tag Champs!!!

Harley Race is brought out for the NWA Championship.

No Contest when Jarrett comes in with a chair. He also hits Harley Race with a chair! Security it getting some lead!

Bill Barrens (sp?) is down with the FU on his belly.

6 man Elimination for X Division. Whoever wins the match is the #1 contender. The first eliminated is #6 contender

6) Jerry Lynn *Counted Out*
5) Tony Mamaluke
4) Elix Skipper
3) Kid Romeo *Tap Out from Dragon Clutch*
2) Christopher Daniels *Pin after Fisherman's Buster*
1) Low Ki *Winner*

After the match the Flying Elvis's attacked Low Ki and Daniels. The Rest of the match's competitors come out to stop the brawl.

Out comes Jarrett. He starts a fight with one of the Titans and he gets his ass kicked!!! This doesn't seem like it was supposed to happen. Malice, Slash and Tempest come out to attack Jarrett.

That's it!

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