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Pro Wrestling Radio returns live and online this Wednesday night April 22 at 7 PM/EST.

The show is scheduled 7-8:30 PM/EST with an optional over time. I will take your calls throughout the entire show and I will take questions from the chat room. This has been a very crazy week of pro wrestling and MMA news. We have a lot to talk about. I will talk about Jeff Hardy leaving the WWE, Ricky Steamboat’s continued comeback, TNA Lockdown, Taz rumors to TNA, Bobby Lashley to TNA, Mick Foley-Sting, TNA’s future, WWE Backlash, backstage gossip, and more. I also want to get into some MMA and talk UFC 97 and the fallout from Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva. I will also talk about anything else you have on your mind at

Call in with your question or comment toll-free 1-877-800-8834 or skype id – eric.gargiulo.
Listen live online with no downloads at
I also have a chat room open on the tvbydemand page during the show.

Check out radio show FAQs for any issues or questions on how to listen by clicking here.
John did a great job of answering all of your questions on

I have re-launched the Camel Clutch Blog.

I am back to talking Pro Wrestling, MMA, NFL, politics, pop culture, and more.

The blog is now located at

Pro Wrestling Radio is available on I Tunes! Click here or copy and paste this link

You must have I Tunes installed in order for this to work. I have continued to upload archives and classics. There are plenty on there available for download.

Check out my website to listen and download recent and classic radio shows, read commentaries/diaries, latest Pro Wrestling Radio show news and updates, classic shows, my career gallery, and more.

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Devastation University (the training arm of DWF and Loco Wrestling) has moved it’s training facility to 523 Howard Street Riverton NJ. For more information or to Train to be a Professional Wrestler contact us at 215-279-8619.