My thoughts on ?Gentleman’s Choice?

?Gentleman? Chris Adams fit a pattern that many substance abusers fall into; a genuine nice guy who becomes a totally different when using drugs and alcohol. Kevin Von Erich is interviewed for the documentary and said that he doesn?t want people to remember Adams for the final years of his life, but his demons had possessed him for years, as the documentary correctly portrays. Adams was an abusive individual that made many enemies in and out of the pro wrestling business. I applaud the documentary’s honest approach to the life and career of a one time great pro wrestler, but at times, a not so gentlemanly figure.

The documentary interviews many people that knew Adams best, his parents, his brother, a few of his former wives, his mentors, and friends in and out of the drug culture. In watching the documentary, I got the sense that Adams never truly took responsibility for life. The documentary features his young daughter Julia, and step children from his fourth and final marriage. It is the sad reality when people bring children into the world and don?t take care of themselves, not even for their kids.

Most will remember Chris Adams as the trainer of ?Stone Cold? Steve Austin, and the documentary features footage of a young body building ?rattlesnake? breaking into the business. The story goes that Austin ended up marrying Jeanie, Chris’s ex-wife. Jeanie is interviewed for the documentary, and talks about meeting Adams. Jeanie is often credited as coming up with the nickname ?Stone Cold? for her then husband Austin.

What I liked best about the documentary is that you met the people that where present during the best and worst times of Adams? life. If you decide to purchase this DVD, and I recommend that you do, you will meet the man that present when Adams and his then girlfriend spent a night drinking and mixing drugs that resulted in the death of Linda Kaphengst. Prior to his death, Adams was indicted on manslaughter charges and was awaiting the trial.

In a bit of irony, Adams was a fan of westerns and his hero was Doc Holliday, who was known for his drinking, womanizing, and gambling. It was a lifestyle that Adams seemed to pattern. Adams spent time in jail, went through multiple divorces, sought the services of a hit man to murder an associate, and owed friends and the IRS thousands of dollars. In the end, a drunken Adams attacked a friend in his home in Texas that resulted in self defense. The friend shot a violent man and ended a life that at one time had so much going for it – good looks, money, great in ring abilities, the adoration of fans, a loving family, and good friends.

If you are a fan of World Class Championship Wrestling, ?Gentleman’s Choice? makes a great companion to the ?Heroes of World Class.?

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