Marvin Ward sent this in:


Due to issues with promoter Brian Barth of not honoring his business dealings with us as promised, DEBRA will not be appearing on Saturday May 2 at the Middletown Flea Market in Middletown NY. Debra wants to apologize to all the fans as she was looking forward to meeting everyone.

Brian Barth contacted us on March 7 explaining he wanted to book Debra for two dates on May 2 and 3. We explained to Brian the price, even giving him a discount for 2 days and explained there was to be a 50% deposit provided along with round trip airfare 30 days before the date.

After numerous attempts the past week to have Brian honor his deal, he insisted to continue to give us the run around. The dates are 2 weeks away and he still has not even purchased the airline ticket or sent a deposit.

After exchanging numerous emails with Brian, he failed to let us know he no longer had a venue for the May 3 date for Debra. Again, after emailing him, he explained to us he would still honor the price. I explained to him that since he broke his agreement with us, Debra would have to be paid in full before the event as it seemed too shady. Brian emailed and said that’s fine he would honor the deal.

Then tonight I receive an email saying if I didn?t call him by noon Monday and we work something out, he would not be using Debra. So after feeling very uncomfortable about his business practices and not wanting to honor the prior arrangements, we feel it is best for Debra not to risk doing business with this man.

Debra has been working for some very good reliable promoters and we will not let one bad one spoil the bunch. We again want to apologize to the fans and we are working to get Debra book with someone else in order for her to meet her fans.