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In the recent Game Informer magazine (featuring Assassin’s Creed 2 on the cover), AJ Styles is featured, revealing his top 5 video games. He’s also listed as TNA Legends Champion. Also, they reviewed Legends Of Wrestlemania, giving it an 8.5 out of 10.

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(Halifax, April 8, 2009) On the heels of the Academy Award Nominated ?The Wrestler,? Hemmings House Pictures is pleased to announce the release of their new docu-soap series on independent wrestling, ?Kardinal Sinners? premiering on Canada’s most recent HD specialty channel, RUSH HD on April 27 at 8:30 PM EST.

?Kardinal Sinners? follows a troop of ?heel? wrestlers on their travels from one small venue to the next, in the pursuit of fame and fortune. Unlike other wrestling television shows, ?Kardinal Sinners? gives an insider’s view of the scripted outcomes, real hits and behind-the-scenes drama. Filmed in an entertaining and irreverent fashion, this Canadian series will appeal to wrestling fans and non-fans alike. Despite the economy, the current state of Canadian broadcasting and the bombardment of American programming on Canadian televisions, ?Kardinal Sinners? is a Canadian series that truly kicks ass.

The Kardinal Sinners are four Atlantic Canadian wrestlers: Brody Steele (Peter Smith), Trash Canyon (Rick Doyle), Kowboy Mike Hughes, and Wildman Gary Williams (Gary Gallant), who travel on tour from Cape Breton to Ottawa. The series also features independent wrestler Frankie Sloan (Simon Hollinrake) from England and former WWE superstars Bushwhacker Luke (Luke Williams) and Al Snow.

?Kardinal Sinners? is the unofficial continuation of the 2008 HHP series ?Wrestling Reality.? Following the previous series, the wrestler’s expectations for success were not realized and some have lost their passion and thrown in the towel all together. Drama ensues and friendships are destroyed as the group attempts one last kick at the can for fame and fortune.

The Producer of this series, Hemmings House Pictures, is an award-winning independent production company comprised of young professionals based out of Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Rush HD is Canada’s high-octane adventure channel, catapulting you into everything extreme, where limits only exist to be tested and broken bones are a badge of honour. Let Rush HD take your breath away with non-stop HD adventure including IMAX Original Films, documentaries and extreme action feature films – all uncut and commercial free. Rush HD is part of the Nature, Culture and Adventure suite of HD channels from High Fidelity HDTV. As Canada’s leading all-HD broadcast and production company, High Fidelity HDTV broadcasts four channels, Oasis HD, Equator HD, Treasure HD and Rush HD.

To learn more about Hemmings House Pictures, visit or for a preview from Rush HD, visit .