Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in:


It’s been said that history is written by the winners. So in an effort to stave off any distortion or augmentation of the facts by the big winner in Stamford, Kayfabe Commentaries has released their first volume of “Timeline: The History of WWE” on DVD today. This edition covers the year 1987.

The format of each edition of the series features one year being dissected by a major federation player of the time. This series premiere, 1987, is told by The Honky Tonk Man. The show begins in January and covers all major events through December 31. Some of the spotlighted events covered include Wrestlemania III, Jim Neidhardt’s arrest, Jake Roberts, Outback Jack, The Slammys, Piledriver the Album, the videos, the Duggan/Sheik arrest, and much more.

“We’re looking to create the most complete, historical compendium on the biggest wrestling federation of all time,” said Kayfabe Commentaries’ Sean Oliver. “Eventually, your DVD shelf will have all of the years, and all of the stars lined up telling the whole story.” To assist them with this historical journey, Kayfabe Commentaries has enlisted the help of The History of WWE.com, which currently hosts a large, online collection of data, ratings, and results.

“This was the perfect marriage for this product,” Oliver said. “We hope wrestling historians and fans of the WWE past and present will enjoy this as journey as much as we are.”

“Timeline: The History of WWE – 1987 As told by The Honky Tonk Man” is onsale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.