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Pro Wrestling Radio will be returning after a month-long hiatus starting this Wednesday to Pro Wrestling announcer and host, Eric Gargiulo will bring fifteen years of pro wrestling experience and expertise the fans and listeners of Eric’s Pro Wrestling Radio will continue a tradition started in 1999 with a debut show that set the standard for over 10 years of Pro Wrestling Radio. Pro Wrestling Radio will continue its same format of featuring guests from all across the pro wrestling world and open lines for callers around the world. Past guests include; Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Superstar Graham, Edge, Chris Jericho and Eric’s most popular guest Bruno Sammartino who has made a record 8 appearances on the show over the last 8 years. Eric will be bringing his rolodex with him to the new Pro Wrestling Radio. The show will also give callers the opportunity to talk about anything they want in the world of pro wrestling. Pro Wrestling Radio has always been known for its thought-provoking callers from all over the world on a weekly basis.

Eric started Pro Wrestling Radio in 1999 on WBCB radio. Eric’s Pro Wrestling Radio aired weekly for over ten years on WBCB making it the longest consecutive pro wrestling show at the time on terrestrial radio. Eric’s face and voice are also very familiar to pro wrestling fans around the world. As a commentator and host, Eric has been featured on television, home-video, and pay-per-view for the last decade. Eric’s career in pro wrestling dates back to his days as a ring announcer in ECW in 1996. Some of Eric’s credits include; CZW, ROH, WEW and Japanese Hardcore Wrestling pay-per-views, DWOW, PWX, and more. Eric’s voice and interview skills can also be heard on hundreds of RF Video Shoot Interviews dating back to 1997. Eric’s experiences in and out of the wrestling ring give him a unique perspective on sports entertainment. This has been the key to the longevity and reputation of Pro Wrestling Radio.

Pro Wrestling Radio will make the official jump from terrestrial radio to the Internet airwaves beginning this Wednesday at 7 PM/EST. The show will be scheduled for one-hour, with the availability to go into over-time mode for as long as Eric wants. This week’s show will feature a variety of topics. Eric will catch up on the last month and the transition of the show to the Internet. Eric will also catch up on a WrestleMania recap and thoughts, thoughts on TNA Lockdown, Strikeforce Diaz-Shamrock, the WWE draft, Ric Flair in ROH, and anything else you want to talk about. Eric will take calls toll free at 1-877-800-8834 or Skype ID eric.gargiulo. This week’s show will start at 7 and end until he takes the last caller, whenever that will be. Make this a historic event and get in with your question or comment. Email questions to Eric as well at has given Pro Wrestling Radio a 24/7 channel. Listening to the show will be as simple as plugging the website url into your Web Browser. Check out archives of past Pro Wrestling Radio shows at both and on iTunes at Check out Eric’s official blog site for his newest columns on pro wrestling, sports, pop culture, and more at Disagree with something Eric wrote? Call in this Wednesday and let him know about it.

A new chapter in Pro Wrestling Radio begins this Wednesday night. Be there!

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