Gavin Spears on WWE release, OVW

False Count Radio sent this in:

Former World Wrestling Entertainment Smackdown Branded Superstar, Shawn Spears formerly known as Gavin Spears was a special guest on last weekends Saturday live edition of False Count Radio. This interview is available for download By simply visiting: The Interview starts about 32:00 mins into the broadcast.

– Shawn says he broke his hand the week he was released from WWE so he had to take some time to let that heal, But now that it’s in the healing process he’s ready to get back in the game, by training harder and picking up where he left off.

– Says that training with Current TNA Star Eric Young was Phenomenal, He’s one of the most under rated wrestlers right now probably in the world. Not only did he help him with training but he gave him a place to stay and taught him the psychology part of professional Wrestling.

– Shawn says he will never forget his debut match in Ohio Valley Wrestling Because it was a good time for him because he hadn’t been down their very long and he had the pleasure of getting in the ring with Simon, Who had a long history in OVW and was one of the longest reigning champions so it was quite a moment.

– Says it was Al Snow’s idea to pair him and Cody Rhodes up, Because he had just come into OVW, This was during the time C.M Punk, The Untouchables(Duece and Domino), The Miz and alot of other great talent. So they saw two baby faces and put him and Cody together which was a pretty good idea.

– He feuded with Cody for the Television title, But Cody Held the Heavyweight title for awhile and he isn’t sure if they had plans for Him to win the Heavyweight Title From Him.

– Shawn says he met Vince McMahon on a few occasions, that Vince is very busy and he doesn’t know if he sleeps because he’s so busy.

– Says Steve Kiern was a straight shooter and would tell you like it is, if you asked him a question he would give you a honest answer, thats why he is down in Florida helping the younger generation. Says Kiern would help over look his match and give him pointers.

– Shawn says he has no idea if their were any big plans for him when he was brought up to the ECW Roster and that it happened kind of quickly in terms of moving up on the roster in the ways of the talent that came in as part of the “Talent initiative” and that he was one of the first two or three to be brought up, But he was given the opportunity. Alot of the plans happened behind closed doors but he did the best he could.

Other Topics Include:

Border City Wrestling, Scott D’Amore as a promoter, Wild Samoans promotion WXW, Al Snow, fueding with the Untouchables, Best Advice given, amongst many other great topics during this interview