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The Mike Trash Show
Every Tuesday Night at 7:00pm
Tommy Rich, April Hunter & J-Money on 4/14 TTRS
Last Show we had on The Snakeman. Check him out in the archives.
Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.
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Tommy Rich

He is a former NWA champion and was well known on the circuit as the “Wildfire” He had his run as a fan favorite as well and not so loved. He can tell stories of when the territories were thriving.
April Hunter

Last time she was on the show was about 32 years ago. Alot has happened since then and we will use this time to catch up on her and her hubby’s lifestyle. We will see how the Life in and out of the business has treated them.

It has been a while since he was on the show and with CCW having another show coming up he returns and gives us an update. He is one of the guys coming into his own and he continues to strive to be the best out there.

Chad Szeliga – Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)
Ronnie Paige – Fuel (Bass)
Jose Hernandez JR From HBO’s OZ
Cheryl Bachman – Playboy Centerfold 1991
Dara “Like Dat” Boyd – Flavor of Love/Flavor of Love Charm School
John MacAluso – TNT, Riot, Ark Drummer
Metal Mike – Halford, Sebastian Bach, Pain Museum (Guitarist)
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