Brian Kelley of sent this in:

Classic interviews with Austin, Steamboat, and DDP Master Tapes is a weekly show that looks back on classic wrestling radio interviews from the 13 year history of A new one hour show premieres every Friday streaming from 6-10PM ET (and archived later in the weekend).

Earlier this week we archived our Steve Austin special which features two classic Austin interviews. The first is from 1996, just prior to the full blown start of Stone Cold Mania. The interview was taking place to promote a WWE Monday Night Raw episode that would be happening at MSG, the same event that would see Austin give Vince McMahon the stunner for the first time. Then we fast forward seven years to a 2003 interview with Austin following the final match of his career. Austin is very candid and holds nothing back in both of these interviews.

And coming up this weekend (4/10) The Big Mosh from Monday Night Mayhem will be hosting another special edition of AW Master Tapes with guests Diamond Dallas Page and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. In these 2005 interviews, DDP discusses his lawsuit against Jay Z, and later in the show Ricky Steamboat discusses his itch to get back into the ring while working as a backstage agent for WWE.

You can find out more about the show and listen to past editions in the new “Classics” subsite on