World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer, Afa “The Wild Samoan”, Was one of our guests on A very Special Live Episode(4/8/2009), of False Count Radio, Hosts: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Juicin” Jobber and “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex R sat down for a very insightful interview. Afa The Wild Samoan Comes At About Hour thirty Minutes into the broadcast that can be downloaded by Visiting:

-Host JT Evans asks Afa on how it was being part of WrestleMania weekend, along with Mickey Rourke, in which Afa replies that it was very exciting seeing he got to be with old friends and how it was like a reunion.

-Afa says that he and his brother Sika actually came up with the Wild Samoans gimmick, due to their wild and crazy nature, but before they used their real names which were the Anoai Brothers.

-Afa thought that it was an honor to be trained by the ?High Chief? Peter Maivia & Rocky Johnson, because those two were on the road a lot and whenever they had a few hours or minutes they could have taken off to be with their families, they spent time with him and others to train, which he can?t forget.

-Afa says he was there when Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson was born and was around him almost all his life. Afa goes on to say that The Rock’s mother has videos of him from when he was an infant till he became an adult, just entertaining people. Afa says that nobody ever thought he was going to become a big star, like he is today.

-Afa talks about how Stampede was he and his brother’s first territory and how they?d go down to the Dungeon a lot, although they didn?t have to endure the pain that others did there. Afa puts over Stu as someone who he owes a lot to, along with family for helping so many people in the business.

-Afa said that Andre the Giant was very fun to work with, unless you piss him off. Afa talked about how Andre would help you get over, how he would want you to work hard and not make him look bad.

-Juicin Jobber asks Afa his memories of he and Sika taking on Pedro Morales & Bob Backlund at Showdown at Shea, which Afa thought was an exciting match. Afa discusses how he and Sika were shooting in the match, as Bob Backlund didn?t want to sell for them in the match. Afa thinks it was one of those matches that were hard, but should have been a lot easier.

-Afa thought it was different and exciting to be apart of the movie ?Body Slam?, despite thinking the wrestlers were lousy actors. Afa believes though that when the years passed by, wrestlers started to feel more comfortable on camera. He talks about how he and Sika’s gimmick were that of wild men, but when being put in a suit for the movie, it just didn?t feel comfortable.

-Afa puts over ?Captain? Lou Albano as the greatest manager ever and that there is only one Captain Lou.

-Afa says that he started World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW), because he wanted to give back to kids who want to be in the business. Afa goes on how back in the day, it was difficult to find a wrestling school as you had to go find it all over the place. He puts over WXW as a place to help feel more comfortable working in front of a crowd and on camera.

-When asked about training Mickey Rourke, Afa said that at first Rourke didn?t see much in wrestling or like it, despite having to train for the movie. Afa asked Rourke to see what he thinks of wrestling two or three days later after the training, so two days later Rourke apologized to Afa and told him that he had wrestling figured out all wrong and at that point on he respected it. Afa says that almost everyday, Mickey texts him or calls him and that they spent a lot of time together at WrestleMania 25. Afa now calls Mickey as ?one of the boys?.

Afa also discusses working in the territories, winning the WWWF Tag Titles with Sika, respecting the ?old timers?, managing the Headshrinkers, Yokozuna, his most successful students, his thoughts on The Wrestler, being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and more!

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