Haku on his career, time in WCW/WWE

False Count Radio sent this in:

Former World Championship Wrestling & World Wrestling Federation Superstar, Haku aka Meng, Was one of our guests on A very Special Live Episode(4/8/2009), of False Count Radio, Hosts: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Juicin” Jobber and “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex R sat down for a very insightful interview. Haku aka Meng Comes At About Fourty Five Mins into the broadcast that can be downloaded by Visiting: http://www.falsecountradio.com

-Haku talks about how he is now working full time and that the Barbarian is still involved in the business today in North Carolina. Haku also says that he doesn?t see himself getting back in the ring.

-Haku talks about the time he body slammed Big John Studd, in which he calls it his first big break in the WWF and how it was great. Haku talks about how it’s something that people still talk about it.

-Haku thought the king gimmick as ?King Haku? was great and how it was one of the highlights of his career. Haku also discusses how he loved the whole ceremony with the wrestlers in the ring and how many of them are no longer with us.

-A caller asks Haku about his feelings towards being apart of WCW as Meng. Haku says it was good, seeing he worked with a lot of the guys in the company before, such as Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, and Ricky Steamboat, which made him feel at home.

-Host JT Evans asks what it was like to team with Andre the Giant, which Haku puts it over as an honor. Haku said that it was the only time he was a champion in the WWF, as a tag champion with Andre.

-Haku puts over the Ultimate Warrior as a great wrestler, with a great body, and unbelievable he was. Haku thought the Warrior was a great addition to the business.

-Haku thought it was great to be paired up with Colonel Rob Parker, as he was a good man to be around. Haku said that despite Parker being part of a known wrestling family, it was the first time he?d met him (in WCW) and that it was a great thing.

-The Juicin Jobber asks Haku how it was being part of the Dungeon of Doom, in which Haku laughs. He thought being part of the group was a lot of fun, despite taping a lot of the vignettes in the middle of the night in Universal Studios.

-Haku thought his feud with Bill Goldberg was great, although he wishes that WCW did it in a ?different side of it?. He remembers how WCW was pushing him (Haku) so hard one night, but in the end was defeated by Goldberg in the same night. Overall, he enjoyed working with Goldberg.

-Haku talks about returning to the 2001 Royal Rumble, where he believes that his heart for the business just wasn?t there anymore after being released from WCW. Haku says that he still didn?t have heart for wrestling, even when working for Japan again, after his WWE release in 2001.

-Haku says he’s grateful for wrestling and that he’s proud to have been a wrestler, seeing he made a living and that it helped take care for his family. Haku thinks that it would be great if WWE asked him to be part of their hall of fame.

-Haku puts over Arn Anderson as a good friend to this day, in which they used to travel together, shared rooms together, and worked out together. Haku then discusses his gratitude towards the wrestlers and promoters that he’s worked for.

Haku also discusses on how he transcend from sumo wrestling to pro wrestling, Dino Bravo, The Islanders, the WCW Hardcore Championship, his relationship with Hulk Hogan, the Tower of Doom match, his tough man reputation, and more!