Recap of Dwayne Johnson on UK show

Lee McCallum sent this recap in:

dwayne johnson on uk teatime chat show the paul o’grady show. paul o’grady was on holiday so dermot o’leary was the guest host.

introduced as dwayne johnson and a list of the movies he has starred in.

first he is congratulated on the success of the new movie in america. asked if it is a remake he says the term now is re imagined.

his daughter was a fan of the original so he wanted to make it so she could see it as some of his movies are not suitable for her.

talk about his character jack bruno.

talks about the challenges of green screen.

they then show a clip of the movie.

asks if dwayne believes in ufo’s and he says he believes in alot of stuff like that having the possibility of existing,

tells a story about when he thought he saw an alien and he woke up the next day and realized he was just drunk. rock says him and the alien made breakfast together and it was a healthy probing, then rock says this is a family afternoon show so he has to be careful.

talked about him hosting saturday night live – spoke a bit about his baROCK obama sketch. told the writers of the show he wanted to have as much fun as possible sing dance – says he would do whatever they wanted.

football 10 years and wrestled for 6 years (no other mention of wrestling). he just wanted to be an entertainer.

harrison ford and clint eastwood were his hero’s growing up. he has met harrison ford but not clint eastwood.

they were real men good looking guys and got the girl.

every week he makes sure to eat bad food or have lots of beer.

next roles tooth fairy and an astronaut.

the tooth fairy he is a hockey player with ashley judd as his girlfriend in it.

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