Steve Corino and claims of his agent

PTW sent this in:

Steve Corino wishes to clear up any confusion in relevance to recent events with Oliver Newman and his claims of being Steve’s “UK Agent”.

To clarify the situation, please visit for more details. The direct part of it has been cut and pasted below also. A PTW related note is the fact that we at Power Trip Wrestling (not Oliver Newman, who has no direct connection to PTW) went through the correct goverment sources in the UK, and discovered that amongst other things obstructing the booking, the paperwork for a work visa for Steve would have taken six plus weeks to come through, and this would be coming through two weeks after the show that we had considered booking Mr Corino for. With that in mind, we were most certainly not interested in taking any short cuts, and contacted Steve directly to tell him that as much as we would have loved to have showcased his wrestling talents on a Power Trip Wrestling show; we were not about to take any essentially illegal risks to do this, and thanked him for his understanding, and also his patience in dealing with Oliver Newman. PTW as a company have nothing to say about Oliver Newman as we wish to distance ourselves, but we will say that he was somewhat over enthusiastic in his dealings and statements; and we deal with our own talent relations here at Power Trip Wrestling. Here follows Steve’s direct statement below…..

“It has come to my attention that a guy in the UK named Oliver Newman is telling promoters that he is my agent. He is NOT my agent and I am sorry for the promoters that wrote me to tell me how much he offended them. Oliver is a guy that sent me an email interview a few years ago (I used to do like 20 a week!) and seemed OK to me. He contacted me on Facebook and knew that I was very upset about the disrespect showed to me and Masato Tanaka by Dragon Aisu and 1PW (you can only screw over someone so many times right?) and said that he wanted to get me back in the UK since I was going to be in Europe from April 17-25 working for Fight Club Finland and the awesome guys over at GSW. I told him that was fine and told him my fees. At least seven times he told me that I needed to go down on my price and tried to work something out with Power Trip Wrestling, and that I would stay at someone’s house instead of staying at a hotel. That is a no-no for me. I know the guys at PTW and they have always been super to me even though I have never worked for them but they were taken back by the brashness of this young man. It was almost like he demanded that they use me. At first I thought that he had the right intentions and I told him that I would rather do it on my own. He then went on a tirade about ?goodness in pro-wrestling? and shit like that. Really weird stuff. Almost threating..Funny, but weird. And then I got a few emails from UK promoters telling me that he has me on his MySpace page as his agent. I am not even a friend on his MySpace!

If a promoter wants to book me they have three options: Email me at, email Bill Behrens (my main agent) at, or if they are an AWA/WSL member they can email Dale Gagne at Mr. Newman is NOT my agent and will NEVER be my agent. Hopefully he will stop making posts on the UKFF forum (A promoter sent me the link and I kept waiting for ?Hey guys, just kidding, not really crazy?).

And while I am on the UK wrestling scene, there was a quick rumor that I may return to 1PW this year. Not true. I am not interested in returning to 1PW. The 1PW I knew and booked is not the same 1PW I worked for in ?05 and ?06. Would I return there? I wouldn?t ever rule it out because I never intended to go back last year but (and this is no work) I have NO respect for Dragon Aisu or the way he treated me and Tanaka-san when he canceled us off the April show. Its one thing to cancel a show or cancel someone because you over booked but you can?t try and make it look like it’s my fault. The 3CW BS pissed me off because they flat out made up a story about me not getting on a plane and hurt my rep with a lot of fans. Then most fans don?t know but Aisu tried to cancel me off Anniversary because he was worried that I would no-show (also known as he didn?t have the visa again that I demanded) and then put the final nail in his coffin with me when they asked me to use my friendship to book Masato Tanaka, asked us to go down in price, and then canceled us after Tanaka told the Japanese press that he was going to give 1PW another chance after the whole Great Muta fiasco. So now you can see why I am a ?little? hesitant about going back there. I have a good run going in Puerto Rico and still hanging on in Japan, I don?t need that stress and don?t need some of the fans on their forum that think they know the whole story taking personal shots. I am too old to deal with that Indy BS anymore. Wrestling is supposed to be fun not stressful.

Steve Corino”

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