Jeremy Samples sent this in:

Ring of Honor PPV Taping

I wouldn’t do this PPV justice by doing a match listing, as I didn’t know exactly who all was on it. However, I think this would make a nice impression on people that were just visiting for WrestleMania and decided to do that this weekend.

Necro Butcher put on a good match with Jimmy Jacobs. The other matches were fine…the Ring of Honor fans ruin the show sometimes, as they end up making it into a joke. It’s just a different atmosphere, which is nice now and then.

WWE Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was definitely rushed this year, as I’m sure you saw. It was a lot different than WrestleMania 24 from last year. Last year, it seemed like the wrestlers were given much more leeway just to have a great time compared to tonight’s, where it just seemed so marketed.

Not sure if it made TV or Dot Com, but there was a giant clock in the back of the arena, that would count down the length that a certain inducter or inductee’s speech was supposed to go. A few people overran a little, but it was still really short and rushed. Not much of a fan of this year’s, as the Hall of Fame is useful for the stories that are told by the legends. Also, they had signs and screens that said “Applause”. They had this even going on during the down time, so a couple other things that made it just more marketed.

Nice to see that Mickey Rourke was there, and it was VERY interesting that DDP was actually in attendance. This was the first time I remember a non-contracted WWE guy appearing and sitting with the regular wrestlers area on the floor. Especially after competing with Booker T’s Fanfest, and that being what he was in town for…just surprising that WWE seemed to be forgiving of that.