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Former WWE developmental Diva/member of the legendary Hall Of Fame Von Erich family (World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Class Of 2009”), Lacey Von Erich, as well as the legendary voice of World Class Championship Wrestling, Bill Mercer, were the special guests on this week’s live edition (03/30/09) of Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade. You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,, &

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Lacey Von Erich/Bill Mercer Monday Night Mayhem (Streaming Audio):

Lacey Von Erich/Bill Mercer Monday Night Mayhem (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights of Lacey’s & Bill’s interview on the show (their first-ever meeting together), provided by Mayhem listener, Paterson from New Jersey:

Lacey & Bill were welcomed by The Mayhem Crew (The Big Mosh & Blade), as we are counting down the hours from witnessing the legendary Von Erich family being enshrined into the WWE Hall Of Fame, as part of WrestleMania XXV weekend in Houston, TX. As mentioned above fans, it turns out that Bill & Lacey have never, but Lacey does remember him from her childhood days & watching her father wrestle on television. As part of this momentous weekend for one of the greatest families in the history of professional wrestling, Bill recalls his very fond memories of The Von Erichs: “I was at her (Lacey’s) father’s wedding, so in a way I’m in the family. But I feel like I’m in the Von Erich family, because I have known those kids since they were little guys, and (they) grew up & became famous.” Both Lacey & Bill discussed Kevin Von Erich’s current status, as he is now leaving in Hawaii, and according to Bill, “deserves some peace & quiet.” He went on to add that at the zenith of WCCW, “there was no greater threesome (Kerry, Kevin, & David) in wrestling, probably in any other sport, than those three guys. They just carried the world.”

Fans across the globe know the trials & tribulations the Von Erich family has gone through over the years. This weekend, however, will serve reason for anyone who was ever a part of World Class to celebrate & smile proudly, as the entire Von Erich family will be honored by World Wrestling Entertainment into their Hall Of Fame, as part of the “Class of 2009.” Mosh & Blade directed the next question at Lacey on her emotions when she found out her uncles & her father were being inducted into the WWE HOF & just how excited she is to be in Houston for the ceremonies & the entire WrestleMania weekend. “I did call my sister, and she was ecstatic….We were like ‘Yay, daddy is being remembered. My biggest thing on why I even got into wrestling was not the money, but to have daddy remembered.”

Many of today’s wrestling fans are not quite familiar with the Von Erichs, their rich body of work, or even World Class Championship Wrestling as a promotion, so Lacey was asked how is it going to feel to mingle with the fans at the WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremonies, as well as her feelings about Michael “P.S.” Hayes inducting the family. “I’m pretty excited about it. I think that it’s nice that both sides of the generation will be able to get to know or remember & appreciate it.” Bill added that Michael Hayes “owes a lot to WCCW,” and that he sees Hayes as the perfect person to do the Von Erich induction speech. Jokingly, Mercer said that he wonders if Michael will take his three allotted minutes to showcase to the Toyota Center crowd.

The Mayhem took the listening audience back to infamous Freebirds/Von Erichs feud from the heyday of WCCW & just how their clashes were some of the most-brutal in the history of professional wrestling. Bill was asked by Mosh & Blade about the feud & how it made WCCW thrive as a viable company in the wrestling industry. “It was a great battle between those six guys,” and that the fans definitely got their money’s worth, “because because the Von Erichs were the All-American guys…They had such a tremendous one-sided fan base.” Mercer also wished to add that whenever those six guys got together in the squared circle that “it was a great spectacle” to behold.
Lacey was asked how the McMahon family have treated the Von Erich legacy & the portrayal of the World Class product since her uncle (Kevin Von Erich) sold the WCCW video library in 2006. “I think they did a great job, because I think if Uncle Kevin (Von Erich) didn’t help produce it all, I don’t think it turned out how it would have…He had it first-hand, and he knows my daddy better than anyone obviously.” She feels like they (the family) were portrayed in a good light, and sometimes her father (Kerry) is looked on in a bad light/fashion. Lacey strongly believes that the WWE did a good job of portraying her dad when he was alive & not just how when/after died leading into this weekend’s Hall Of Fame Ceremonies. One of the most-emotional interviews you fans will have the chance to every hear, as Lacey looks back at her father’s memories/career, only on “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.”

In closing, Mosh asked Bill about this weekend & his feelings on not just The Von Erichs being honored, but World Class Championship Wrestling being honored as well. “I always was amazed at how successful it was.” He went on to say that it was like “a flash…that it was there, it was exciting, it was worldwide, everybody was enjoying it, everybody had a great time, and then it was like ‘OK…you guys have had enough,’ and somebody pulled the plug.”

More in discussed in this exclusive interview (pairing up Lacey & Bill for the first time ever), including their like their comments of a future WrestleMania taking place at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium (in the Dallas/Arlington area). the current local wrestling scene in Texas (and if it is as strong as it once was), Bill’s thoughts on today’s younger crop of wrestlers & what sets those apart from The Von Erichs, & so much more!

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