Harmony Jackson sent this in:

Wrestling with hunger started at noon today in Port Coquitlum BC, and will run until Sunday at 2 pm PST. ECCW has partnered up with SHARE food banks, wrestling to raise money and food for local food banks, and in the process is trying to set a world record for the longest wrestling show. There are 20 wrestlers participating in the event, paired off into 4 groups. One group is wrestling at all times, and all wrestlers must stay in the building whether they are wrestling at the time or not. In order to win the record, there must be a wrestling match going on at all times until 2 pm PST on Sunday. Fan’s can stop by anytime to donate food, make a cash donation, and stay to watch a world record unfold while watching ECCW star’s like NWA Canadian heavyweight champion Scotty Mac, Cole Bishop, Sid Sylum, Kyle O’Reilly, “Dastardly” Danni Deeds, Alex Plexis, and many more. However, the best time to make it out is the last 2 hours between noon and 2 pm on Sunday where you will not only get to see some tremendous wrestling, but be there live as ECCW reaches their goal and a new world record. Check out www.eccw.com or www.wrestlingwithhunger.com for more details.