Shane Douglas announced at an ECW reunion convention yesterday in Allentown, PA that he would be promoting a “November to Remember” show at the Alhambra (ECW Arena) in Philadelphia, PA reports The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. Douglas stated this would be the final ECW reunion show.

It should be noted that Joey Styles and Tommy Dreamer also made an appearance at the convention despite both working for WWE right now. Also at the convention were Francine, Tammy Sytch, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, Stevie Richards, Nova, Blue Meanie, Chris Chetti, Joel Gertner, Raven, Roadkill, Danny Doring, Little Guido, Terry Funk, Scott Hall, Bob Backlund, Tito Santana, Joel Gertner, Sal E. Graziano, Mikey Whipwreck, Justin Credible, Beulah and Kid Kash.

Funny story regarding Styles. He announced all of the stars and made many funny comments. Styles first mentioned how talented Justin Credible was for overcoming the lousy gimmick of Aldo Montoya that “my current employer” gave him. He also said that this was not PG like his current employer and joked, “I would like to wish myself well in my future endeavors.”