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We are proud to announce that as part of’s All-Day coverage of WrestleMania 25 on April 5, there will be a Get In The Ring REUNION with both Sir Adam and The Phantom!

This will be the very first time in nearly 4 years that Sir Adam and The Phantom have been on-air together to preview a WrestleMania event and to share their opinions on what has gone down the past few years in the industry.

In addition to that, the full day on is going to be loaded…
14 hours of total coverage and over a dozen past and present WWE stars providing interviews and commentary!

It all starts at 11am ET on Sunday, April 5 and goes all the way to 1AM Monday morning! Here is how the schedule is shaping up:

11AM ET – Monday Night Mayhem’s WM XXV Countdown Special
Guests will include Former WWE Highlander Rory, VH1 Classic’s Eddie Trunk, Former WCW announcer Scott Hudson, Former ECW Referee Jim Molineaux, and wrestling journalist Graham Cawthon.

2PM ET – Ministry Of Slam (formerly known as The Squared Circle)
Check out AW in the coming days for a show preview.

4PM ET – AW’s Countdown Collision (3 hours of WM25 previews from multiple sources)
-Featuring the Get In The Ring Reunion special!
-The debut of the newest show to the AW weekly lineup.
-Commentaries galore (hear from some of WWE’s biggest names with predictions and what to look for in the days following WM25… all right from the wrestlers mouths to your ears, including several WM Main Eventers).

7PM ET – Sunday Night Showdown (Live during WrestleMania 25)
The SNS gang will be live from the “Bottoms Up” Sports Pub (authorized WWE Blast Area) with live results and reactions of the WM25 event. If your not getting the PPV, this is the best legal way to stay on top of the action without going cross-eyed. And if you are getting the PPV, the SNS audio stream makes a great alternate audio feed to sync with while watching WM on a DVR (just pause the PPV for about 20-40 seconds till in sync and you will feel like you are at the pub watching with wrestling buddies).

11PM ET – AW Post Mania Coverage
We will be giving away prizes to the best Skype callers! Just SKYPE to: ShowdownNetwork
There will also be multiple live shows accessible from our main page after WM has concluded.

The special WrestleMania section on AW will have various chat rooms active during the day. We look forward to seeing you all there. Make sure you also check out AW’s brand new Facebook group:

Just check out our website for more information and contact info: