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Former WCW/WWF/AWA Star and Owner of Vader Time Promotions, “Big Van” Vader, Was one the Main Event Guest on this week’s live episode(3/28/2009) of False Count Radio, Hosted By: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Juicin” Jobber, “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex R & Markie Mark. Your can Join False Count Radio Every Saturday(4pm Est/1pm Pst) by simply visiting: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/falsecountradio. If you want the latest Wrestling news and False Count Radio Updates Visit: http://www.falsecountradio.com. Below are some of the “Highlights” of our interview with Vader Which starts at the 1hour 30Minute Mark of the broadcast.

– Vader starts talking about his company Vader Time Promotions in which Andrew “Test” Martin worked for in February for a 10day tour where he did two Wrestling matches and it was a great pleasure to be around Andrew he was a perfect gentlemen, In Great shape. He also says they did some autograph sessions and some Press Meetings for the promotion.

– He then goes on to pay respects to Test. he shares a story meeting Test at Bret Hart’s house. He also says he worked a little in W.W.E With Test. he says it’s a great loss for someone who knew him very well. Vader then say’s Vader Time Promotions was in negotiation with Test for a Year Contract in 2010 for not only wrestling but Mixed Martial Arts, Because Andrew had been training for M.M.A for a couple years and it was a great loss for not only Vader, But Vader Time Promotions!

– Says the “Big Van” Vader was the concept of Antonio Inoki and New Japan Pro Wrestling. They initially offered the Gimmick to the Ultimate Warrior, Then to Sid Vicious or was going to offer it, But ended up giving it to Vader and He felt it was a great opportunity for him.

– Vader says that his first thought when his eye got knocked out of socket against Stan Hansen was Survival, It was a real battle there was 70,000 Plus People and they were on of the main events because Stan was the all japan champ and Vader was The New Japan Champion. Stan entered first, then Vader came out blowing smoke and Did a whole display with his head gear. He says he was told by Inoki to get in ring with headgear so he did and Stan hit him in the nose with the Cowbell before he even got in the ring. He says he had to have surgery on the nose. His bridge and sinuses are steel now. Instead of locking up he got in the ring dropped the mask and slapped Stan in the head. He also had Two Surgery’s on his eye so the money made ended up paying for his surgery.

– He says Mick Foley was very creative and still is. He says he always called and still calls Mick “Jack”. He says Jack had a creative and strong mind but lacked innovation because he couldn’t press anyone, couldn’t moonsault, so he relied on his mind to create situations. Which you have seen throughout his career. Vader references the taker vs Mankind Cage match where he got thrown from the cage.

– Says Jack wanted to hang himself through the rope in the ring, So he asked “Jack” if he had tested the ropes because they were steel rope with a thin layer of padding. So when he hung himself Vader went over and pretended to choke him with the ropes, But in all actuality he was trying to help get the cable off. When Jack finally was free’d it had fallen off. So when Jack came back in the ring all he saw was blood so he figured that he would work Jack’s Ear. He clubbed it a few times then it fell off. Vader say’s in his opinion it would have fell off anyways.

Other Topics Include:

Verne Gagne, Antonio Inoki as a Boss, Thoughts on Foley, Boy meets world, Working with Flair, Hogan Mocking the Smoking Mask, Mask vs Mask Match, Incident with Paul Orndorff, Word Association and Many other topics during this phenomenal interview!