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Former WWE/TNA Superstar, Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi, Was one of the special guests on this week’s live episode(3/28/2009) of False Count Radio, Hosted By: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Juicin” Jobber, “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex R & Markie Mark. Your can Join False Count Radio Every Saturday(4pm Est/1pm Pst) by simply visiting: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/falsecountradio. If you want the latest Wrestling news and False Count Radio Updates Visit: http://www.falsecountradio.com. Below are some of the “Highlights” of our interview with Kizarny” Which starts at the 53:00 Minute Mark of the broadcast.

– Host JT Evans welcomes Kizarny to the broadcast and asks Kizarny whats going on with him, To which Kizarny says he is raiding Edge’s fridge because that’s what Carnival Freaks Do On Their Day off!

– Kizarny says that he first started off half wrestler, half Carnival. He says one is surrounded by Three sets of ropes and the other is on a big stage. He says he is working with Jim Rose on his circus as of June 18th. Also he says that he will be facing Jake “The Snake” Roberts during this tour.

– He says Lucifer love was a sneaky handle to work under since Ron Hutchinson didn’t want him working other shows. He puts border City Wrestling over as being fun and Fresh. He calls Scott D’Amore the Archie Bunker of Pro Wrestling.

– Markie Mark asks Kizarny about His Time in TNA Wrestling as The Original Sinn with The New Church, He says TNA Was new and guys were hungry. He feels TNA Has come along way and says TNA Is Pepsi to WWE’s Coke. He says he is very happy that he worked with TNA and isn’t gonna rule out going back.

– Kizarny Say’s Dusty Rhodes name speaks for itself and that he is “The American Dream”. He says Dusty is in charge of Character developement and Promos. He then corrects JT Evans on how to pronounce his Name Sinn Bodhi.

– He says Vince came up with the Gimmick Kizarny, But everything else was him. He says his character has always changed and evolved. He says his character is similar to the undertaker with the different changes. He also says Vince asked him if he could speak carny to which he speaked carny and Vince named him Kizarny.

– He says he loved beating M.v.p’s *ss From Pilar to Post(he said it in Carny). puts M.V.P Over as fun to have a match with. He notes that he wrestled with him at live events a lot. Then he goes on to say that if M.V.P is listening that he’s a “Douche bag”(Once again speaking in Carny)!

– JT Evan asks Kizarny what he felt his initial Role in W.W.E Was suppose to be, He says that he thinks his initial role was an all around confusion because everyone saw him as a heel Except Vince McMahon. He says it confused all the writers including debuting in front of a villain Loving crowd in New Jersey. People wanted to see M.V.P Go good and see him be bad but it was Confusing. He hopes to one day return to The W.W.E…

Other Topics Include:

Training with Ron Hutchinson, His favorite Vignette, His Release, Word Association Among Many other Topics that can be heard during this Interesting Interview on False Count Radio!