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Al Snow appeared live on Wrestle Talk Radio this Sunday Night, to promote his appearance at King of Trios Tournament this weekend. While on the program, Al Snow gave his insight on a variety of topics.

Al Snow on how the Wrestling Business has evolved in to a more scripted nature
“I believe the wrestling business has been and should always be the wrestlers business. Its the wrestlers responsibility for the wrestler to make that connection with the audience, make that emotional reaction out of the audience and tell the story whether its verbal or physical in the ring and since it is their responsibility of the wrestler is the only one who is going to have that true feeling of what to do and what to say at the right time to motivate the audience to see them. The business has flipped,it has become more about the writers less about the the wrestlers and it needs to flip back.”

Al Snow on the rumor about the return on Tough Enough
“I would love to see it come back, even if I am not involved with it. It was a great show for the wrestling business as a whole. It was a way to allow the wrestling business to create new stars, scout for new talent and build a new audience. It was a way to bring in a new audience that didn’t watch the wrestling business. I thought it was a great infomercial for the wrestling business. It was that formula(tough enough) that has allowed UFC to to have the success it is having now, with its show Ultimate Fighter.”

Al Snow on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling
“I think it was horrible. I was happy for them, but I think it disrespected the business. There has always been a saying in the wrestling business that anyone can put a pair of wrestling boots and tights on and call themselves a wrestler, but not anyone can be a worker. That couldn’t have been more evident than when you take a bunch of Celebrities and we are going to teach you how to wrestle. Now you are telling the wrestling audience out there that it is nothing special, its no big deal, look this middle age housewife can do it.”

Al Snow covered those topics and a bunch more including his thoughts on what the best match at Wrestlemania 3 was, his time in TNA, the state of the wrestling business, what pepper tasted like, where Head is today and a whole bunch of more topics, in this almost 60 minute interview. So head on over to, for the archive of this complete interview, along with archives of past Wrestle Talk Radio Programs, along with the Wild Talk Radio Network’s variety of other programming including Joe Burgett’s The Wrestling Report, which airs 8pm Eastern, every Saturday Night, Cigarette Butts & Bandanas, which airs Saturday Nights Midnight Eastern, Across The Field, Thursday Nights at 6pm Eastern. Also dont forget to check out Wrestle Talk Radio’s Wrestlemania Coverage, beginning April 4th at 10pm Eastern with a Two Hour Wrestlemania Preview Show and the as soon as Wrestlemania goes off the air, Wrestle Talk Radio will be live on the air for a complete breakdown on the event on April 5th. So log on today to the Wild Talk Radio Network located at