Jerry Lawler remains skeptical his son Brian hung himself, Lawyer says Brian was in a fight

Jerry Lawler

WMC Action News 5 in Memphis is featuring an article with comments from WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler and his lawyer Ted Hansom where they both cast doubt at the official explanation regarding the passing of Brian “Christopher” Lawler.

The article notes that Jerry and his attorney “laid out a disturbing trail of puzzling occurrences” leading up to Brian’s death. As reported on weeks ago, Brian was placed on life support after he reportedly attempted suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell.

Jerry remains skeptical of the official story.

“This has been a nightmare, as you can imagine, from the moment I got the call saying that Brian hung himself. Brian being my son, I knew him, everybody around him who knew him and they all have expressed doubts. We’ve received literally countless calls, text messages from people, actual eyewitnesses, that were in the jail and saw things that happened on the actual day that Brian died that now has opened up a new can of worm. It just doesn’t seem like it was suicide.”

According to the article, Brian was placed in a segregated jail cell after a fight that took place at some point on July 28. One day later, he was found unresponsive in his cell. Jerry revealed he spoke with his son that same weekend and everything seemed fine.

“I talked to Brian Saturday morning 11 o’clock the day he died. He talked perfectly normal, perfectly rational. Lauryn got a call about 2 in the afternoon that said Brian had been in a fight in the jail. An inmate was actually playing cards with Brian when the altercation happened when Brian got hit.”

Jerry added he received a phone call about four or five hours later that Brian attempted suicide by trying to hang himself adding, “It just doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Photos taken of Brian in the hospital before his passing also raised some questions. The local sheriff told Jerry’s fiancée that Brian used “shoestrings” to hang himself.

“Just look at his neck and look at his hand. You can see the lines on his neck all the way around here to here and what would be the length of your hand as if he was trying to keep the pressure off. I think the pictures indicate something other than someone hanging himself with a shoelace.”

As reported earlier, an official investigation remains underway by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Jerry noted that around 20 cameras inside the jail were not working.

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