Cody Rhodes

During yesterday’s Starrcast/ALL IN conference call with the media, Cody Rhodes took questions about the planning and organization surrounding the sold out ALL IN event that takes place next weekend (September 1) in Chicago at the Sears Centre.

Cody addressed his partnership with Conrad Thompson and co-promoting ALL IN with the Starrcast convention that will be taking place during ALL IN weekend. He talked about Conrad being a fan of wrestling and putting on a fan convention.

Regarding the booking for ALL IN, Cody revealed the plans started taking place with The Young Bucks while they were overseas in Japan. He understands many bookers approach events like this thinking they know what the fans want. Cody added he’s learned you can’t force anything on wrestling fans adding, “this is the era of absolute gag reflex.”

The former WWE star was quite proud of what they were able to accomplish with ALL IN, specifically citing history being made by selling out the show in 30 minutes and landing a one-hour spot on WGN America that airs prior to the show going live on Pay Per View. Cody was quick to point out this accomplishment with WWE dominating the marketplace.

“WWE is outstanding at what they do, but they don’t own pro wrestling.”

Cody also talked about being able to sell out ALL IN without the “crutch” of booking or advertising legends ahead of time. He gave a lot of credit to the “Being the Elite” YouTube show for helping make something like this possible. will be part of Podcast Row on Saturday, September 1. Make sure to stop by our booth and say hello and get an opportunity to win a free ticket to ALL IN!