“The American Nightmare” Cody did an AMA on Reddit yesterday. During the AMA, Cody discussed a variety of topics, mostly relating to the ALL IN event in Chicago this weekend.

On the topic of security, Cody says they already had strong security initially, but in light of the recent shooting in Jacksonville and Jason Sensation tweeting he was going to commit suicide during RAW, they have “added several layers of security” for the event.

Cody goes on to say that the building is also incredibly secure.

The shooting in Jacksonville left two dead, including the shooter, and ten injured. The shooting took place during an EA hosted Madden Tournament.

Jason Sensation, who previously did some work for the WWE in the 1990s, said the tweet was meant as a “joke.” Toronto Police have confirmed he was never in the arena.

Other topics discussed during the AMA included if Cody would consider doing other shows in the future, the best advice he has received in wrestling, among other topics.

You may view the full Reddit thread here.

Just a quick reminder, Wrestleview will be broadcasting live from Chicago for Starrcast this Saturday. Wrestleview Editor-in-Chief Adam Martin will be joined by fellow Wrestleview staff members Doug Lackey and Mike Tedesco on stage from 3:00-3:45pm CST.
We will be giving away one free ticket at the event.

Roode on competing in his hometown

WWE star Bobby Roode had a nice homecoming over the weekend. has posted a video of Bobby Roode discussing competing in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario for the first time at a WWE live event.

In the brief video, Roode says it means a lot to him to be able to perform in front of his friends and family in an arena that he used to attend WWE events at.