ALL IN to air on New Japan World service, Terry Funk on missing Starrcast this weekend


New Japan announced on Tuesday that following the live airing of this Saturday’s big ALL IN event in Chicago on FITE TV and PPV, they will be broadcasting ALL IN on their New Japan World streaming service.

Terry Funk on missing Starrcast this weekend

WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk spoke with Sports Illustrated this week and talked about why ongoing health issues with his hernia from well over a year ago are preventing him from attending the Starrcast convention in Chicago as part of ALL IN this weekend in Chicago that Funk had previously been announced for.

Funk also spoke about the late Dusty Rhodes and the success his son, Cody, has had with ALL IN.

“I think it’s wonderful that Cody is having success, and I was really looking forward to seeing him. Cody and Dusty are similar in so many ways, but they’re different also. I’ve never met anyone like Dusty. He was loved by everyone and everybody. He was a phenomenal in-ring performer who understood the business, and that was passed on to Cody.”

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