Mike Trash sent this in: Balls Mahoney and save money on your taxes on the 3/3 TTRS. Last Show we had on the Daniel Puder. Check him out in the archives. Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat. Stream Connection:
mms://winmedia.tvbydemand.com/trashtalk or go to http://www.tvbydemand.com/radio_trashtalk.asp

The Stro sent this in: Former WCW and current NWA star Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” has released his new column. You can go read it by clicking on the link below.


Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for February 28

*New Releases*

CZW DVD February 14, 2009 “X” – Philadelphia, PA
1. Little Mondo vs. Drew Gulak
2. Sami Callihan vs. Jon Dahmer
3. Tag Team Gauntlet: S.A.T., 2.0, LJ Cruz & Izzy Kensington, GNC, All Money Is Legal & Tyler Veritas & Adam Cole
4. Sabian vs. Egotistico Fantastico
5. Drew Blood vs. Pinkie Sanchez
6. The Best Around & El Sexisto vs. 2 Girls, 1 Cup & Lord Everett Devore
7. Devon Moore vs. Ruckus
8. Ryan McBride vs. Carter Gray
9. Fans Bring The Weapons: The H8 Club vs. Cult Fiction
10. No Rope Barbed Wire: Eddie Kingston vs. Drake Younger
11. Post Show Interviews
Price: $20.00

AIW DVD December 19, 2008 “Nightmare Before X-Mas 2: Born To Be Wired” – Cleveland, OH
1. Shiima Xion vs. Jason Gory
2. Homeless Handicap Connection vs. Da Latin Crime Syndicate
3. Nick Belushi & Super Oprah vs. The New Switchblade Saints
4. Eric Ryan vs. Christian Faith
5. Josh Prohibition vs. Marion Fontaine
6. NO DQ Or CountOut: Vincent Nothing vs. “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger
7. Ladder Match “Beer Bottle On A Pole”: Jimmy DeMarco vs. Facade
8. Career vs. Title: Sterling James Keenan vs. The Duke
9. No Ropes Barbed Wire: “The Passion” John Thorne vs. Hailey Hatred
Price: $15.00

AIW DVD November 28, 2008 “Hell On Earth 4: Black Friday” – Cleveland, OH
1. Benny Boone vs. Mike Baker
2. Marion Fontaine vs. Jack Verville
3. Johnny Gargano Promo
4. Jimmy DeMarco vs. Jason Gory
5. Hailey Hatred vs. Rebis
6. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon vs. The Best Around
7. Facade vs. Shiima Xion
8. Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. The Homeless Handicap Connection
9. Luis Diamante vs. Nick Belushi
10. No DQ Grudge Match: “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger vs. Necro Butcher
11. Casket Match: The Young Studs vs. Faith In Nothing
Price: $15.00

AIW DVD November 17, 2008 “Prelude To Hell” – Lakewood, OH
1. Louis Lyndon vs. Jack Verville
2. The Young Studs vs. Homeless Handicap Connection
3. Josh Prohibition vs. Nick Belushi
4. Marion Fontaine vs. Christian Faith
5. Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. Southside St. Clair
6. Jimmy DeMarco vs. Facade
7. Bonus Material: AIW Intense TV Podcast Episodes 1-4
8. Bonus Material: Bar Bikini Bear Wrestling
Price: $15.00

AIW DVD May 25, 2008 “Absolution 3”- Cleveland, OH
1. Absolution 3 Opening video w/ Promos
2. Steel Cage WAR GAMES: Alpha Beta Duke (Duke/Belushi/Carlton Kaz) vs. Switchblade Saints (Matt Riot/Jason Bane/Sami Callihan)
3. Shane Hollister vs. Zac Vincent vs. Facade vs. Benny Boone
4. TLC Match: Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. Homeless Handicap Connection vs. Young Studs
5. Mickie Knuckles vs. Hailey Hatred
6. 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Tyler Black vs. Johnny Gargano
7. Marion Fontaine & Cronus vs. Mike Tolar & Rob Conway
8. Absolute Title: Sterling James Keenan vs. Dios Salvador
9. Fans Bring The Weapons: Revelation 13 (Matthew Justice, “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger, & John Thorne) vs. Faith In Nothing & Mad Man Pondo
Price: $15.00

3/6 & 3/7 IWA-MS – Joliet, IL
3/14 CZW – Philadelphia, PA
3/14 NEW – Suffern, NY
3/21 NEW – Torrington, CT
3/22 IWA-EC – Charleston, WV
3/27 – 3/29 Chikara – Philadelphia, PA
3/28 NEW – Bristol, CT

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