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False Count Radio Hosts: “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Albert Einstein of Wrestling” Alex K & “The Juicin” Jobber Had The Opportunity To Conduct A Interview With Former WCW, WWF & TNA Wrestler, A 2nd Generation Star, The Son of “Cowboy” Bill Watts Who is Being Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame This Year. He Is Erik Watts

-Watts Says that having his dad inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame means a lot to him and that “Bill Watts not being on the Hall of Fame, would be like Michael Jordan not being on the basketball Hall of Fame.”

-Watts discusses how there are plans for his family to sell the UWF/Mid South video library and that there have been offers from WWE to Hollywood to overseas to even the people who own the video library of the Three Stooges.

-Watts talks about how the money isn’t so much the factor regarding the UWF/Mid South video library being sold, but moreso how it will be treated as they consider it a huge piece of history.

-Watts Says working for ECW “was different” and that he was always paid very well.

-Talks about how he doesn’t go to wrestling shows anymore, although he was backstage at a WWE RAW show in November.

-Regarding his feud with Arn Anderson in WCW, Watts calls Anderson one of the “funniest and wittiest guys” and how he’s one of the greatest interviewers ever. Watts then talks about the angle where he attacked Arn Anderson and how it turned into a complete shoot.

-Says he only had 23 days of wrestling training, before making his debut in WCW.

-Watts mentions how Tekno Team 2000 were scheduled to win the Tag Team titles from the Smoking Gunns, just after being there for two months. The plan was later nixed after his father came to book, as he and Chad Fortune were then sent to Memphis.

-Word Association: Paul Heyman (Mad scientist), Vince Russo (Sitcom), Goldylocks (Good singer), Arn Anderson (One of the best), Jim Ross (Best color commentary of all time), Sonny Siaki (Still thinks he’s the Rock), and Don Callis (Brainiac).

-Watts puts over his match with Don Callis in TNA, as one of the best matches he’s ever had in TNA.

Watts also discusses about the high points of UWF/Mid South, the Bladerunners, having heat in WCW, what WCW should have done with his character, a funny story involving him and Paul Orndorff, more about his TNA run, and much more!

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